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HER LAST WISH Chapter 10

HER LAST WISH Chapter 10


Zeemah Writes 📝




“I’m not just a friend to him but a special friend” Layla grinned happily as she told Aria.
“Wow, isn’t that so great” Aria smiled, so happy there’s someone who had made Layla happy after going through that heartbreak.
“I can’t believe i finally earned myself a good friend since i resumed Ocean high, i was mute when he told me i wasn’t just a friend but a special friend” Layla said, glowing with smiles.
“I’m so sure everyone who had avoided you then is not even up to Dan in intelligence and looks, according to how you had described him to me”

“Yeah, Dan turned out to be the most intelligent in our class and he doesn’t even hesitate to put others through. So humble to the core,I’m so lucky to get such a friend” Layla said and Aria smiled.
“Likewise him so lucky to get you as a friend” Aria said.
“Really?” Layla asked.
“Of course,you don’t seem to know yourself,do you?”
“Well..but I’m more lucky to have him” Layla said and quickly rushed to take customers order before Aria could reply.

Aria started preparing the coffee while Layla went ahead to serve it.

They returned to talking after they were done.
“Now,there’s another reason i look forward to going to school” Layla said.
“Was there a reason before?” Aria asked.
“Of course, Dylan. He kept me going to school,the thought of seeing his face everyday appeals me”
“And is he still a reason you look forward to going to school?” Aria asked, earnestly hoping Layla would say no.
“Yes” Layla said and Aria’s heart fell.
“Dylan is still a reason i look forward to going to school and he’ll forever be one because i don’t think i’ll ever stop loving him” Layla said.
“You can stop loving him if you want to, Layla” Aria said,so pained that ungrateful pig has Layla’s heart at the tip of his finger.

“I don’t want to,i don’t want to stop loving him. Sooner or later,the feeling’s gonna be mutual and then we’ll date” Layla said.
“My last wish completed! and then…” She added inwardly.

“Layla, Dylan doesn’t have feelings for you and might never get to, don’t give yourself false hope so you won’t end up getting hurt in the end. Please” Aria said.
“Not like it would be for long anyway” Layla said, looking gloomy.
“What do you mean?” Aria asked.
“Nevermind” Layla said, wearing a smile.
“I hope everything is fine?” Aria asked worriedly.
“Of course. Now go pick Jane, she’ll be waiting” Layla said, she saw a customer walk in and quickly went to take her order.

‘Why do i feel something is wrong?’ Aria wondered.
And Layla asking her to go pick Jane in the middle of their conversation is rare,it means she doesn’t want the conversation to go on and that signifies there’s something.
Or could Layla just didn’t want her to dissuade her from going on with her feelings for Dylan?
Well..whatever it is, she hopes Layla is fine.

She started pulling off her apron and hair cover,ready to go pick her kid.


“Uh..how could he approach you for such” Anne said with a frown after Daniel narrated the incidence between him and Dylan.
“He was been a fool but i made sure to set him straight” Daniel said.
“That’s good but is your speciality really taekwondo?” Anne teased, holding her laughter.
Felia do tell her how Daniel started avoiding taekwondo training in school after he was punched once on the jaw.

“Go ahead and laugh” Daniel rolled his eyes at her and she bursted into laughter.
He pinched her cheek hard as she laugh.
“Ouch” She said and continued laughing.

“Get out of my room” He said, snuggling into his blanket.
“I’m sorry” Anne said,still laughing.
“I’ve stopped laughing already” She grinned, holding herself from laughing more.
Daniel emerged only his head from the blanket looking so funny that Anne bursted into laughter again.
“God, Dan you’re gonna kill me. I’m leaving” She said in between laughter as she stood up from his bed.
She picked the balm,still laughing as she walked out of his door.
“I had thought he approached me for something serious,i even had to laugh when he asked what was up with Layla and i” Dan said as they continued their discussion in Anne’s room.
He had joined her in her room after she left his.

