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12th Dîsciplê Episode 32

12th Dîsciplê Episode 32
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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I didn’t let the driver take me directly to the house, of course. I asked him to stop some distance away and despite the fact it was still raining heavily, I left the car and ran towards the house.

I kept running, feeling scared my books would all be wet.

I finally got to the house and thank goodness, the door was opened. I pushed it in and ran in immediately.

“Goodness, Danica!” Grandma exclaimed as soon as she saw me.
She was seated on the couch. “Where the hell have you been? You got me so worried. I was about grabbing an umbrella and coming out to look for you”.


“I’m sorry, granny. The rain actually delayed me” I replied perfunctorily and looked around for mum. I couldn’t find her.

“Oh, dear! You’re so wet. Hurry up and change your dress so you don’t catch a cold” grandma cooed.

“Uh…Granny, where’s mum?” I asked.

“Oh! She’s upstairs in her room. Go on; go on. Change your clothes, quickly”, she urged and I turned around and left.

As i climbed the stairs, I thought of going to see mum. But thinking of her attitude towards me, I sadly changed my mind and went straight to my room.

I got in and dropped my bags on the floor – the bag containing my old stained cloth and the bag containing my books.

I opened the second bag and poured out the books and thankfully, they weren’t entirley wet. I spread them on the floor for quick dry and went ahead to change my clothes.
I laid on the bed, thinking deeply about the Prince – prince Nathan.

I could tell there was something different. When he’d asked me that question, I could notice a different look in his eyes

No; there’s no way he’d suspect me, right? There’s absolutely no way he could’ve known I was the lady he’s looking for? Absolutely no way.


My bracelet was well hidden, Nana was the only one I told about it. And I’m very sure….Nana would never snitch up on me. No.

So, I guess I have no reason to be afraid because there’s no way the prince would suspect me.
I stood in front of the window, the bracelet in my hand and watched as the rain reduced to a drizzling pour.

For the first time in my life, I felt something about a lady brother me but I couldn’t quite put my finger at it.

She was the one – the same lady I’d been looking for.
But why would she hide her identity from me, huh? Why?

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I brought it out to see it was Andrea.

Oh…Andrea; not now.

I turned off the phone and put it back into pocket. Shortly, the door opened and I tuned to see it was Mabel.

“Brother”, she called as she walked in. She was already in her nightie.
“You called for me?”

I turned and stood properly to face her as she continued walking.

“I’ve found her”, i said and she stopped walking.

“O…kay. Who exactly?” She asked and I smiled feignly and showed the bracelet to her.

“Danica – the lady I’ve been looking for” I answered and her eyes beamed.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! How did you find her??” She almost squealed

“She’s the same lady I was paired with, that’s been coming here for experiments”,

Her eyes beamed the more.

“Are you serious??? She’s the one?? How…How did you know? I mean…” She scoffed.
“What happened, Nathan?”

I stared down at the bracelet and didn’t say a word.

“What did…what did she say? Wat was her Reactions?” She further asked but I shook my head.

“She doesn’t know I’m aware”.

“Hah!” She gasped and came close.
“So…what do you wanna do? I mean, what’s your plan?”

I sighed and kept the bracelet beside me.

“I’ll approach her tomorrow”,I said.
It was 1.26 p.m.
I crosschecked my self in front of the mirror before leaving the room with my bag.

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I met mum coming out of the kitchen, smoking a cigarette.

“Where are you off to?” She asked grumpily as soon as she saw me and I slackened my steps.

“I’m…I’m going for a group reading, mum. Today’s actually the final day for me”, I replied and she stared at me from head to toe.

“Whatever” she rolled her eyes and walked away.


I tried not to take it in. So, I shook my head and walked out of the house.

On my way to the road to get a cab, I bumped into someone else. Huh?

What the hell?? Why was I just bumping into annoying people?

I gawped at him as he came close and stood in front of me. But I noticed something else, he kinda looked angry.


“Where were you last night, Danica?” He cut me off and I cringed a little.

“Who the hell did you go out with?”

I looked around to be sure he was referring to me and hell…he really was referring to me.

“I…I don’t get you, Scott. What’re you talking about?”

“I had stayed under the rain, Danica, waiting for you to come home. But when you did, i saw you coming out of a man’s car. Who the hell was that?” He rasped and I blinked rapidly.
Woah. Seriously?

I chuckled and bit my lower lip.

“Seriously, Scott, let’s get this straight

“Firstly,I never asked you to wait under the rain like a homeless backstabber. Secondly, you have no right to question me about my whereabouts. If I go out with a man, it should be none of your business”

To my surprise, he grabbed me roughly by the arm.

“It seems you’re not getting me, Danica” he growled.
“I don’t care if I’ve hurt your feelings in the past. Sh*t, i did! Everyone makes mistakes! So, I want you to know it isn’t over between us,,okay? Do you understand? No matter what, you’re still mine”.


I was gob smacked as I stared at him like a ghost. My heart skipped at the way he spoke. I’d never seen him this way before.

He suddenly let go of my hand like he’d realized he was hurting me and sighed.

“You’re crazy,,Scott”, I muttered in shock and watched him leave.
Throughout the ride to the palace, i felt weak and blenched and didn’t know what exactly was bothering me.
Prince Nathan? Or Scott?

No; Scott. His was worst.

How could he….threaten me? Tell me he doesn’t care if he’d hurt me in the past or not? Like….

Does he really think he still had control over me? Does he really tho he can just walk back into my life like nothing has happened?

Holy Christ!
I shook my head in shock and tried getting over it. I couldn’t let it ruin my last moments with the prince. No, never.
Ahh! The same prince I was so nervous around.

I finally got to the palace and paying the cabby, I continued the rest of the distance to the gate – as usual.

I got to the gate, knocked on it and when the guards confirmed I was the one, they let me in.

I headed straight to the usual building the prince and I always used. But getting there, I was stopped by his driver who was standing outside the red flashy car. It was the same driver that’d dropped me off the previous night.

“Excuse me, miss”, he called my attention and I stopped to look at him.

I went closer.

“Good day”, I bowed a little.

“Yeah. Actually, I’ve been waiting for you”,

“You need to get into the car with me, please. Prince Nathan asked me to take you somewhere”.


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