[I know,you won’t stay ]

BY: Adesola Adeomowole.M




pretend as if I wasn’t laughing as nkem looked me.He later looked Olamma who was lying on the floor.
I continued laughing the moment he went to help olamma.
I scoffed.”this is just the beginning”.
Arinze shot me a glare,
I shot mine and redirect my glares to dumebi.
Olamma stood up and start dusting her clothes while Arinze helped her in loosing the rope.
“hey are you fine?” nkem asked her.
“am fine,no need for treatment” olamma said and hastily wiped the blood that drop out of her mouth.
“and who wants to treat you;
that would be a waste of money”
I said.
Nkem turned sharply, I pretend as if I wasn’t talking.
“who just spoke?” he asked.
“sir she’s fine” where said.
“she’s okay” dumebi said.
I rolled my eyeballs and still shot olamma the “ntoor” sign by sticking out my tongue.
“She’s strong like a rock,
“more powerful than a lion,
“unbreakable like a—-
“its okay” nkem said.
“only that she lost a tooth, she might not be able to eat meat again” I said.
Arinze couldn’t hold it anymore,
he took olamma away.
Nkem bashed his lashes and also went away.
“Ngozi are you going to the market today?” ebere asked..
“why do you ask? do you want to send me message” I said..
“hmm no,I was thinking we could go together since I also have something to buy for tomorrow’s royal feast”
she said.
“then you have to make sure the devil in black didn’t accompany you,I might rip off her wide mouth if she doesn’t stop backbiting Adeife” I said
Ebere sighed.
“mee?? devil in black” dumebi said.
“i didn’t mention name” I said.
she gnashed her teeth,
then bite her lower lip.
“and besides you’re on a black outfit”
I said…
she rushed away angrily.
only ebere and I were left.
“don’t you think there’s something olamma and Arinze” ebere said.
“that’s their problem,all I know is that my body stands no insult.Make them dey my dey make me set dey my dey” I replied.
Ebere smiled.
Akuna’s p.o.v
I was so engrossed watching Lotanna’s runaway catwalk as “glow” new ambassador, I got so carried away. I mean he looks so different,
at times I find it difficult to believe he is that same lotanna…
no wonder he doesn’t move around like that each time he’s around.
someone knocked at my door,
I paused the video and went to answer the door, it turned out to be Sharon.
“my princess” she bowed.
“what do you have to say?” I asked.
she smiled perfunctorily,
then bowed again.
“I came to remind you…you are suppose to meet with other princess at the market, you would all like to get new clothes” she said.
“so what were you doing since miss, why are you just coming to remind me hunnn” I said.
“nothing,am very sorry” she said.
“I will just get ready” I said and wanted to lock the door.
“ma’am no need,they are here” she said.
“ohh my god,Sharon” I said.
“since when?’ I asked.
“it has been long” she said.
“Jesus! I said and knocked her head.
she rushed away,
I opened my suite door widely.
They entered; Xara, shadia and Adaeze.
Adaeze went over to my phone and played the video I was watching.
“waow so Xara was right,you’re obsessed with Lotanna”she says.
I took my phone away.
“seriously,you’re still dreaming of him after how he lashed you in our presence. Akuna I can’t believe your vulnerability” Shadia said.
“he didn’t lashed me,he was only angry at me for bullying Adeife,am even sure they are not friends” I said.
“yeah that’s true,lotanna can’t stoop so low for a maid and even if they date,he will still dump her as their relationship won’t lead to marriage. They have high reputation to protect, the queen won’t accept” Xara said.
“why would her choose her…for Virginity.He would leave her after doing it.My own boyfriend waited for one week and he took it” Adaeze said
“they don’t have hope together” I said.
shadia shook her head negatively.
“I know when a guy loves a girl,
the way lotanna look at Ife is different and besides,have never seen him with anygirl ever since this village.
He will soon ask her out,let’s see how the royal feast will look like”
Sharia said.
I laughed.
“is he drunk,what exactly will he like about her..
she is local,
yuck so classless,
does not know how to dress,
can’t read…..” I said.
“everything about her is likeable and if he ask her out–…
“well,he can’t” I cut in.
“whose side are you” I asked.
“you of course, as friends.” she said.
“now you’re talking” I replied..
“She’s going to wash toilet till the party is over” I said.
believe by adesola omowole
Adeife’s p.o.v .
I got so bored staying alone and watching television, nobody to talk to and the guards ain’t even helping matters..
two were at the glassy door while like ten more where around,all were watching me and always following me anywhere I walk to in the house.
soon, Aunty Teresa(the maid) arrived.
finally! i breathed in relief when she she said we are going out.
The securities still followed us, although in a separate car.
We got to the place, it was really huge.Teresa took me in while two guards followed behind..
I felt special with the way I was treated so nicely with so much attention.
Lotanna’s brand??
do you know what you’re saying?
they might be families??
in his last interview,he said he is single!!!
I heard things from where I sat.
A woman was making my hair… soon she was done, another one came to polish my nails and my feet.
Everything feel so new and beautiful in my eyes…
even the hair look strange and of course very beautiful..
I stood up,people wanted to take pictures but the guards covered me..
I wish I knew why.
Teresa took me to other places till it was night;we bought so many things.
We retired home at night,
Another set of four cars drove in immediately ours entered.
The phone lotanna gave me rang, I picked the way he taught me to.
Obim,come to the red car!
he said.
wait obim(my heart). Did he just call me that…
“you’re leaving already” terassa said.
I nodded and went to the car, a guard rushed to open the door.
“thank you” I almost bowed as I entered.Lotanna was pressing phone as usual,his dress sense made me wonder if he is human or some god.
He looked me..
“hey,how are you?” he asked as the driver drove out..
I would turn to the window each time he look at me and I would also look away each time he wants to catch me staring at him.
the drive was long,
soon we arrived at the outskirt of our village.
“umm sir,I would walk from here so that nobody will see us” I said.
“whatttt!! he said and removed something from his ear.
The car moved in a little bit,
“sir,let me stop here” I pointed at ngozi’s compound.
“to do what?” he asked.
“ngozi,she’s my friend.I would stay in her place till tomorrow morning” I said.
“will you be fine?” he asked.
I opened the car door,a guard also stepped out alongside lotanna..
he signalled the guard to stay behind, then he followed me till we entered Ngozi’s compound in the midnight.
I turned,he still follower me.
“sir,go…we can’t be seen together”.
I said,he still followed me.
I wanted to enter,
he dragged me back and held me tight….
he held me so tight,
next he leaned on me.
he kissed my neck.
“sirr????….I said.
“you don’t need to worry about my mom” he said.
“I will tell you my answer tomorrow”
I said.
he just watch me like a movie.
I was confused,amazed,
awed and shocked as he kissed my neck.
he hastily unlocked.
“I…I …” I stammered.
Lotanna moved over and kissed me.
my eyes widened as he slide his wet tongue into mine,while pressing into my hips slowly.
the phone I was holding fell.
he unlocked and looked around,
no one was looking.
he smiled and leaned into me,he kissed me again and locked my waist more romantically than ever.
It looks so real to be true.
His tongue slides in and out,
I felt his fingers moved down on my hips as he nibbled on my lower lips,
kissing me in slowly like he is licking sweet…



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