“Layla is very okay to be honest,i don’t know why he would have to look disgusted when asked if he likes her, she’s one of the best females in her class as far as I’m concerned,if not even the best female” Anne said.
“Yeah, Layla is a cool girl,she doesn’t deserve that reaction from Dylan and she’s really into him,she stares at him all the time” Dan shook his head.
“Dylan might consider her..with what you had said to him earlier” Anne said.

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“No,i don’t even want him to consider her any more” Dan said.
“Why?” Anne asked.
“She deserves better,far better than that petty asshole”
“But if he decides to date her, there’s nothing you can do about it” Anne stated.
“Yeah, it would mean depriving Layla of her happiness because she would be so happy if he decides to consider her. I can’t stop him if he wants to date her but i hope he won’t. He doesn’t respect her enough”
“I think Layla doesn’t mind though, she’s still so into him even after he embarrassed her. That should tell you she’s so much in love with him and wouldn’t even mind anything he does to her”
“It’s just so unfair Dylan seems to be taking advantage of that” Dan said.

“All i hope is for Layla to be free of the obsession soon or it might hurt her”
“I don’t think it’s obsession” Dan said.
“Whatever feeling it is Dan” Anne laid her back on the bed,waving her legs in the air.
“I think Layla is someone that loves too hard” Dan said.
“Obviously” Anne said, smiling as she clapped her legs together.
“Loving too hard is not so bad but loving the wrong person is worse”
“I’m thinking Layla was probably obsessed with him because she had no one to talk to,now that she has you,the attention she gives him would reduce even if it’s by a bit and that would help her in getting herself back and unclogging herself from the web of the unreciprocated love she has for him,the process might be slow but it’ll happen eventually. She can’t love him forever,not when he’s not even reciprocating the love” Anne said.
“I hope so, you talk so wisely for your age” Dan said.
“Hey, I’m fourteen.. i’ll be fifteen in three months time. I’m not a kid” Anne said with an air of pride and Dan laughed.

He couldn’t ask for more in a sister.
Anne is everything and he’s so glad to have her.

“My friends said they would love to eat with you some time” Anne said.
“Oh, whenever they are ready” Daniel said.
“Speaking of food, let’s go make some,I’m hungry” Anne said and they both got up.
“Same here” Dan said.

Anne picked her inhaler and they both walked out of the room to the kitchen.
Their parents were yet to be back from work.
Their father owns two companies and their mother manages one of them, they leave for work the same time and arrive home together.

“What are we making?” Dan asked, opening the refrigerator.
“Hm..What should we make?” Anne said, thoughtfully.
She finally decided what they were gonna make and Dan started bringing out the ingredients.

“I’m thinking of introducing Layla to Felia and Rylan”
“That’s cool,your special friends should know one another” Anne said, rinsing her hand before setting out the veggies.
“Your hair cover Dan” She reminded him.
“Oops” He said, picking one.
He wore it over his hair and closed the refrigerator gently.
Anne wore her apron and didn’t bother suggesting one to Dan because he hates wearing it,he rather mess his wears with stains than wear an apron.

“So when are you planning to do that?” Anne asked, slicing carrot after washing it properly.
“Tomorrow” Dan said, helping with another thing.
“Tomorrow? Layla doesn’t even know our house..oh, you’ll text the address to her” Anne said.
“No, Layla doesn’t have a phone yet” Dan said.
“Really?” Anne asked in surprise.
“Yeah, so the meeting is gonna be in the coffee shop her aunt owns”
“Perfect! You’ll sip coffee while you guys talk” Anne smiled and Dan smiled too.

“I’m gonna text Felia and Rylan tonight and explain to them”
“I’m sure they’re gonna like Layla” Anne said.
“Layla is gonna like them too. Felia would be excited to now have a female partner, she’s gonna ignore Rylan and i completely” Dan laughed.
“Yeah, she’s gonna pay you guys back in your coins” Anne laughed too.


They chat as they ate in the dining room.

