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HER LAST WISH Chapter 15

HER LAST WISH Chapter 15


Zeemah Writes 📝



“Heyyo!!” Layla smiles as she got into the car, sitting beside Dan who is seated beside Anne who look like she was sulking.
“Good morning to you!” Dan smile back at Layla, who was now positioning her backpack on her Laps.
The driver started driving. “Hi Layla” Anne said slowly.
Layla turn to look at her, noticing her tone didn’t sound cheerful as usual and she was sulking. She wondered what was wrong with her and then turn to Dan, searching his face for answers. He grin naughtily, and that made Layla relax a bit, knowing it wasn’t something serious with the way Dan was grinning but she should ask anyway.

“Anne are you fine?”
“I’m not” Anne blink fast through her eyeglasses.
“What’s wrong?” Layla ask, sitting upright.
“Dan and Felia made me waste the Bridie pies I made for them yesterday. They refused to eat it, claiming it wasn’t good enough after I spent hours in the kitchen and when my mum got back yesterday, she ended up scolding me for wasting the pastry” Anne explained, looking at Dan with disapproval.
He sigh, resting his head on his palm. He couldn’t count the times he had apologized to Anne.

Layla turn to Dan, looking at him accusingly, demanding an explanation.

“God” He groan, the piercing gazes from Layla and Anne at the same time was too much to bear. He wish he could disappear from their middle.
He almost turn to the driver for help but Paul was too focused on the wheels.

“Anne, for God’s sake, the pies were burnt!! you couldn’t eat it yourself” Dan finally said in defense, after their looks almost sent him out of the car.
“Even before you knew the pies were burnt, you and Fel lied that you were asleep. That means you wouldn’t even had eaten it anyway. So you don’t have excuses” Anne pout.
“I already apologized for that . I’m sorry Annette please” He said looking so sorry that Anne didn’t have any choice than to forgive him.
She stared at him softly, making the ‘lastborn’ face.
Dan almost laugh but he knew better.
“He’s truly sorry Anne” Layla said.

“He’s forgiven” Anne said, facing the window.
Dan laugh as he pull her close, kissing her cheeks. She ended up laughing too and Layla smile as she watch them.
“You’re so cute when pissed” Dan tease, releasing her from his grip.
She pull his ear lightly and he faked a sound of pain.
“Your gazes almost killed me. Damn” He groan and Layla and Anne laugh.
“That’s what you get for pissing one of us off” Anne said.
“I’m never going to do it again” Dan made a crying face and they laugh again.

“So I guess Anne is not so good at making pies” Layla said.
“I try my best” Anne press her lips together.
“C’mon, it’s nothing to feel bad about. Even the world best cook fail at making certain meals. I can help you become better at making pies though. I’m quite good at it. Different types of pies ” Layla wink.
“Really? ” Anne face lit up. She was almost perfect at making other meals but she never succeeded at pies, she has tried severally, looking recipes and procedures online but she never got it right.

” Yeah, I have a book of recipes and easy procedures made by my mum. She was a baker by hobby and if she had wanted to commercialize it, she would have made loads of money because she was just so good at it . I’m going to lend it to you and all you just have to do is follow the procedure, practice it . . I’m eighty percent sure the book will groom you and if that doesn’t work, I’ll have to take you some oral classes on it. Im sure one of those options will work out” Layla smile.

“Thanks so much Layla” Anne said excitedly and Layla knew if Dan hadn’t been in their middle, Anne would have hugged her with how excited she looked.
She was a bit surprised Anne hugged her anyway, not even caring how uncomfortable it made him feel.
Layla had to laugh with the way Dan groan in discomfort.
Anne finally let go of Layla and Dan sigh in relief.
“Thank you Layla” Anne smile.
“I’m gonna get you the book tomorrow”
“Thank you” Anne said feeling so grateful.
“C’mon it’s nothing” Layla shrug.
“It’s something to me” Anne said and Layla smile.


“You should thank me too” Dan said.
“Why?” Anne ask.
“If I had eaten your pie, you wouldn’t have been pissed… Layla wouldn’t have known you are not good at making Pies, she wouldn’t have offered to help you” Dan said, smiling.
“Gosh” Anne shook her head and Layla laugh.
“Whatever, I know you wouldn’t want to admit it but that’s true. ” Dan stick out his tongue playfully.
“You’re a clown” Layla laugh.

Paul pulled into the school parking lot and they got ready to alight.


“This is just so hard for me to see everyday” Chloe whimper, watching Dan and Layla walk to their seats together.
“What are you going to do about it?” Sabrina ask.
“Are you asking me that? Are you all not supposed to have come up with something for me?! ” Chloe almost yelled.
Christy sigh . . . “Chloe, to be honest Dan isn’t like other guys”
“What do you mean? You mean he’s got pussy?” Chloe hiss, looking angry.
“Not that . . It’s just that I’ve never even caught him once staring at you. He doesn’t seem to be interested in you at all”
“That’s because that fat African enchanted him to focus on her alone” Miranda chip in.
“You all promised to come up with something for me but nothing yet! They keep getting closer, now, it’ll be difficult to pull them apart!” Chloe sigh, glancing at Dan and Layla. A fresh anger brewing in her.

