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HER LAST WISH Chapter 59

HER LAST WISH Chapter 59


Zeemah Writes 📝




“Phil, you shouldn’t have told me they could come when you knew you were going to react that way” Layla said to Phil, completely unhappy with how Phil had welcomed her Aunt and Nephew.
She had walked into Phil’s room after showing Aunt Esther and David to their room, they were freshening up already.
“What do you mean?” Phil asked.
“It was very obvious you didn’t want them here with the way you welcomed them”
“Am I supposed to jump up to welcome someone I’ve never even met in my life!”
“That’s not what I mean, she has never met you either, yet she didn’t greet you with a scorn on her face. I know this is your house and you have every right over it but I didn’t bring them here solely on my own decision, you also agreed to it, you shouldn’t treat them that way Phil. They just arrived and they are already starting to feel like they are not wanted here. I regret making them come here in the first place. Making them leave their home for here and then making them feel like they’re not welcome. It’s unfair!” Layla said, walking out of Phil’s room angrily.

Phil sigh.
How was she supposed to have welcomed them?
She knows Layla loves Esther more that she loves her and of course she also knows she doesn’t deserve Layla’s love but she still can help but feel jealous….
Layla’s face light up whenever she’s on the phone with her Nigerian Aunt, her face was never that lit up with her, again she knows she doesn’t deserve it but still can’t help but feel pained.
Now that the Aunt is here, Layla’s completely going to forget she exists, so why should she welcome them properly.
They can’t have all of Layla’s attention and have a proper welcome at the same time.

She wondered why she had consented to them coming in the first place.
She can’t wait for them to leave already.
She hissed, laying back on the bed.
She never even knew Layla’s Nigerian Aunt was that beautiful, even with no extension on, how could she even make cornrows from Nigeria down to Las Vegas and the thing is it even made her look so pretty.
Now she’ll stop wondering where Layla got her body from after seeing her Aunt’s mad curves. Gosh, that’s infuriating her further.
She groaned.
Layla almost bumped into Dan as she stepped into the living room.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked, seeing the sour look on her face.
“You also saw how Phil welcomed them right? She made it so obvious that she didn’t want them here, she shouldn’t have told me they could come in the first place” Layla said as she walked to the kitchen with Dan behind her.
“Just chill okay? I also saw it happen and I understand how it made you feel. Have you gone to Phil?” He asked and she nodded, washing her hands by the sink.
“I was coming from her room and it’s even so annoying because, she didn’t see anything wrong with it”
“Of course”
“Well…I’m sure now that you’ve expressed your displeasure, she’s going to try to change. This mood you’re in is not the best, you need to look upbeat at least for Aunt Esther and David”
She nodded. “Right, I’m not gonna allow that ruin my mood, I’m so excited my Aunt is finally here, I still can’t believe it” She smiled

“If I’m this happy that Aunt Esther is finally here then I can imagine how happy you must be” Dan said.
“You get it” Layla said.
“So what are you going to make?” He asked as she put on her apron.
“Pasta and fried chicken”
“What should I help you with?”
“The chicken is ready actually, I made it before we went to pick them up, I’m just going to make the pasta now. You can help me serve them drinks until the pasta is ready”
“Alright” Dan washed his hands before moving to the refrigerator.
“Do you have any drink in mind?” He asked.
“Not really, every drink in there is cool, just pick anyone”
“Gotcha” He said picking a bottle…. He grabbed two glass cups and then a tray .
“Be right back” He said before walking out of the kitchen.

“They are done freshening up?” Layla asked Dan after he returned to the kitchen.
“Yeah, She is on the phone with her husband…I guess”
“You guess?”
“Yeah, David was whining that he also wants to talk to his Dad”


“Meal is ready” Layla said, smiling as she walked into Aunt Esther’s room.
“Oh thanks. My husband wanted to say hi to you but I didn’t know the direction to the kitchen” Aunt Esther said.
“Really? And it’s been quite long I spoke to him” Layla looked quite pained.
“He’s actually going to call back later, don’t worry”
“I’m going to show you round the house once we’re done eating” Layla said.

“Aunty Moremi, I bought Choco Milo for you and your friends” David said, happily searching his luggage.
“Really?” Layla walked closer to him, and was wowed when he brought out so many.
“Where did you see all these Choco Milo?” Aunt Esther asked.
“It’s the one you use to give me from your shop, I don’t use to lick it, I’ve been keeping it for Aunty Moremi” David grinned.
“Wow” Aunt Esther looked surprised.
“Thank you” Layla kissed his cheeks, feeling so touched he had deprived himself the Milo cubes just to bring them to her. She knew how much he liked it, he had told her it was one of the favorite things to take.
She hugged him, glad she also made the decision of buying him new toys.
She’s going to give them to him after they are done with their meal.

