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12th Dîsciplê Prologue

12th Dîsciplê Prologue
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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The 12th Disciple.
What’s it all about?

Who’s the 12th Disciple?

Well, follow me.

There came a time when the most powerful Kingdom in Korea needed a set of loyal servants (instruments) for the progress of the Kingdom.

These special servants had to come in form of 12 children – 12 newly born babies who were given up by their parents to serve the Kingdom.

The babies were called the 12 disciples and were marked according to their numbers.

But something happened and one of the babies went missing – the 12th baby; the 12th disciple.

She was taken away by someone and the King believed her grandmother was responsible for it.

They tried all they could to find her, but it all turned abortive and they never did.

18 years later,

The King fell ill – critically.

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A rare sickness that made him unable to sit on the throne.

And there was only one solution to it – the blood of the 12th Disciple.

They had to find the 12th Disciple and use her blood as a means of cleansing for him. And only then would he be healed.

In order to achieve this, the King called his four sons – the four princes of the Kingdom, born of his four different wives.

They were all looking forward to the throne, but he was yet to chose an heir.

So, he gave them a task.

They were to go in search of the 12th Disciple. And the 1st prince to find her and bring her home, automatically claims the throne.

Its gonna be tasky, huh?

Who finds the 12th Disciple?

Could it be Nathan? The second prince?
He’s a rude, handsome jerk and all – ladies man. Popular and dreamy. Although, the rest of his step brothers were handsome, ladies still preferred him a million times. His beauty was out of the world.

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Could it be Duri – the first prince?
He’s a dark hearted introvert who can kill anything in his way without a second thought. He cares for no one – no one at all. And to him, he feels the throne was his already.

Or…could it be Eric?
The flirtatious prince?

You can call him a little dark hearted cause he’s never merciful on people. He’s a playboy and sees love as a game. “Ladies are only to be used and dumped”, that’s his logo.

He gets every girl he wants. And whenever a lady says no to him, he forces himself on her and makes sure she regrets it. Ladies love him, but not as much as they love his brother. And that brought up the envy in him.

Or…..could it be the smallest among them?
Prince Jimin?

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You can say he’s the coolest among them all cause he isn’t rude, dark hearted or flirtatious. He’s got very little interest in the throne – so he seemed.
Or…could there be something up his sleeves?

Which of the four princes succeeds in finding the 12th disciple?

Where could she be?
And why was she taken away in the first place?

And what if I told you there was a Royal High School where all the royal Families attended – together with some very rich kids from different parts of the world?😱😱😱
A school for the best?

There’s gonna be romance, suspense, betrayal, comedy…name it.

Who’s ready for this journey, guys?

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