[I know,you won’t stay ]

BY: Adesola Adeomowole.M




his phone rang,he stopped staring at whatever thing he is looking on my body and reached for his gold laid phone.
He looked into it and got off the bed, he strolled around the room with his phone,guess it is business for he speaks so professionally.
“I will be the city today”
“just to see the industry plus the worth of the offer”
soon it was over and he came back to bed,his bed slipper was still on…
soo cute.
my eyes caught a gold anklet on his feet,I bashed my lashes and stared at the anklet again,it was very similar to the brand of gold nkem gave me.
what can this mean?.
I got so confused.
But wait-
what am I even thinking?
Lotanna might as well have the same brand,it doesn’t mean the waist chain can come from him.
I opened my closed eyes a little bit and look at him very well.A band was deeped in his hair,he still wore a simple diamond earring and two gold rings to sleep.
finally,I turned my back against him, now that I have seen his face,I can now sleep peacefully.
his image as he stared at me keep on appearing in my memory-
what can he be staring at?.
I glance down at myself, I know I didn’t tie the rope well but nothing was exposed.I look classic might be the reason he stared.
there is a glass wall opposite the wall where i can watch his every move. I could see him busy with the thing he called laptop. He shut it afterwards and stood to turn off the lights,he dimmed it red,the white light from his phone still brightened some area as I could not see well with red lights.
He entered the bed and dropped his phone,the white light went off. He laid well,I felt him close.
I wish he will just answer the question I asked but he ignored- does that mean he sent nkem to me.
ohh gaaad,am confused because we have the same brand of gold,
he has his own as anklet while I have mine as waist chain.
can it be him??
He got so close,
I felt his hand on my hair…he chuckled.
“this your hairstyle look funny?” he said…
I smiled out tears.
“who is crying?” he asked.
“aah no one” I laughed.
“what’s this hairstyle called?” he asked,still touching it..
“ is called “no leg” I said.
he laughed.
“what about “no hand” he said.
I laughed.
“guess I found the leg” he said and loose out a part.
“Awwww,you loosed it” I said and fixed it back.
“that day you sang with me,did you add your part on that same day or you’ve learnt it before?” he asked.
“I added it the first day we sang together at the stream,although you didn’t know it was me but I knew it was you” I said.
“why didn’t show your face then,you gave me so much stress and kept me in lots of suspence” he said.
“Aaah,sorry.My stepmother mustn’t know I sing”, I said.
“what about your father?” he asked.
“I don’t have one,he disowned me when I was barely 8” I replied..
“Any family” he asked.
“I never had the chance to meet them” I said and imagined him taking his lips in.
“how many jobs did you work before Tracy came into the picture?” he asked.
I smiled out tears,
seems he really care about me.
“Jobs,I do all jobs….
I weave mat,I can plait hair, I can sew cloth,I can knight,I do laundry,onome always use me for many things” i said.
“you also fetch water,bump into lotanna and gave him a cut on his hand” he said.
I laughed as I remembered that day.
He also laughed,
I felt like turning to look in his face and watch him laugh.
“hmm sir,did you deliver gold waist chain to anyone recently?” I asked again,hoping he would be the one.
no words,he didn’t reply.
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“what gold chain is that?” he asked.
when I thought he was the one-
I pinched my cheek;
Adeife are you okay?.
Just because he saved you doesn’t mean all that,he is only helping you because his sister likes you.
“tell me,what gold chain is that?”
he asked.
“nothing sir,I think I lost my sense”
I forced out a smile.
see what staying with Lotanna can cause!!
ngozi thought I was joking when I said the waist chain can’t come from you.
so after all,nkem is my destiny.
well,I accept it.
lotanna was close enough,he untied my robe and did it in the right way.
I felt like someone else as he did that.
Next day©adesola adeomowole.m.
I felt him tapping my back,I quickly stood up, sleep was still in my eyes so I wasn’t seeing well.I mistakenly lean into him; was I high?.
I pulled back and bowed.
He nodded and took my hands out, we got downstairs to his living room where he left my hand,he turned on the light ,everywhere was now bright.
I got to the door and waited patiently for him to come and open it.
He opened it and tried moving out, that was when he dragged me back his other hand circled my waist so romantically so as to prevent me from falling.
my eyes widened as his hand touched my killer hips.
“sirrrr?” I said.
“I didn’t want to tell you this but i just have to do it” he said.
