[I know,you won’t stay ]

BY: Adesola Adeomowole.M



lotanna approached and i hastily wiped my face.
the evil spirit in my enemy wants me to cry; he touched my ass.
did he do it mistakenly??
he approached fully,his hands were tucked properly in his pocket as he loved close to me and my nervousness increased in full.
he spanked my ass!.
“miss it wasn’t intentional and it wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t turn off the light….”
he said and chewed in his gum loudly…
he went towards the direction of the door and left.
I touched my buttocks where he spanked and then my cheeks.
it must be mistake because he sounded as if it is not special.
He is a celebrity and girls do strip in his presence,he has seen it many times in different colors and shapes.
It’s always the same in his eyes.
I did demarcations and laid quietly on my side on the bed,I couldn’t even close my eyes not to talk of sleeping.
I rolled on the bed and met the three briefcase opened;
all where filled with money.
I kept staring,
lotanna came in and strolled to the window side with a glass of wine in his hand,
I watched him sip in slowly and he turned to look at me,
I hastily close my eyes then turn to face the other side.
gosh,I felt cold and am crazily scared to face and tell him to turn off the Ac.
I picked one of the pillow i used as demarcation and hugged it,
I felt like freezing.
“do you feel cold?” I heard him.
I couldn’t talk as I remembered the embarrassing encounter I had with him.It made me shy of my body type.
“isn’t this the height of your shyness”
he said and turned off the ac,
he switched on the room heater.
now I feel warm.
“little wild kitten,don’t be naughty”
he said as he removed the pillow from my body and face.
He was now on bed.
“hunnnh” I smiled as he took my hand while looking on his phone.
“what were you saying?”I asked.
“what, did you hear?” he smiled out dimples and looked into my eyes. I felt sweetness from the inside each time he talks or touches me.
“something like little wild kitten…who is the kitten”I said.
“what” he said and smiled out dimples again.
“something like wild cat…
“something like don’t be naughty”
I said,he brushed his hands into mine
“wild kitten is the little wild cat…
meow meow meow meow….
little,little wild cat” he pouted sweetly
“why I have the feeling you’re not talking about cat” I said.
“how could it not be cat” he smiled and pressed my hand softly,
I wish I knew the meaning of that sign..
“you were referring to me” I said.
“Ife is my cat” he said.
“hunn” I picked a pillow and wanted to throw,he smiled and threw one on me first,he threw another one which I dogde.
did I want to throw my own back; when am not high..
I smiled throughout until there was no demarcation.
finally he rolled his eyeballs and tell on the last pillow,
his diamond earring fell on the bed.
I picked it with my other hand,
the one he wasn’t holding.
“you didn’t see this” I showed him.
He looked over.
I lean close so I can fix it since I was sitting on the bed.
Lotanna so you’re this friendly!.
“you and your step sister,are you close?” he asked.
“umm no,not again…” I said.
“when we were younger, olamma used to play with me but everything changes when we clocked 5…
she stopped talking to me and joined other kids in insulting me for my ugliness then.” I said and smiled like the world isn’t my problem.
when last did she speak to me?
she always add to my problems….
Lotanna left my left hand and took my right,then he slipped in a bracelet into it..
aaaah why is he giving me this?
isn’t this the queen favorite and most precious jewelry..
I think she gave it to him.
“do you like it?” he asked.
I smiled.”It’s really pretty and for the fact that it’s coming from you make it special”..
“sir won’t you sleep?” I asked.
“I will,on your laps” he said.
“whaaat…” I widened my eyes and straighten my legs for him,
he moved in..
he sent his hands to my waist and laid his head properly..
“where is your waist chain?” he ask.
“I kept it” I replied.
he locked my waist romantically and pulled my waist downwards in a tight deep hug,
he felt warm…he held me more tight.
I got shocked as usual,
his hands were caging my hips.
I got scared to tell him to stop nor touch him.
then I realized he might be thinking something more important,
he needs comfort so I held him tight then gently brushed my fingers into his hair like he was my “baby”.
I continue tapping him slowly,
I believe one day,I can love you freely and without fear.
he slept off.
@Adesola golden stories.
Nkem’s p.o.v
I moved in with the guards from my traveling.I shouldn’t have returned but I had to because of the royal feast next tomorrow.
Jedinna should be back tomorrow night as well.