“Now you both are making me feel bad for not bringing anything” Aunty Esther said.
“C’mon, those books are something! They are so many and it must have cost you a lot. History books are not the cheapest!” Layla said.
“I wish I had brought more than just books.”
“Aunt! Come on, you do not know how much we love those history books. Just wait till Fel and Rylan gets here and see how excited they would be”
“Well…I still wish I had done something more but I’m going to make sure to make up for it once you come to Nigeria. ” Aunt Esther said.
“Why are you…silent, don’t you wish to visit Nigeria, it’s a very nice and fun place o”
“Yeah, I wish to. Let’s go eat, before the meal gets cold” Layla took David’s hand and then led them to the dining room.

Phil was seated already, chatting with Dan.
They all took their seats and there was silence as Layla dished the meal.
“This looks so good” Aunt Esther finally said.
“And it tastes very good as well” Dan smiled.
“Really? This would be the first time I’ll eating a meal prepared by my niece who seems to have grown so well. I can’t wait” Aunt Esther smiled.
Layla smiled, placing the meal in front of Aunt Esther, she passed David his also and then Dan, she had served Phil first, she also sat, her meal in front of her.
The meal was blessed by David before they started eating.

“Wow, I’m so proud of you Moremi, this tastes so good!” Aunty Esther looked impressed while Layla grinned.
“Thanks Aunt”
“It’s very delicious.” David said.
“Really? Thank you” Layla smiled at David.
“Mummy can I ask for more?” David asked his Mum, he tried to keep his voice low but they all heard him.
“I’ll give you from mine” Aunty Esther said, she shifting his plate closer to her.
“No” Layla stopped her, “there’s still more here”

Aunt Esther glanced at Phil who looked like she doesn’t care about what is happening.
Layla picked David’s plate and dished out more for him. “Is this okay Dave?” She asked with a smile.
“Yes, thank you” He said, they continued the rest of their meal in silence.

“Oya, Goan help your Aunt with the dishes” Aunt Esther said to David.
“Okay Mum”
“No, no… I’m going to do it”
“No, he’s going to assist you”
“For real, that’s not necessary. I’m going to do it. It’s not even very much”
“Allow him help you, you shouldn’t do the dishes alone when he’s here”
“Okay but at least not today, it’s too soon for that, he’s even yet to fully relax after that long trip”
“And don’t worry about Layla doing the dishes alone, im going to assist her” Dan quickly stepped in when he saw Aunt Esther was about insisting.

Aunt Esther sigh “Alright then” .


“Aunty Esther!!” Anne screamed happily, dropping the box of pies before running into Aunt Esther’s open arms.
“OMG Anne” Aunt Esther smiled as she hugged her tightly.
Anne had been the first she had spoken to out of them all and they had clicked almost immediately. She can say she’s closest to Anne than the rest of them. There’s nothing not to like about her, she seems so cool and lovable and Aunt Esther is really glad to finally meet her.

“It’s so good to finally meet you! I can’t believe you’re here. Wow” Anne said excitedly.
“Im also very glad to meet you, my Anne” Aunt Esther hugged her again, they both looked really happy to see each other.
Dan and Layla smiled as they watched them, Phil was focused more than ever on the TV.
While David was busy with the toys Layla had gifted him.

“You’re more beautiful in person! Damn” Anne smiled, admiring her. Aunty Esther smiled. “I would say the same for you”
“God, I just love the fact that you’re here already. I’m so happy” Anne grinned.
“I’m more than happy Anne, it’s so great to be here meeting the people I’ve been wanting to meet for quite a while now”
“You are very welcome”
“Thank you my dear” Aunt Esther smiled.

“David” Anne said, smiling as she bent to give him a hug.
“Hello Aunty Anne” David smiled, he’s not so familiar with the others as he is with Dan.
“It’s nice to meet you David and I didn’t know you were this grown. Wow. Just as good looking as your Mum”
“Thank you” He smiled.
“I hope you love being here again?”
“Yes, I’m so happy”
“Good, here I bought a cotton candy for you” Anne said, picking it on the box of pies.
She stretched it to him. “Here”
David glanced at his Mum who signalled him to take it.
He grinned, accepting it “Thank you Aunty Anne”
“You’re welcome” Anne said,

“OMG, Hi Phil, I’m so sorry I was carried away” Anne said.
“It’s fine” Phil said, though not looking like it’s fine.

Anne was about presenting the pies to Aunt Esther when the doorbell rang.

“Oh, they are here” Dan said.

With the way they rushed into the living room, Dan just knew he had to block his ears.
Their screams were still so penetrating even after he blocked his ears and he wondered what would have happened if he hadn’t.


“You must be so tired after the long trip” Fel said, throwing another cube of Choco Milo into her mouth.
They all seem to love it and it made David so happy.
“Yeah right, that’s a long ass trip” Rylan said.
They were all finally settled after Fel and Rylan were satisfied with welcoming Aunt Esther.

