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12th Dîsciplê Episode 17

12th Dîsciplê Episode 17
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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Danica’s Pov:
I stared at her, confused. Huh? What’s she talking about?
“Cl….Classes?” I repeated and she sighed.
“You’ve gotten the admission, right? Wouldn’t you want to go to school?” She replied, making me more curious.
Does it mean….
“But…I thought you didn’t want me to….”
“Its alright, Danica” she said fraily.
“I’ve come to realize…I can’t stop you anymore. So, its fine. Don’t worry, you can proceed to the Royal High school”.
My eyes beamed immediately.
Oh my God! She’s….She’s really giving me her permission now?
“Granny…” I called, but ran out of words.
And she let out a light smile.
“Come on. Its getting pretty late already” she said and started walking away and I stood for a long time, totally surprised.
I rushed into the house, grabbed my bag, thanked Nana and her mum before running out to catch up with grandma.
Mabel’s Pov:
I knocked on the door and his cold voice ushered me in before opening the door.
“Hey brother” I beamed as I walked in and found him in front of the mirror, fixing his collar button.
“Hey Mab” he said casually and took his eyes back to the mirror.
“Are you…going out this early? Or you’ll be attending classes today?” I asked.
“Yeah…both. I’m having a meeting. And when I’m done, I’ll come straight to school” he replied and I rose my brows.
“Oh! So, you’ll be attending classes today, huh? Isn’t that great?” I teased.
“What’re you talking about, Mabel? Don’t I attend classes before?”
“Oh, please Nathan. We both know that only happens once in a very blue moon. I’m pretty sure you can’t even remember the last time you came to school” I rolled my eyes and he scoffed.
“Well, I guess I need a change. The principal’s already complaining. I’ll just try my best. Besides, I only have a few months before I’m done with high school”.
I mouthed an “oh” and went to sit on the bed, behind him.
There was silence for a few seconds.
“What do you think about father’s illness?” I later asked, but he was silent for a while.
“Well…like the doctor said, there’s only one solution to it and that’s finding the 12th disciple” he shrugged a reply.
Oh! Crap.
“But..what if she’s not found in time? I really don’t want anything to happen to father” I said with a disgruntled look.
“You aren’t the only one, Mab. We all still love him and wouldn’t want anything happening to him”.
“But…why does she have to be killed, huh? Can’t it be done without….killing her?” I asked and he turned to look at me as he finished up with his buttons.
“You heard the doctor,Mab. Anyway, the most important thing is getting to find her first. That should be our main focus for now.
“Come on, let’s get going. I’ll drop you off at school before proceeding to the meeting” he replied and started walking out of the room and I smiled and followed him.
Danica’s Pov:
Grandma and I didn’t say much to each other on our way home. I kind of felt guilty and curious, and she….I don’t know. But I felt she might, perhaps, be angry.
Although, she didn’t really act or look angry, but her silence….
Why did she suddenly change her mind about me going to the school, huh?
Gosh! I’d finally be a student again. It was incredible….and a dream come true for me.
As soon as we got home, she went into the kitchen, while I went upstairs to my room to bath.
I bathed and found something nice to wear. And as I looked into the mirror, I couldn’t believe I was really going to school. The Royal High School.
The Royal family would be there – including the prince who was looking for me.
But…what if this was actually a bad idea? What if the prince gets to recognize me or something?
Well….I didn’t really have a problem with the prince getting to recognize me. My only problem was grandma. Why exactly does she hate the Royal family and act different towards them? What’ psst does she have with them, huh?
I cogitated for sometime and finally left the room. I just hoped I’d finish up my registration today so I could start classes right away. I’d missed classes alot already.
I climbed down the old stairs and met grandma in the sitting room, seemingly waiting for me.
“What took you so long?” She asked as she looked away, reaching for her bag.
“I’m…I’m sorry” I said softly as I approached her. .
Somehow, I still felt a little guilty and couldn’t tell why.
I got to where she was and waited for her to grab her bag so we could leave, but instead, she brought something out of her bag. And to my surprise, it was a bracelet.
Hah!!! My bracelet!!
Not the one that’d gone missing, but it looked exactly like it. Oh my God! How did she do it?
“Here; got you a replacement” she said as she took my wrist and started locking it around.
Oh my! It still had my name on it:
“How…How did you do it,granny?” I asked, amused, staring at the pretty bracelet on my wrist.
“Well…I had some extra beeds left. But make sure you don’t misplace this one this time around, Danica. Always put it on” she said strictly.
“Of…Of course, granny. Thanks” I smiled and she just nodded and took her bag.
She was about walking away when I gripped her hand, stopping her.
“Granny” I called, wearing a contrite look.
She bored her eyes into mine.
“I….I just want to apologize… for yesterday. I’m so sorry for talking back at you. I was just….”
“Its okay, Danica. I understand” she smiled calmly and I could tell…she was being sincere.
Ah! Thank goodness.
“I…I promise, it won’t happen again” I added and gulped nervously and she stroke my hair.
“It’s fine. Just be careful, okay?” She said and I nodded with my eyes on the floor.
“Come on. There’s no more time” she held my hand and we left the house together.
Eric’s Pov:
I played games with my phone in the car as the driver approached the school gate.
My headphone was connected and I whistled along as I played the games. I couldn’t wait to get to school so I could drill some of my ladies.
Shortly, I decided to lift my eyes and have a look around, and instantly, I saw something captivating – something that intrigued me.
What the hell??
Such beauty….
I scoffed as I stared at her – a young pretty lady, walking pass the gate with an older woman.
the lady was on mufti and didn’t seem to be a student. Or…was she just coming for the first time?
Damn! She was gorgeously cute.
Who the hell is she?

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