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Making up with Erick made me more than Erick. I’m just
glad he didn’t actually kiss Giselle on his own free will.
That night I slept well, nothing on my mind and It just felt
like the day was suddenly reborn.
The next morning after brushing my teeth and all, Annie’s
dress was finally delivered and I went to pick the box from
the door and place it in my room.
Hannah ringed me and I picked up.
“How are you?” she asked.
“Fine” I breathed out.
“You do sound fine, is everything okay now?” she asked.
“Yes everything is, I just misunderstood kissing someone
and getting kissed by someone” I expound.
“Okay, I don’t know what that implies… But I’m going to
take that as you’re okay!” Hannah gave a small laugh.
“So today’s your prom am I right?” Hannah said and I could
feel her smile.
“Yeah” I laughed.
“Okay are you bummed or psyched? Cause back when I
wanted to go for my prom I was actually feeling both, but
whatever feel whatever you want, just remember to always
stay happy okay? And your album release date is close, you
know that right?” Hannah asked and I nodded. “of course”. I
We both hung up and I drop my phone and breathed out a
I called Annie.
“June…” she said into the phone and it sounded like she was
still sleeping.
“Shocking, how are you still in bed, you’re an early worm” I
“Yeah, you see I stayed up late last night” she expound.
“Oh, I understand” I nodded slowly.
“So Erick and I finally…
“Made up?” she quickly cut me off. “Yeah” I smiled.
“Wow! That is fantastic news, now if you let me sleep,
there’ll be plenty of time for me to get up on my butt and get
to prom” Annie tired voice said and I gave a small laugh.
“Oh Alright, I’ll let you sleep” I said and she breathed out a
‘thanks’ before dropping the phone down.
** ERICK’S P.O.V**
“So, now that you’re back with June, what do you want to do
with Giselle?” Charles asked on the phone.
“do with Giselle? Why are you saying it like, I did
something to her before and then dumped her.” I said and
Charles laughed.
“Should we leak the recorded phone call to the media?”
Charles asked.
“No, that would cause a lot of troubles, first, she’ll gain a
whole lot of haters and then she’ll start to lose followers and
little by little her career will drop and that is the end of
Giselle, what she did was cruel but you cannot fight cruel
with cruel, I want her to pay for what she did, but releasing
the phone call to the media, that would just cause too much
of the payment she needs to pay for, so keep the audio first,
I’m back with June, I’ll think of how to handle Giselle later,
June is all that matters.” I smiled.
“Okay, I get it, you love birds better make children in the
future okay!” Charles stated and I laughed.
“Good bye Charlie” I teased.
“I told you, only my wife calls me that” he barked and I cut
the call.
I got out from my bed and head to my bathroom to start the
I walked downstairs to my living room after brushing, to
prepare breakfast, there I saw Daniel watching football.
“When did you get here?” I asked.
“Last night!” he shrugged.
I paused. “How come I didn’t know” I asked

“You were fast asleep, good thing you gave me a spare key”
Daniel breathed out.
Yeah good thing, he needed one, cause he mostly spends his
days at my house.
I prepared breakfast and Daniel and I starts to dig in.
“So how is the you and June thing going?” Daniel asked.
“Well thanks to call I recorded from Giselle, June and I are
finally together” I smiled and Daniel gave a small smile too.
“Good for you guys” he said focused on his food.
“And you, you look like you could sleep for seven days
before becoming you again, those eye bags under your eyes
are pretty much heavier than my television” I said and
Daniel laughed.
“I’ve been working my butt off lately shooting commercials
and funny, I even saw myself shooting a commercial in my
dream, shooting commercials and learning a new dance step,
that isn’t fun as it sounds and last night Annie and were kind
of into those midnight chats” Daniel narrated and I looked
“Annie, as in June’s best friend?” I asked.
“Yeah, though I first wondered where she got my number
and it hit me that June must have given it to her.” Daniel
said gulping down his cup of grape juice.
“So, Annie, you two are totally hitting it off right?” I asked
with a smile.
“Hit it off? What do you mean exactly?” Daniel narrowed
his eyes at me.
“What else do you think I mean, hit it off like… When a boy
and a girl are actually hitting it off!!” I explained with
gestures and Daniel’s eyes watched my hand and his eyes
slowly raised to mine and his mouth curved into a smile and
then a laugh.
“What? No!” he laughed. “Now I understand and no we
weren’t hitting anything of.” Daniel tried to roll his eyes.
“So you’re telling me that you guys just had a normal
conversation and nobody was having a flirty vibe or stuff?” I
gasped dramatically.
“Nobody was, we were just having a normal chat and I can’t
do flirt and why would Annie ever want to flirt with me.!”
Annie scoffed.
Obviously because she likes you. I wanted to say that but
Annie would totally kill me if she found out, Daniel knew
about her Feelings for him from me.
“So you don’t think you and Annie could ever pull off a
flirty kind of chat?” I asked.
“Why would we? Annie has zero feelings for me and that’s
the same with me” Daniel stated.
“So you don’t have feelings for Annie?” I asked, not making
it sound so serious.
“Uh… No I don’t! Clearly!” Daniel scoffed.
“Okay, I’m just saying, what if for example Annie has
feelings for you, she doesn’t though, but what if she does
and Confesses to you, what’s going to be reply!” I tilt my
head at daniel.
“I’ll tell her I’m grateful, and that I don’t feel the same and
that I’m sorry, that’s all, but that’s not going to happen, she
definitely has zero feelings towards me” Daniel shrugged.
“Yeah she totally does.” I laughed unwillingly.
Great.! Annie will totally be bummed hearing this.
The air seemed a bit quiet so I just asked without realizing
“So who do you have feelings for.”
Daniel narrowed his eyes and smiled.
“I guess, nobody!” he shrugged.
“Really?” I arched my brow at him.
“Yep, definitely nobody!” he said not looking at me but his
“nobody? Cause I could definitely tell a lot from that smile.”
I teased and he rolled his eyes and laughed.
“Nobody” he said and his smile faded immediately.
“Are sur–
“Can we not talk about this now?” Daniel snapped cutting
me off.
I looked at him. “Fine, I don’t see why you have to get angry
all of a sudden.” I scoffed.
Daniel sighed “Sorry, look, my love life is my love life, it
should be just for me, I don’t feel comfortable talking it
“I thought we told each other everything, I tell you about
June, and you usually tell me everything about Emilia, so
what happened now?” I arched both of my brows at him.
“I don’t know, I just don’t feel comfortable about it” Daniel
breathed out.
“Fine, If you like anyone, if you don’t, tell me or not, I don’t
care if you do since you suddenly want to draw a line on our
friendship”. I snarled.