“Make sure to fill me in on how the meeting goes tomorrow” Anne said.
“Sure” Dan nodded.


They heard the sound of the door and knew their parents were home.
“We’re home kids!” Their parents called out.
“We’re at the dining Mum,Dad”


“I’m be going on a date with my husband tomorrow” Aria smiled as she told Layla.

It was Saturday and they tend to get more busy.

“You should go have fun, Sunday is the only free day you get to have during the week” Layla said.
“You too” Aria said.
“Well..i don’t have anyone to go on a date with” Layla laughed.
“I’m just gonna go to church, return home and rest for the rest of the day” She added.
“That’s cool too, you don’t have to go on a date to have a nice day” Aria said.
“You’re right” Layla said.
“Thankfully you have a friend now,i know he’s gonna invite you out sooner or later” Aria said.
“Oh, Daniel” Layla smiled.

They got busy attending to customers for minutes before they finally got to sit again.

“You look good in this wear” Aria complimented Layla’s flowery dress.
It was a short flay dress that her Mum had gotten for her and this would be the second time she’ll be putting it on.
“Oh, thanks” Layla smiled.
“My mum had gotten it for me” She added.
“She did a good job in selecting it” Aria said.
“Funny enough,i didn’t liked this dress then because it had looked so big on me but now..dresses are so unbelievable yunno”
“Of course” Aria chuckled.

“Look,we have new customers” Aria said, getting up. Layla,also got up.
She was yet to look at the customers who just walked in and when she did, there was a look of surprise on her face.

Daniel with a guy and a girl.
He smiled at her and waved.
She waved back at him, returning his smile.
Aria noticed the exchange and wondered who he was,his face looks familiar though but she couldn’t really place a finger.
Could he be one of their regular customers..

He went to grab a table with his friends, waiting for Layla to join them.
“That’s Daniel” Layla said to Aria.
“Oh” Her eyes widened.
“He’s here with his friends to see you” Aria smiled.
She’s so impressed with Daniel’s look and nice smile.
“He might be here to have coffee with his friends” Layla said,she looked flushed.
“Should i go ahead to take their orders if you won’t feel comfortable doing so?” Aria offered and Layla shook her head.
“I will do it” She said.

Layla walked to their table and she couldn’t even understand why she felt so shy.

“Hey” She said to Daniel.
“Layla,how are you doing?” He asked.
“I’m good. Hi” She said to his friends.
“Hi Layla” They smiled.

Woah..they know her name already.

“What type of coffee do you want?” She asked, pressing her lips together.
Daniel smiled..”we’re here to see you”
“Yeah and of course we will have coffee while at it too” Felia Said.
“Oh,fine” Layla said and sighed.
She knew Philia wouldn’t take it lightly, seeing her sitting with Daniel and his friends instead of working.
They came here to see her, turning them down won’t be so fair.

“Okay,i should take your orders first” Layla smiled.
They told her what they wanted and she marked it on the list.
“And Daniel, would you like to meet Aria,my colleague, i told her about you” Layla said.
“Of course” Daniel smiled, getting up.
They both walked to the counter and Aria smiled on seeing them.

“Hi Aria” Daniel said.
“Hello Daniel,how are you?” Aria smiled.
“I’m fine, thanks”
“I keep thinking your face looks familiar,do you think we’ve seen somewhere?” Aria asked.
“Probably, in this coffee shop. Although i don’t really come in but our eyes do meet” Daniel said.
“Oh..yeah! You’re the guy always peering in, were you looking for Layla then?” Aria asked.
“Yeah,but fortunately we finally met at school,a very formal meeting” He smiled and Layla laughed.

Aria smiled,glad to see how easily Dan make Layla laugh.
She likes Dan,he has this cool aura.

“Nice meeting you Aria” Dan said.
“Same here Dan” Aria said.

“Don’t work too hard” He said to the both of them before walking back to his table.