“Are you planning to pull them apart” Rina ask.
“Of course! How else will she get Dan to notice her” Mira answered.
“I think you should focus on the plan of getting him to notice you. Trying to pull them apart is only going to waste your time, they seem inseperable to be honest” Christy said.
“Exactly my thought” Rina said and Chloe seem to be thinking about their opinion.
“You both are just so lame at times, how is Dan gonna notice Chloe when obviously Layla has all his attention” Mira said .
“I hope you’re not so blind to see how close they are! Trying to pull them apart is going to take a lot of time. You’re the lame one here” Sabrina retort.
“You’re the lame one!” Mira shouts in Rina’s face.
“You are!” Sabrina shouts back.
“You are!” . . . They yell in each others face, entertaining their classmates until a teacher walk in.


“I feel the movie is overrated, it didn’t meet my expectations in any way” Sarah said to her friends. They were enjoying their lunch in the cafeteria.
Anne and Jessie had recommended the movie to her and they had talked so highly of it.
“I feel its not, you just didn’t find it interesting or rather were you distracted while watching it?” Anne ask.
“I wasn’t . . I concentrated fully on it, it just wasn’t interesting to me” Sarah said and Anne shrug, continuing her meal.
“Everyone I recommended the movie to appreciated it, you just don’t find anything interesting! That movie was great, just because it didn’t meet your poor expectations doesn’t mean its overrated. ” Jessie hiss.
She feels so offended that Sarah thrashed one of her best movies.

“That was my own opinion of the movie. Everyone is allowed to have different opinions on things. I didn’t find it interesting does not mean its not. Grow up Jess” Sarah chew on her fries.
“Whatever” Jess roll her eyes. “Just know, I will stop recommending movies to you, you are so ungrateful”
“C’mon Jess, its not that deep” Kate said.
“I thanked you when you recommended the movie to me. Not finding it interesting now means im ungrateful? Wow” Sarah gave a surprise chuckle.
“Chuckle all you want, all I know is I’m never going to recommend a movie to you again” Jessie said.
“Do whatever pleases you. Do I look like I care?” Sarah shrug with a roll of eyes.

“Heyyyy” Dan and Layla wave at them as they walk past their table, each holding a tray of what they got for lunch, heading towards an empty table.
“Heyyy” Anne and her friends wave back with smiles.
Jessie was still smiling even after Dan and Layla were seated, starting to eat. She still haven’t gotten over her crush for Dan.
“They are always together” Sarah smile admiringly at them.
“After Anne, Layla is still the closest to Dan in this school” Kate said.
“I envy her” Jess said sullenly.
“So many girls do too” Kate said.
“The hate on Layla will be so much more now, especially amongst the girls” Sarah said.
“Dan actually relates with other girls too, he relates with everyone, he’s just closer with Layla ” Anne said.
“So many girls are vying for that closeness, they don’t just want to be said ‘hi’ to and smiled at every time” Jessie sigh.

“The sooner you let go of that crush you have for Dan, the better. You’re just going to break your own heart if you don’t stop” Anne advise.
“There’s no harm in trying” Jessie shrug.
“Of course, do whatever suits you ” Anne smile.


“Y’all wont believe Layla is willing to help me on how to be better at pies!” Anne announce excitedly. Of course, her friends also knew how bad she is at. “She’s a genius at it, her mum was too. She’ll be lending me her Mum’s recipes book tomorrow, i’m so happy!” Anne grin.
“Wow” Kate said.
“That’s so nice of her” Sarah smile.
“She doesn’t have any choice than to reciprocate you guys kindness. After all, she now rides in your car to school and back home” Jessie roll her eyes.
“Layla is not someone like that! She would have offered to help regardless of that and Point of correction, we made her start riding in our car, she never wanted to . . maybe it was even because of blabbermouths like you that she refused at first” Anne hiss at jess for the first time and she looked clearly offended. Her friends stared at her in surprise, Anne has never talked to any of them in this tone, she was the coolest and sweetest among them .

Kate clear her throat and Sarah swallow hard while Jessie continued staring in surprise. . She couldn’t believe Anne who has never even defended herself defended Layla,even calling her a blabbermouth in the process. Anne is never someone to speak that way not even when she’s pissed but Layla changed everything.
Her hatred for Layla grew, almost exploding.

They continued their meal in awkward silence . . .
“My parents will be hosting a Thanksgiving party on Sunday by 4pm and I’ll like you to come” Dan said to Layla whose mouth was almost filled with pasta.
She stare at him, not knowing what to say.

How was she supposed to respond?~
She has never been invited to a party.~
What would Phil say?~
She doubt if she even has outing dresses . . ~
Why is she starting to feel nervous already? . . It’s just a party.~
And it’s still on Sunday.

