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Annie dried her tears and let’s out a little sniff.
“So don’t cry anymore or you’re going to make me cry too”
Annie said and dried my eyes.
“Gosh I’ve missed you so much, imagine not being able to
see or talk to your best friend for nine days, and now she
suddenly comes back and I can’t actually talk to her but cry
with her, Is it okay that I say Erick’s a jerk?” Annie asked
and I shook my head Negatively.
“See your soft spot for him is making you like this” Annie
said holding my hand.
“Don’t worry I’m sure sooner or later you’ll get over this,
hopefully” I stated.
Annie stated and stood up from the bed, she walked towards
the door and I turned to her.
“You’re leaving already?” I was about to break down
entirely. She’s the only one I get to talk to and now she’s
“silly, I’m not leaving” she smiled.
“And I don’t care what my parents say but I’m staying over
tonight, cause from my perspective you can’t possibly be left
alone” Annie said and from my inside I smiled. I’m so glad I
have her.
Annie came back with my breakfast which I barely touched
and told me to eat. But I wasn’t even hungry.
“If you don’t eat, I’m leaving” Annie said watching me stare
at the food, well I was supposed to enjoy this breakfast until
my grandma made Erick show up.
I know she’s threatening me right now but just bluffing and
won’t actually leave even if I don’t eat, but still, she’s Annie,
my best friend and I can’t let her cry about seeing me not
I slowly start to eat.
“Don’t pick on the food. Eat it, you’re going to release an
album soon and you’re going to do this to yourself?” Annie
huffed, grabbed the toasted bread and after applying a lot of
butter on it, she placed it in my front of my mouth.
“Open up and don’t you dare take a small bite” Annie stated
and I took a big bite.
“Good girl, so do me a favour and let’s not think about Erick
now and focus on this food” Annie Said and I nodded.
I don’t want to think about it anymore and it’s true, I have an
album to release. I can’t let my fans down.
Why is it that when you plan to not think about something,
that’s when you tend to think of it more. I couldn’t stop
thinking about Erick and Giselle the whole day, but my
thoughts wouldn’t last for ten seconds because Annie
wouldn’t leave me alone, she kept talking to me making me
play games with her, she didn’t leave me for a moment and I
loved how she made me smile. I was Glad I had such a
friend like her.
The day seemed faster with Annie here and before we knew
it we were already under the blanket, the finger shaped
moon at the sky and the not so twinkling stars.
Annie and I laid on my bed looking at the ceiling.
“So… Are you sleepy?” Annie asked.
“No” I replied softly.
“want me to tell you a story?” she grinned.
“I’m not a child” I slowly rolled my eyes and she laughed.
“I just want your mind to be focused on something else”
Annie sighed.
I do too. Unless I’ll end up crying
“Okay, so I finally talked to Andy face to face and I told him
to stop with the flirtings, that I have feelings for someone
else and I felt so guilty with the disappointment in his face,
but still what you can’t have cannot belong to you” Annie
My voice was low, but I was glad I was talking. “And let me
guess the someone else you already like is Daniel?”
“Well of course!” Annie pimped.
“Tell me about you and Daniel!” I said.
“Daniel and I? Well nothing has been going on between
Daniel and I, we’ve been like bread and jam lately, it’s like
we go perfectly well together but still everyone prefers the
butter and I feel like the jam” Annie shrugged.
“Elaborate” I turned to her.
“Okay” she sighed. “Okay so, we kept our texts messages
good nice and short for day, until I asked if he’d like to go
grab drinks with some time…