“Wow, you really earned yourself a good friend” Aria said to Layla,who was preparing their order.
“I told ya” Layla smiled.
“He seems nice,cool and carefree”
“Yeah and he said they are here for me” Layla said, looking a bit worried.
“What’s wrong with that?” Aria asked.
“Philia is definitely not gonna take it lightly when she sees me chatting with them instead of working, i don’t want her embarrassing them” Layla sighed.
“Don’t bother over that,if Philia gets to come out of her office,I’m gonna persuade her to let you be”
“And leaving you to attend to customers alone doesn’t sit well with me,I’m gonna feel bad seeing you run around while I’m seated” Layla said.
“I’m not complaining Layla,i do it all alone when you’re away at school so.. it’s definately nothing doing it for just few hours your friend would be spending here” Aria said.
Layla sighed.
“Layla,this would be the first time people would take out of their time to come see you and you’re gonna be refusing to see them just because of some silly reasons, c’mon” Aria said and Layla smiled at her.


Aria is just one of the best things that has ever happened to her.
She made life easier and more soothing for her.

“Thank you Aria” Layla said.
“Now go join them, they’re waiting” Aria said and Layla picked up the tray containing their order.
“Hey, pull off your apron and hair cover,you don’t need the coffee shop look while sitting for the first time with your friends” Aria said and Layla smiled.
She dropped the tray and pulled off her apron with hair cover,she adjusted her hair properly and Aria handed the tray back to her.
She smiled and quickly walked to Dan’s table.

“I’m sorry for keeping you guys waiting” She said, gently placing the tray on the table before sitting on the chair beside Dan.
“Wow,you look much more pretty without that hair cover and apron” Felia said.
“Thanks” Layla smiled.
“She had looked pretty even on the apron and hair cover too” Dan said.
“Shut up, i said she looked much more pretty without it. Get another ears Dan” Felia rolled her eyes at him while Rylan smiled as he sipped his coffee.
“I think you need new mouth instead, a big fat mouth for a change won’t be bad” Dan scoffed at Felia and Rylan and Layla laughed.

“Fool” Felia slapped his hand that was placed on the table.
“Ouch! You’re pained” Dan laughed.
“Who told you i am. Fool” Felia scoffed playfully.

Layla smiled at them.

“Here’s your own coffee Layla” Aria said, placing a cup of rich coffee in front of Layla who looked at her stunned.
Philia is gonna have her head for this.
“I..i ” Layla was saying.
“On my bills” Aria whispered to her with a wink before turning to leave but she collided into Philia who looked surprised to see what was going on.

“Damn” Layla exclaimed inwardly.

“Philia,they are Layla’s friends,they came to say hi to her. You don’t have to worry about work, i’ll do everything while she’s with them. You can go back to your office” Aria said, swallowing hard.
“And who are you to send me back to my office. Would you leave my sight!” Philia yelled at Aria, pushing her out of the way.
Aria sighed, she walked away to attend to new customers, feeling so bad..
She had assured Layla she would stop Philia from embarrassing her friends but she wasn’t able to do that.

“What’s going on here?” Philia asked,her eyes so wide that it might fall off.
“Answer me Layla! Who are they?!” Philia yelled.
“They..are my friends Phil, please” Layla said, giving her a pleading look.
“Fine!” Phil said after a long silence,before walking away.
Layla sighed in relief.

“Her eyes looked so wide like a monster’s while she yelled. That was so terrifying” Felia groaned, rolling her eyes.
“Who’s she?” Felia asked.
“My aunt” Layla said.
“Oh my God..that slipped out of my mouth,i didn’t mean to refer to her eyes as a monster’s,I’m so sorry”
“No,it’s fine. Her eyes indeed looked like a monster’s, the biggest monster to ever live” Layla said, surprising them all.
“Oh well,I’m glad you reason the same way” Felia laughed.
“Does that makes us partners in crime?” Layla asked with a smile.
“OMG! I love this girl” Felia said hugging Layla happily.
They were both laughing while they hugged and Rylan and Dan knew they were in for it.


Thanks for reading 😚


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