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HER LAST WISH Chapter 11

HER LAST WISH Chapter 11


Zeemah Writes 📝




“Is there a need to say what we’re here for again?” Daniel teased, seeing Felia and Layla getting along with each other even without proper introduction.
“Of course we should” Felia said.
“Okay so Layla,these are my special friends. Felia Summers and Rylan Whitney, they came with me to be introduced to you. Guys,meet Layla Moremi Williams,my third special friend” Daniel said and sipped his coffee.

“Oh, it’s so nice to meet you guys” Layla smiled, shaking hands with Rylan.
“Great to meet you too though i must admit i felt a bit jealous when Dan told us about you. We all know he makes lots of friends within a short period of time.. but it takes so long for him to make someone his special friend,like..he would literally study the hell out of the person for months but it’s not even up to two days and..wow,he made you one. I wondered what it was about you that influenced his decision but on meeting you,i was impressed as well” Felia concluded.
“Thanks Felia, I’m quite struck by your friendliness also. I never knew Dan special friends would be as nice as he is”
“Even nicer” Felia grinned and Dan rolled his eyes at her.
She laughed.

“Okay, Layla. I’m Rylan and it’s very nice to meet you. I’m glad there’s now someone to keep Felia from bugging us all the time” Rylan said and earned a knock from Felia.
Layla laughed.

“You won’t believe these guys would leave me all to myself and play games, forgetting I’m even there and if I’m finally remembered, i’ll be teased all through” Felia groaned.
“You guys are so dead now” She added.
“C’mon, we do ask you to join us. You always refuse” Dan asked.
“How am i supposed to join you to play that stupid and hard game!” Felia yelled and Dan laughed.
“Hey, we’re in a cafe. When we get home,yell all you want, you can even jump while at it” Rylan said,still rubbing his forehead.

“So Layla, i heard you are African. I wouldn’t have known you are if Daniel hadn’t told me” Felia said.
“Same here, you look so beautiful and…” Rylan was saying.
“Thick” Felia completed his words.
“Gosh, that was not what i was about to say!” Rylan said.
“It doesn’t matter, i completed it for you. It doesn’t have to be what you wanted to say dunderhead” Felia grinned.
“You’re so…ahhh” Rylan groaned.

“So your African name is Moremi, did i get the pronunciation?” Felia asked sheepishly.
“No” Layla laughed.
“Though i’m not also very good at the pronunciation but I’m good enough to know you pronounced it wrongly.” Layla said.
“Aw! Pronounce it,I’m gonna repeat after you” Felia said.
“It’s More-ray-me” Layla said.
“More-ray-me” Felia pronounced after Layla.
“Yes!” Layla smiled.
“Wow, i got it. It’s such a beautiful name” Felia smiled.
“Yes, i personally think African things are beautiful, from their histories to cultures,to names and so many other things” Dan said.


“Yeah, more-ray-me would you tell us more about your father,he was the African right?” Rylan asked.
“Yes. My late father is named Michael Ajagun Williams, he’s African,a Nigerian to be precise,a three star general who lost his life at war” Layla said.
” I’m so sorry about that Layla” Rylan said.
“No,it’s fine” Layla smiled.

Dan stared at her,he also didn’t know her father was killed.

“He was a hero” Felia sighed sadly.
“Yes he was” Layla smiled.
“I’m so sorry about his death Layla” Felia said.
“C’mon it’s fine,it happened years back and I’m over it already” Layla said.
“Let’s not dwell in this, let’s discuss another thing. Would y’all like to know the history behind the name more-ray-me?” Layla asked.
“Wow” Felia and Rylan smiled after Layla finished narrating the story.

“That was one hell of a history” Rylan said.
“It’s so beautiful,I’m gonna tell it to my parents when i get home” Felia said, filled with enthusiasm.
Layla smiled.
“I would love to really dig more info Africa history, cultures, everything” Rylan said.
“Exactly! I would love to do the same” Daniel said.
“Same here” Felia said.

“I still have some of my father’s Africa history books and some novels, i can lend it to you guys if you want” Layla said.
“We definitely do!” They said.
“Alright,I’m gonna give them to Dan in school and you can get it from him” Layla said.
“Thanks Layla”

“Okay, enough about ‘Africa’ . I should know what’s up with you guys too” Layla said.
“Well,me..I’m a boring nerd” Rylan said.
“Yes you are” Felia agreed with a straight face.
“What! I am?!” Rylan asked.
Dan laughed.
“Guys, didn’t he admit it himself?” Felia asked.
“He did” Layla and Dan said.
“Gosh, well..I’m not a boring nerd!” Rylan yelled.
“Stop yelling man,you look like a bull while at it” Dan sipped his coffee.
“Exactly!” Felia agreed and Rylan bit his lips.
“Fuck you both” He said.

“You said it with your bull mouth that you were a boring nerd” Dan said.
“I said that so you guys could disagree with me and tell Layla how fun i am,i didn’t want to brag that I’m the most playful person she would ever meet” Rylan said.
“Asshole” Dan shook his head.
“Fool” Felia said.
Layla laughed.