“We would really like it if you can attend… Me, Fel, Rylan and Anne” Dan smile, hoping Layla would say yes.
“And of course, we will understand if you wont be able to” Dan assure her, he doesn’t want her to feel they are gonna be offended if she choose not to attend.
“No, I’m gonna attend” Layla blurted . . she doesn’t see any reason not to attend the first party her best friend is inviting her to. Phil might not agree immediately but surely after much persuasion. And the party is by 4pm, she would have been back from church before then and for the dress . . well, she’ll figure that out. She can’t wait to tell Aria, The thought of attending the party suddenly appeals and excite her. She hasn’t attended one since she became a teen.
“Really? You’re gonna attend?” Dan ask.
Layla nod and his face lit up with a smile. He had almost thought she was going to say no .

“You thought I wasn’t going to honor your invite?” Layla ask.
“Yeah . . You looked like you were going to say no”
She laugh ” With how I stared after you told me right?”
“Exactly” Dan chuckle.
“This is the first time I’ll be getting invited to a party since I became a teen, so when you told me . . Different thoughts came rushing in my mind but I didn’t see any reason not to honor your invite, as a matter of fact, I’m excited at the prospect. ” Layla grin.
“Wow . . it seems I keep breaking the ‘firsts’ in your life” Dan said humorously.
“Why don’t I start calling you ‘Mr Firsts’ ” Layla joked and they laugh.

“I’m actually glad you’re excited to be attending the party. I assure you that it’ll be fun, it has always been fun” Dan wink.
“I cant wait” Layla smile.
“And thanks for inviting me” She added.
“C’mon, its what friends do ”
“Well…thanks anyway”
“Lets quickly finish our meal before lunchbreak is over” Dan said.



‘Meet me in the shop immediately you’re done freshening up” Layla read the note Phil left behind on the table.
She drop her backpack and hurried to her room, peeling off her schoolwears even before she got to the bathroom.
Philia rarely leaves such note..so she guess it must really be urgent.
She headed to the café after dressing up, her hair wasn’t even completely dried. Cool breeze massage her wet scalp as she hurry towards the shop.
She walk in and was surprised to see Phil on an apron, making coffee and serving customers with Aria nowhere to be found.

‘Has Aria quitted?’ Layla thought dreadfully as she made her way to Philia who looked relieved to see her.
Layla followed her to the counter, resisting the urge to ask what’s going on.
Phil looked tired and angry and the apron even looked funny on her. Layla would have laughed if she wasn’t worried about Aria’s whereabouts.

“Take over” Phil said, untying the apron and hair cover and throwing it at Layla who caught it.
“Where’s Aria?” Layla ask as Phil turn to leave for her office.
“Will you stop questioning me and get to work immediately!” Philia half yelled and Layla set to work immediately.
“Well…” Phil started in a cooler tone. “She got a call that her daughter collapsed in school”
“Oh my God!” Layla exclaimed, her eyes widening.
“You’re free to allow your huge eyes fall off but not in my shop . . I got a call from her not long ago and she told me Jane was now conscious”
“Thank God!” Layla let out the breathe she hadn’t even realize she was holding. She felt so relieved.

“Yeah,so get to work” Phil said and walked to her office.
“Aria must have been so worried” Layla sigh as she set to work. She’s so glad Jane is fine now. Though secretly happy Phil got to experience how tedious the work can be.
She smile to herself as she started brewing fresh coffee.


“Taa…daa!” Dan heard as he walked into his room, with someone jumping right in front of him.
He was so startled that he almost ran out of the door.
“Fuck! You scared me” He groan, seeing it was Fel. She dissolve into giggles, landing on the couch in the process. Dan was forced to laugh too.

“I came to get the book” She finally said after their laughter subsided.
“No, you came to scare me” He corrected and she laugh again.
“I didn’t mean to, you got scared”
“Whatever” He roll his eyes playfully, dropping his backpack.
“So . . the book, you said you’d be done with it by today. Can I have it?” Fel got to her feet.
“I’m not done with it” Dan said sitting, he was teasing but he wore a serious look. He almost laugh as he hope Fel doesn’t pounce on him.
“You’re joking right?” She ask.
“I’m not” He answered, maintaining his serious look.
“Gosh! I cant believe this. ” Fel scowl.

“Chill.. I’m done with it, was just teasing” He laugh.
“Arrgh, was about pouncing on you” Fel raise up her tightened fists.
“I know, that was the reason I quickly spoke up, would have loved to tease you longer” Dan chuckle.
“Asshole” Fel said as she searched his bag for the book.
“You look hundred percent sure that the book is in my bag”
“That’s because I’ve searched your shelf for it and it wasn’t there . . Found it!” She grin, pulling out the book from his bag.
“I’m off. See ya” She said, swirling out of the door before he could blink.

“Wow” He shook his head.
He started pulling his shoes and socks, and when he was done, he got to his feet to go freshen up. His eyes landed on his bed and a smile lit his face when he saw Fel already picked out fresh wears for him.

“I love you bitch!”



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