“You did?” I was surprised.
“I sure did, but don’t get too excited, he rejected my offer
saying he got things to do” Annie sighed.
“Okay, but you know he might have a tight schedule
honestly.” I said to Annie and she nodded.
“I know, I was a bit disappointed though, but I clearly
understand where he was coming from.” Annie smiled and I
smiled too.
We both remained quiet and Immediately Annie noticed
the silence, she started to talk to about school and the
memories and fun days ever had.
“And remember that one time Henry accidentally pushed
Mr. Kent thinking it was Richard because of his short
height” Annie laughed pretty hard.
“Yes how could I ever forget that” I was laughing pretty
hard too and seriously laughing is the best medicine so far,
cause I feel so good.
“And don’t forget the time you wore your uniform
backwards to school” I reminded and Annie screamed.
“Please don’t remind me of that horrid day, I couldn’t even
change it back in the girl’s bathroom because of the teasings
coming from outside. And while others laughed at me, you
did too” Annie said and playfully punch my shoulder.
“How could I not laugh it was funny” I said with the wildest
I’d this possible right now, I’m laughing right now.
How is Annie such a blessing. Annie talked all night and I
slept over her stories.
How would I have been today, if she hadn’t come here.
The next morning, I woke up before Annie and I went to
brush my teeth.
I felt a little better unlike yesterday morning and the day
before yesterday night, I loved how I felt, though I’m not
still myself but I loved how I am now.
And I know it was because I laughed last night and from
what I learned from school Laughter triggers the release of
endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.
Endorphins promote an overall sense of well being and can
even temporarily relieve pain.
And that what exactly is happening to me. I feel a bit
Annie woke up after I had taken my bath and was changing
into a Purple leggins and a red t-shirt, I pulled the shirts over
my head and Annie eyes opened.
“June” she called seeing me.
“Oh you’re finally awake” I said to her.
“Yeah, how come you woke up before me?” Annie asked
cleaning her eyes.
“I don’t know” I shrugged with a smile…
“You seem cheerful all of a sudden” Annie smiled Coming
down from the bed.
“Well isn’t it great that I am and should be, I can’t keep
crying forever you know” I sighed.
Annie gasp. “Now that’s the June I’m talking about.”
“Now you can take all your time, I’ll go prepare breakfast” I
said and Annie nodded happily falling back on the bed…
I walked out of my room and met my grandma when I
walked into the living room.
My grandma was getting Auggie ready for school and
seeing me Auggie called by name brightly. Wow, I haven’t
seen my baby brother for ten days, yesterday he was just in
his room…
“Did you miss me?” I smiled and he nodded.
“After school today, we’ll go get ice cream okay!” I
promised and he nodded happily.
“Don’t give him too much he might have a stomach ache”
my grandma smiled at me.
“No I won’t” Auggie suddenly said.
“Yes you will, you eat according to your body” my grandma
said and tapped Auggie’s stomach.
Auggie said goodbye to me as he left for school.
And my grandma told me she was proud seeing me all
cheerful today instead of being somber.
I am still sad, but I can’t keep this up forever, I have to stay
happy for some reason.
I prepared breakfast and took it to my room to for Annie
and I to eat.
I walked into my room to see Annie dressed in one of my
shorts and sweatshirt.
“So apparently, this are your only clothes that could slip in
my body without a problem” Annie sighed and I smiled.

Sitting on the bed with the huge tray on our legs we both
start to eat.
Annie of course is a bit obsessed with her phone and she
keeps operating her phone and eating at the same time.
“If my grandma was here, you wouldn’t do that” I tell her.
“Do what?” she asked, not loooking at me but her phone.
“Busy with your phone and eating…” I sighed but she didn’t
reply me and was still so focused on her phone.
“What is so interesting that you’re so focused on?” I asked.
Annie looked at me and looked down at her phone.
“It’s a new update!” Annie said.
“A new update about?” I asked… Annie passed me her
phone and I saw the update was talking about and my eyes
went to the headline immediately.
“Drugged?” I repeated.
“Now read the article” Annie said and I start to read the
** Erick-J didn’t just kiss the actress Giselle on his own will
but was actually drugged, it was said that the endanger cast
and crew threw a small party for Erick-J after shooting his
part in the series, Erick-J did seem to enjoy the party and
agreeing he got drunk with the crew. And as he recalled the
whole night, he also recalled the last person he was with was
Giselle and after that he had no idea what was going on, and
now the question on everyone’s mind is… Is Giselle the
drugger? Or was is someone else? Erick-J could have been
possibly drugged by one of these,
gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
gamma-butyrolactone (GBL)
tranquillisers, most often benzodiazepines, including Valium
(diazepam) and Rohypnol
These drugs are particularly dangerous when mixed with
alcohol because they combine to have a very powerful
In extreme cases, this can lead to a coma or even death.
The drugs may come in powder, tablet or liquid form, and
don’t always have a noticeable taste or smell.
And possibly, Erick did say he didn’t recall what happened
what happened when he was Giselle.
So was the drugger trying to kill Erick-J, so instead of
saying Erick is leach, leaching off his girlfriend and leaching
to Giselle, we can finally conclude that he’s a victim of
getting his drink spiked and that is very dangerous. But still
the question is… Who is the drugger?**
I scrolled down a bit to see the thousands of comment, I
noticed a girl’s own and I start to read the rest.
** Why are you guys trying to make Erick-J a victim and
Giselle the bad guy**
**Oh my God, Erick-J drugged? It’s none other person than
**I knew it, Erick-j loved June too much too cheat**
**He was drugged? He wasn’t, he still kissed her, sorry an
Erick-J and Giselle shipper here**
**Clearly it’s Giselle who drugged him and the comment
above mine is stupid*
I gave Annie back her phone and she dropped it.
I looked up at Annie. “Do you think he was actually
drugged?” I asked.
“Of course, because for days I didn’t want to believe Erick
did this to you, it didn’t seem like something he would do, so
I don’t know who is right or wrong but for all I know, I’m
agreeing with this article.” Annie stated.
I slowly ate my food, I was mad at myself for being so
angry with Daniel and still mad about myself for still
doubting the article.T. B. C

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