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12th Dîsciplê Episode 2

12th Dîsciplê Episode 2
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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Danica’s Pov:
Granny and I arrived at the station and were asked to wait in a room – as usual.

The room was big and had other seats as well, where other prisoners received visitors.

The prisoners were dressed in uniforms, the men wearing a black trouser and ugly yellow shirt, while the women had only an ugly yellow gown.

It all indicated they were prisoners and I hated seeing mum in such dresses.

Shortly, we saw her walking in and I became nervous. Wondering why I’m nervous?

You’ll find out.

She was one beautiful lady. But spending 18 years in jail had done little to her – affected her characters as well.

I wonder what she did that made her stay that long in jail.

As soon as she got close, I stood up to hug her.

“Mother” I called lightly and tried reaching for her body, but she moved away.

“Don’t touch me. I feel hot” she said icily, her eyes not even looking at me.

I felt a sting in my chest as I turned to glance at granny who had a disappointed look on.

Slowly and sadly, I returned to my seat next to granny while mum sat opposite us.

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“Hi mum”, she said to granny and itched her hair.

“Hi Kim. How’re you doing?” Granny replied.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Stuck in one place” mum replied with an eye roll.

“Do you have a cigarette with you?” She asked and clicked her fingers towards granny.

“Seriously Kim? You think I’d come here with that? You must be joking” Granny replied bluntly and she scoffed.

Then, I remembered the cookies with me.

“Uh…mum” I stuttered as I lifted the box.
“I…actually made you some cookies. I hope you like them” I said nervously and placed it in front of her.

She looked at it like it was nothing and scoffed.

“I don’t need them, okay? Don’t wanna get choked” she said belligerently and her words sounded like a stab to my chest.

Tears stung my eyes and I didn’t realize when they dropped.

“Kim!” Granny called in disgust, but she didn’t care and just looked away.

I stood up immediately.

“I’ll….I’ll just wait outside, granny” I stuttered and ran off in tears.
Ha-nuel’s Pov:
Seeing Danica run off in tears pierced my heart so bad, I didn’t know what to do.

I couldn’t even stop her.

I turned angrily to look at Kim.

“What is wrong with you, Kim? Why do you hate her so much?” I asked, but she only itched her head and didn’t reply.


“Talk to me, Kim!” I hit the table lightly
“She’s your first and only child for Christ sake. How can you hate her so much?”

“Seriously, mum; I don’t wanna talk about that, okay? The most important thing one right now is getting out of this hole. And thankfully, in a few weeks, that’ll be achieved. I can’t wait to get my revenge” she said with a childish smile and I flinched immediately.

“Kim; what revenge are you talking about?” I asked, but she only let out a mischievous grin.

“Don’t worry, mother. Its only a few weeks from now” she said.
Danica’s Pov:
I ran off in tears, unable to contend the pains. .

How can my own mother hate me that much, huh? What did I ever do to her?

I stood outside the station and wept as I recalled all the timed she’d treated me like a stranger – with so much hate and disgust.

What have I ever done to her, huh? Why me? Why can’t I have the love of a mother?

I wept bitterly for a long time and tried as much as possible to calm the tears.
Gosh! I needed to cause people were beginning to stare at me.

I wiped my face with the hem of my shirt and sniffed repeatedly, but the incidence kept tempting more tears to my eyes.

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I decided to get something across the road to cool my head off with the little change had in my pocket.

I kept my eyes glued to the floor and tried crossing the busy road. And I swear, I thought the road was free. I had no idea how a car was coming.

It started honking immediately at me, but by the time I realized, it was already too late as it’d gotten so close and almost knocked me down.

Yeah – almost.

It didn’t touch me, but I fell on the floor as it screeched to a halt.

What the….?

I winced a little as I sustained a scratch on my arm and I managed to look at the car.


The plate number…..
It was Royal!

I gasped and looked up as the front door opened and a guard walked out.


The back door also opened and this time around, it was the prince!!

Prince Nathan!!!

Holy Molly of Danica!!!
What do you think?😋😋😋

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