“Guys,I’m getting a tattoo soon” Felia said.
“Cool,I’ve always known you’ll get one someday” Rylan said.
“Mr and Mrs Summers gave you the permission to?” Dan asked.
“Of course no,they disagreed” Felia frowned.
“Ouch” Rylan said.
“But I’m gonna get it anyway,i really want it.” Felia said.
“How are you gonna do that without them knowing?” Dan asked.
“I’m gonna get it on…”
“Your boobs” Rylan concluded for her,with a naughty grin.
“That was not what i was about to say!” Felia slapped his hand.


“It doesn’t matter, i completed it for you. It doesn’t have to be what you wanted to say dunderhead” Rylan repeated her words to her and Dan laughed.
“Fuck you!” Felia said.

“I don’t think you should get it if your parents doesn’t want you to yet” Layla said.
“You think so?” Felia asked.
“Yeah, if you go ahead with it,they’re definitely gonna find out one day and they won’t be happy you disobeyed them” Layla said.
Felia blinked fast as she reconsidered.
She felt so bad to have wanted to go against her parents in the first place.

“Thanks Layla,i would do what you said. I’m gonna wait till I’m given the permission” Felia said and Rylan and Dan stared at her in disbelief.

“Good and then you’ll be free to get it in any part of your body you want” Layla said.
“Fel,did you just..changed your mind?” Rylan asked.
“Of course,Layla is right” Felia said.
“Wow” Dan smiled.
“You wouldn’t have changed your mind if i had told you the same thing Layla said”
“That’s because you’re a fool dear” Felia smiled.

Layla laughed. “How do you say mean words with such a cool smile?”
“They made me turn that way” Felia said and Layla chuckled.
“You turned Rylan into a bull too” Dan said.
“And you turned Dan into a chicken” Rylan said.
Layla laughed out loud.

“Dan, how’s Anne?” Layla said.
“She’s fine, she sent her greetings” Dan said.
“Oh,say hi to her for me.” Layla smiled.

“Gosh,your aunt eyes scares me” Felia said and they all turned to Philia who was touring round the shop but her eyes were fix on them.
“I’m scared too” Rylan said and Layla laughed.


Layla walked back into the shop, smiling after they left.

“You look so happy” Aria smiled as Layla approached her.
“I am. It was fun to have them around” Layla said.
“Obviously” Aria said.
“Is Philia still pissed?” Layla asked as she washed her hands by the sink.
“I don’t think so,she said something about leaving you to do whatever you want because she feels so sorry for you” Aria said.
“Oh” Layla sighed, wearing back her apron and hair cover.

She knew the reason Philia had let it go.


It was Sunday.

Layla walked into the house and closed the door behind her.

She dropped on the couch and started pulling off her shoes,she was starving.

“How was church?” She heard Philia ask behind her.
“It was great,i enjoyed the sermon more today but I’m so hungry right now, i have to go prepare something immediately” Layla said.
“Here. I left some pizza for you,have it before going to prepare something for yourself” Philia said stretching the pizza box to Layla.


Layla stared at her in disbelief as she collected the box . Perhaps Phil was fooling her..she thought but she was wrong as she opened the box.
There were slices of pizza staring at her.
Her stomach danced in excitement.
She stared back at Philia, blinking like a puppy.

“What?” Philia asked, sitting on the couch.
“Are you going to deduct it from my allowance tomorrow?”
Philia chuckled..”No”
“For real?”
“Yeah, i gave it to you” Philia said.
“Thank you Phil” Layla smiled.
Phil nodded and switched on the TV.
“Just make sure to prepare a good lunch once you’re done” Philia said.
“Okay Phil” Layla said with a mouthful.

💜💜 Monday**

Layla counted the dollar notes Philia gave her for allowance and it was complete.
She truly didn’t deduct anything.

“You didn’t believe i wasn’t going to deduct your fee until you counted it right?” Philia asked and Layla nodded.
“Just go before i change my mind” Philia said.
“Bye” Layla smiled, hurrying out of the house.

She got outside and was so startled to see Dan,dressed in his school wears, waiting with Anne in front of their car.
“Layla” Anne called happily.
She slowly walked to them,still surprised to see them in front of her house.
They look like they were waiting for her.
“Anne” Layla said, wondering if she gave Dan her home address.
She was sure she didn’t.
Could he have figured it out because her house wasn’t so far from the shop.

“Well i know you’re surprised to see us here but don’t be, because starting now, you’ll be going to school with us and returning in our car” Dan said.
“Please Layla, don’t refuse. Remember we are all friends and we shouldn’t refuse one another. We felt so bad after knowing you trek to school and back home when we have a car that can convey us all. I you’re someone who would do the same if we were in your shoes and i know you wouldn’t like for us to refuse your help so please, don’t refuse us” Anne said.
“Moreover, having another person in the car would be fun!!” Dan smiled.

“Don’t even think of refusing or I’m gonna carry you into the car” Dan said.
“Get in Layla, we’re running late” Anne said pulling her hand.
Layla was still speechless as she got into the car,she stared from Dan to Anne.
The driver stared the car and they drove off.

Philia sighed, watching from her window as the car drove off.

“Good job Dan. Thank you”


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