“sirrrr? I said.
“let no one find out about the gold chain,it came from me” he said and leaned in like he wanted to kiss me.
I felt like my throat was taken away,
I shut my eyes.
someone entered,
I hastily left him in fear and turned, it turned out to be his younger sister-
Our eyes locked,I moved away from lotanna hastily.
“good morning” she greeted her brother.
what am I still doing here?.
I ran out to the maids quarter where I bumped into ebere.
“hi” she greeted piously.
“where are you coming from” age said as she look all over me.
“umm from…” I hit my head.
“and where did you get a queen robe from,dumebi see what she is putting on” chioma said.
I rolled my eyeballs.
the other girls looked in my direction when they heard “queen robe”.
“waooow,this girl will pass by for a queen…she is a pretty one” Rhoda said.
“I wish for the likes of her lips…so nicely pouted,her hips made Prince Iyke went crazy” Vicky said.
“are you dating a royalty?” dumebi got jealous.
they all surround me.
“Ife wait!!
“is it nkem??
“gosh,he slept with you….you’re a lucky one!!!
“tell me what was his best sex position?”
“is he 30mins man or a hour man?”
the girls were sounding so annoying, most especially chioma.
“Can you just leave this girl alone?”
Ebere shouted.
“eeeeh eeeh eeeh miss judge wetin be your own hia! you leave your matter come carry someone else matter for head… Abeg flush away from here” dumebi said.
“biko pack well” chioma said.
“but I thought you were on detention, did nkem saved you? Rhoda asked.
dumebi went as far to press my body a common way of knowing if someone had sex, I waved her hands away.
“I don’t think she had sex,see her breast is still pointing” chioma said.
I felt like slapping her.
someone knocked,they all went to their place.
the door opened,it was Mrs okafor.
waoow,she’s back.
“welcome ma’am” I greeted.
“God bless you all” she smiled and started sharing candies.
“where’s Adeife?” she asked.
“am here” I said.
she got confused.
“am the one, just that it is complicated” I said.
she smiled.
“Aaah” she said.
I opened my mouth,she put the candy in.
“it is well with you” she said and left.
the girls hurried and went out to join her.I stayed back and brought out something else to wear.
I remembered what lotanna did.
but he told me female nighties-
was I blind? why didn’t I see it yesterday that it look like royalty.
Ebere came in.By then I had already changed fully and I was keeping the cloth I took off.
Ebere came to my side.
“you forgot to remove this” she pointed to my hair.
“what is that?” I asked as I touch my hair.
“this” she moved closer,I touched it and it was a hair chain.
so this is the reason lotanna touched my hair,he was actually fixing this.
“it’s nothing,aunty Tracy bought it for me” I told Ebere.
we both walked out.
Mrs okafor already shared duties. Ebere and i were to go to Veer market.
She gave me the money and told Ebere what was needed..
we left.
Onome’s p.ov .
I gathered my money that morning. I know I still have to get Ife back but it seem so impossible.
Adaobi came in with my store key.
“did you wash the floor?” I asked.
“no ma’am, I didn’t wash the store floor,I only wash the curtains with sweepings” she replied.
I grinned wickedly.
“you see Adaobi,the girl that was here before…always know what to do at the right time,if I call her once she always answer hundred times….
I have my wicked side and in other to avoid my wraths always obey my order” I said.
“but mama, that was the girl.
The store floor is too dirty,no matter how long I wash,it won’t get neat” she said…
“you can’t wash bah! oya go inside” I said..
“biko mama oooooo” she screamed.
I picked the nearest stick,
she ran back.
Soon,olamma came in.
By then I already stood up and gather my money.
“Oluchi,did you sweep my room?”
she asked.
“uchechi did you wash my dirty clothes?” she asked.
“yes,they are done” oluchi and uchechi rushed out.
she rolled her eyeballs and faced me.
“what’s wrong?” I asked.
“Akuna said I should meet her at veer market,guess we should go together” she replied and followed me out.
The two maids followed us out.
“oluchi stay back” I said.
so olamma,myself and uchechi left for veeer market.
we got to the market,
I remembered i still need some diabolical stuff.At least if I can’t get Ife back,I should be able to fight her spiritually.
The rowdy market suddenly became silent, a royal chariot was passing.
“he is from what kingdom?” olamma asked…
the chariot stopped in a particular spot.
“why is he stopping?” she asked.
“seems he is staring at something, what can it be?” she asked curiously.
everywhere was as silent as a grave yard,the young prince stepped out.
where to???
everyone look in his direction,
I turned,
Olamma stared with desires..

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