Aunt Esther was seated between Fel and Anne, they both looked the most happy to finally meet her and they just wouldn’t stop obsessing over her. Aunt Esther was actually returning the energy.
“You guys won’t believe we almost missed our flight”
“Yeah, because of Lagos heavy traffic o, the traffic is so crazy in Lagos. People spend hours in it. In fact, sometimes, people just park their cars by the roadside and take bike home” Aunt Esther said.
“Really?” They asked.
“Of course, you can literally be in the traffic for more than five hours, imagine leaving work or anywhere else in the afternoon and then returning home in the dead of the night, it’s just so bad. Lagos State especially. But if we’re to put those flaws aside, Nigeria is just one of the most fun places to be” Aunt Esther smiled.

“I can’t actually wait to visit Nigeria” Dan said.
“Same here” Fel said.
“I can’t wait for you guys to actually do, you’re going to love it, though find it crazy as well.”
“When I visit, I would love to visit the museums with a tour guide who will tell me the history behind every exhibition” Rylan said.
“It’s surprising how much you guys love Africa history.
“We also can’t even tell how we got to love it so much but Layla definitely made us love it more”
“Layla said you know a lot of Africa history, can you please tell us one now” Rylan asked.

“C’mon! She arrived just today” Dan scolded.
“She’s even yet to fully settle in” Fel added.
“And yet to even rest from the long trip” Anne said.
“Geez! You guys take a chill pill. ” Rylan scoffed.
“Yeah, I know a lot of Africa history, I studied history and international relations in the university and I promise to pleasure your ears with as much history as you want to hear tomorrow.” Aunt Esther smiled.
“Gosh, this just placed my mood on a hundred!” Rylan seems excited.

“Moremi, get me the bag from my room”
“Alright I’ll be right back”

“Guys, I bet you don’t know what Aunt Esther got for us” Dan grinned.
“Really? She got something for us?”
“Wait until you see it” He said, smiling.
“What do you think it is?” Fel asked Rylan.
“Well… I don’t know” Rylan said.

Layla walked back into the living room smiling, she wasn’t actually smiling because of the books, she was smiling because Phil had told her she doesn’t have to go to the Cafe during her Aunt’s stay here just so she could spend more time with her before she finally leaves.
It made her so happy.

Layla emptied the bag on the couch and Fel and Rylan on seeing it screamed in excitement…
“OMG! OMG!” Fel has her palm over her mouth.
“These are fucking real history books! Damn” Rylan screamed.
“OMG!” Fel repeated.
“Thank you so much, this is deeply appreciated” Rylan hugged her before going back to the books.
“This is such a thoughtful gift, I’ll make sure to cherish it forever. Wow. Thank you” Fel kissed her cheeks and Aunt Esther smiled, glad they love it.

“OMG! look at this! I’ve always wanted to read this, damn” Fel said excited as she checked the books one after the other.
“Thank you!” They both went ahead to hug Aunt Esther again before going back to the books.

Phil walked back into the living room, taking her seat on the couch.

“Rylan drop that!! I’m going to be selecting first” Fel yelled.
“Well I picked this first” Rylan said.
“You knew I wanted that! Why are you so bent on always pissing me off huh!” Fel shouted.
“I didn’t know you wanted it, you shouldn’t have dropped it if you do”
“Damn, you were beside me when I said I’ve always wanted to read it!”
“Well…I didn’t know it was this one”
“Now you know, drop it”
“No way” Rylan said.
“You guys, let’s just share the books equally. After all we’re all going to swap once we’re done, and we’ll all get to read each of them that way” Dan said.
“So simple! Yet someone is yelling like a bull over it” Rylan indirectly said to Fel who glared at him.
“You’re the bull here! What you just did signifies you’re a bull” She said.

Aunt Esther picked the now empty bag and opened a small zip that was attached inside it, she brought out the wrist bead she got for Anne.
“Anne, I know you are not a fan of reading history books so I got you this .. you know the wrist bead you saw on my wrist during one of our video calls and said you liked, I got the exact one for you”
“OMG, This is so beautiful. Thank you so much” Anne looked like she would cry.
She really appreciates the fact that Aunt Esther had her in mind and got something for her.
“This is just so nice. I love it!” Anne said, after sliding the wrist bead into her wrist.
“Wow, it looks even prettier on your skin” Aunt Esther smiled, Anne’s fair complexion highlighted the wrist bead more.
“I really love this, thank you so much” Anne said, she wanted to call the others to check out wrist but they were still busy arguing.

They finally stopped after coming to a conclusion that seemed to suit them all.

“Mummy, that Aunty is looking at you with bad eyes since” David said and Phil almost drown in shame when everyone turned to look at her.



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