The first place I checked that morning was the garden hoping to see Adeife since only her cleans the garden but then I met Where.
“good morning sir” she greeted.
I nodded to her greetings and left to the maids quarter where I stylishly checked.
still no signs of Ife….I turned and saw chioma.
“good morning sir” she smiled seductively while flunting her body.
“sir,are you looking for something?”
she asked.
“ohh yes,Mrs Okafor where is she?”
I asked.
she made a disappointed face and scratched the back of her neck.
“she traveled with Adeife” she answered,I left.
I got upstairs,lotanna’s door was locked as well.
did he traveled also?..
he walked deep in the prince empire.
“Amarachi,did your brother give you any gold chain recently?”
I overheard the queen asking.
Jesus! Amarachi doesn’t know about this ooo.
there was silence.
hmmm why is amarachi quiet.
“he didn’t hunnn” the queen said.
“mom, he did” I breathed out as Amarachi said.
“show me,let me see” the queen said.
“actually I…I…misplaced it”
Amarachi said.
I didn’t hear anything again, I entered my room..
This is how much i have sacrificed for lotanna’s happiness,the queen will have no choice than to accept Ife for who she is..
I don’t just know what Akuna gave her to eat.
Ngozi’s p.o.v
I took the poison and kept it in a more safe place.I wonder what Olamma wants to use a poison to do.
I went to the backyard and packed my dirty clothes,I went to the stream and moved to a spot.
Soon,Ebere and Dumebi( the palace maids) approached.
only ebere was with clothes,I wonder what dumebi came to do.
might be for gossiping sake.
“Adeife didn’t follow Mrs okafor out, I knew when Mrs okafor left she didn’t take anybody along…I think there is more to this and besides i heard someone sneaking into our room last night but I was too lazy to open my eyes” dumebi said.
“but Princess Amarachi said she followed Mrs okafor” chioma said.
Dumebi scoffed.
“am sure ife is dating a prince,just that I can’t tell which prince it is… and princess Amarachi knows about it” dumebi said.
I shook my head from where I was washing.
“imagine in my ten years of serving as a maid have never seen a fellow maid dressing so expensive…
don’t you see the type of hair she always plait… gosh I hate her”
dumebi blurts out.
“hmm me I don’t hate her.
At least she is useful to me and she always share her things with us.Even the money I borrowed from her, she didn’t collect it when I returned it..
everything about her is likeable”
ebere said.
“what’s the difference between her and a whore….
she’s a whore at night and a maid during the day. Especially that Ngozi, that one doesn’t have brains at all..
always following Ife like she is her servant” Olamma said..
hunn when did she get here.
I dropped the cloth I was washing.
she just called my name..or have she forgotten am also at the stream.
“excuse me,which ngozi are you talking about?” I approached olamma
she actually came with her maids.
she turned back and looked sideways dramatically.
“Are they two shapeless ngozi in this village?” she asked.
Dumebi laughed.
“what did you just say?” I asked.
she made an attempt to walk away, I dragged her back by her wrapper and slapped her hard.
she slapped her own back,
I returned my own two times.
We started fighting..!
I pinched her so badly,she couldn’t even fight.
next,I took the rope I came with and used it to bundle her.
“do you know who you just insulted?
I tightened the rope on her till she can’t move…
she screamed,I tightened the rope.
Ebere laughed,dumebi watched in astonishment.
she shouted,Arinze approached..
“what’s the meaning of all these nonsense?” Arinze said.
Nkem also approached behind Arinze,they are close friends.
“and how is these nonsense your business!! I said directly to Arinze.
I tightened the rope on Olamma,
the place I bite her already turned red….
“Ngozi!!!!!!! Arinze shouted my name.
“Arinze!!!!!!!! I shouted his name back
“what is all this about?” Nkem asked.
“It was…I ..tell her to leave me”
Olamma said,I tightened the rope the more.
“what’s all these?” nkem still said.
“it was….it was” I rolled my eyeballs and kept little respect for nkem since he is also a royalty.
“leave the rope” he said.
I rolled my eyeballs and left the rope in a manner that it made Olamma fell heavily on the floor,
she broke a tooth and spit out blood.
“what gut…why did you have to injure her this much” nkem said.
“You said leave the rope alone and not leave her alone” I replied..
I smiled and passed,
I stepped on Arinze intentionally.
“ohh sorry mistake” I said.
I went back to my spot where I was washing clothes and laughed at Olamma on the floor,
nkem turned,I pretended as if I wasn’t laughing


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