“I’m not drawing a line okay, I’m just being personal.”
Daniel stated.
“Drawing a line, being personal, it’s the exactly the same
thing”. I resorted.
“Oh really? Are you trying to pick a fight?” Daniel asked.
“If I would we would have been tearing each other apart, I’m
just trying to be understanding but you’re clearly being an
asshole, keeping yourself personal and stuff, since when did
we start making our lives personal around his each other?” I
“Since no day, and please let’s just stop this bicker” Daniel
“No, I’m actually enjoying this, it’s been ages since we get to
talk like this, we’ve been holding out for too long and if we
continue maybe we can finally get to tear each other’s
clothes and throw punches on ourselves.” I smirked.
“You have no idea how much I want your face and my fist to
collide” Daniel scoffed loudly.
“You have no idea how I want the same thing too” I snarled.
“But unfortunately I’m shooting a commercial tomorrow and
my manager would pass out if there happens to be a bump
on my face, or worse an injury caused by my best friend, so
how about we save this conversation for next time” Daniel
“that would be great, cause also June would freak out if I
happen to get a scar on my face, I’m going to prom with her
tonight so I have to look my best.” I smiled.
“Good for you” Daniel said and stood up.
“You’re done eating? Wow so fast” I laughed.
“Never underestimate the stomach that lies under this packs”
Daniel stated, boastful.
Such a showoff.
“What packs? You mean those compressed boobs you call
packs.” I joked and he walked away after giving me a glare
causing me to laugh.
** JUNE’S P.O.V **
As I plugged my hair dryer into the socket, I small knock
came in at my door causing me to shout “Come in” the door
opened and Annie walked in.
“Annie!” I called happily and she walked over to my side.
“Getting all pretty and ready without me.” Annie smirked
and sat down on my bed.
“Well, it’s already six thirty so you should get ready too” I
stated and she laughed.
It’s our prom, I don’t feel excited I don’t feel nervous and it
made me sigh hundred of times. I heard prom made a lot of
people go crazy due to over excitement. But I don’t even
feel anything, I just feel like I need to be present and that’s
Annie and I start to get ready, you could even feel how hot
my room from the outside, from the drying of her hairs to
the straignting our hairs, and then to curling it.
Annie gave herself wavy curls and I just ended up
straightening my hair and all, because I had no idea what I
was doing it, I’m so used to my stylist styling my hair, I
don’t know how to do it myself.
After getting our hair done, we decided to go for a little
makeover on our faces . And well that went great. Annie
brought her dress from her bag and I opened my closet and
brought out mine..
As Annie starts to take off her shirt, I stopped her.
“Would you like to open a quick present?” I asked.
“Uh, what kind of present?” she looked at me awkwardly.
“It’s a present for a reason.” I said and grabbed the box
beside my bed.
I threw it at her and she laughed before opening the box.
“Oh my God June…!!!!!!” Annie screamed. I expected that,
she loves the dress.
She looked at the dress in her hand and turned to me.
“You bought this… For me..!!” she gasped.
“Well yeah, I realized I haven’t really don’t anything for you,
so it’s nothing” I smiled.
“This is not nothing, this dress cost more than I can afford
but yet it was my dream dress to prom, you just made prom
even more exciting, and what do you mean you haven’t done
anything for me, You’ve done a lot for me and I’m the one
who hasn’t done anything” Annie stated.
“That’s not true and the dress really didn’t cost much” I
“Shut up June” Annie rolled her eyes. “I don’t like it when
people do something so big of deal and say it’s nothing!”
Annie stated.
I smiled. “Fine, I bought the dress for a hundred thousand
bucks, it was really expensive, now is that okay?”
“Yes, now I can wear the dress in peace” Annie smiled.

Annie quickly put the dress on and she gasped seeing herself
in the mirror.
“The way it fits my body perfectly” she smiled placing her
hand on her chest.
“I could kiss you June” Annie sighed admiring herself in the
“Well I don’t see why you can’t, should I remind you of the
prize again?” I asked and she laughed.
Annie turned to me. “Now you’re just showing off your
riches, I don’t know how being and artist and money works
but I do understand releasing an album draws money so
much, so my dear June, I don’t mind if you spoil me with all
your riches, I’ll be needing more dresses like this”. Annie
stated and I burst out laughing.
“No problem then, you name the prize and I’m your bank” I
T. B. C

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