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HER LAST WISH Chapter 70

HER LAST WISH Chapter 70


Zeemah Writes 📝




📍Lagos, Nigeria.

“Oyinbo mi!!!” Mr. Femi pulled Layla into a warm embrace.
“Mr. Femi! Wow” Layla’s face lit up on meeting her Aunt’s husband for the first time.
“Eh, is this you” He said, a bright smile on his face as he looked at her after they finally disengage from the hug.
“I can’t believe I finally met you! Wow” Layla looked as excited as she felt.
Aunt Esther and David were with Dan, happily chatting with him.

“This is just great, honestly. Look how beautiful you are. Chai those video calls did no justice to your beauty o” Mr. Femi said.
Layla smiled. “Thank you. I would say same for you too though”
“Eh, see my Oyinbo is deceiving me, me that sun is beating my head everyday”
She laugh. “I’m not deceiving you”
“If sun beats you everyday and you look like this, then I can’t wait to get tanned too”
“Ah, if you experience this place sun, I pray you don’t run back to Las Vegas” He joked and they laugh.

“Congratulations Mr. Femi, I’m so happy for you and Aunt”
“Thank you o, we’re so grateful to God to have put those naysayers to shame”
“God is just so wonderful”
“Exactly, the omniscient God, he’s to be praised at all times.”
“Right, I’m really glad to be here”
“It’s really great to receive you dear, you don’t know how happy I am to finally meet Moremi, you’re very welcome sweetheart” Mr. Femi hugged her once more.
“I feel the same way, honestly. I can’t wait to spend time with you.” Layla has a big smile on her face.
“You’re really going to enjoy your stay here, you might find things crazy at some point though but it’ll be all fun”
“I’m so excited, I can’t wait” Layla smiled, glancing round the airport.

The difference is so glaring and the air hits different here.
People trooped in and out, most with luggage just like any other airport, the only difference is the people, she has never physically seen so much black people crammed in a space, everyone looked to be minding their own business. Ranging from the extensions on most of the females, down to the clothings, to the different expression on people’s faces. It’s just so lovely to watch.
There were few whites around but she was more invested in the blacks.

“So you will not greet me abi, you’ve seen my husband now and abandoned me and my child, no wahala o” Aunt Esther sigh, pretending to look offended.
Layla laughed as she pulled her Aunt into a hug.
“Dan!” Mr. Femi smiled as he proceeded to greet Dan.

“I’m sorry, I got a bit carried away” Layla said to Aunt Esther and then kissed her cheeks.
“I can also see that. How are you?”
“I’m very fine, excited,” Her face really depicted happiness as she bent to level of her Aunt’s stomach “Hello there” She smiled before bending to give it a kiss.
Aunt Esther smiled.
“Congratulations for the hundredth time Aunt, I’m so happy for you”
“Thank you Moremi”

“I’ll give you plenty Choco Milo from my mummy shop, plenty” David said to Layla happily after she crouched to hug him.
“Yeah, we’re going to eat everything in your Mum’s shop! Everything!” Layla said, indirectly teasing her Aunt.
“See their mouth, why don’t you carry the shop too after eating everything inside.” Aunt Esther joked and they laughed.
“I knew you were going to say something” Layla chuckled.

“Layla, you won’t believe Mr. Femi knows so much about me” Dan smiled, looking quite surprised.
“When these two people won’t stop talking about Moremi’s friends. They won’t allow me sleep sometimes, especially the first few days they returned from Las Vegas. Chai” Mr. Femi grimaced and they chuckled.
“Thank you for making them have the best time there. When they showed me the pictures of the fun places you made them visit, I felt really glad you had taken out of your time to make them have fun…Thank you”
“C’mon. We had fun as well” Dan said.
“Exactly and we would have done more if we could” Layla added.

“Oya. Let’s start going. You guys must be tired, besides the cab is waiting” Aunt Esther said.


As the cab moved through the streets of lagos, Layla and Dan were intrigued as they looked out the car window.
The vibrancy and authenticity is glaring, busy streets filled with people who looked to be in a hurry to go somewhere and do something.
There’s abundance of food joints, it seemed as though food can be bought at literally every corner.
They watched the transport hustles, the street vendors,thugs who looked quite scary and bus conductors shouting destination names each with his own distinctive tune, the one they heard most was “Oshodi-Oshodi”
The buses seemed to be contesting the road with cars and hawkers trying to sell their wares to the passengers. One of them said to Layla; “Oyinbo, please buy from me, my drinks are very cold, you’ll like it” almost running after their cab with her wares on her head and even though Layla wasn’t going to take the drink, she couldn’t help but buy from the hawker, she gave her few dollars, making the woman’s jaw drop and she could still hear the woman’s prayers even when the cab had moved far away.

The city looked to match to the beats of its own drums. Beats which everyone is obviously used to.

The bustle vibe in the city of Lagos seemed almost contagious.
Dan and Layla were loving it already.


They alighted from the cab in front of Aunt Esther’s compound and Layla and Dan felt almost uncomfortable with the way people stared at them, murmuring Oyinbo.
They had expected it but didn’t know it’d be to this extent.

“Let’s go inside” Mr Femi said.
“Ahh. . . Mummy David, yunno say na Oyinbo people una go bring from airport na. Eh Welcome o” A woman said, rinsing her hands from the clothes she was washing. Piles of unwashed clothes stood tall beside her and Layla and Dan wondered at the same time if she was going to wash everything with her bare hands.

“Na Dem be this o. This is mummy Gabriel, one of our neighbors” Aunt Esther said to Dan and Layla who greeted Gabriel’s mum.
“Chai, see their skin. Why you bring them come ehn, before you know it now they’ll be black” Mummy Gabriel sigh.
Aunt Esther laughed. “They can’t be black”
“Sha make sure they don’t go out too much o”
“Nikini, these ones that are here to explore, if I don’t allow them go out sef, they won’t be happy” Aunt Esther said.

“Ehh, they’re finally here. Wow” Another woman approached them smiling, wearing a huge and long hijab.
She’s a black with a very fair skin, her nose stood pointed on her face, she almost seemed white. The only parts of her body exposed were just her palms, feet and face.
She had a slight accent to how she sounded.
“Welcome o, how was your flight?” She asked, still smiling and Layla thought the woman has a really lovely smile.
“Very fine”
“Welcome to Lagos, I hope you have fun with your stay here.”
“Thank you” They smiled.
“And Amina is not at home o, I sent her to the market, but she’ll be back soon sha”

Oh, she’s Amina’s Mum.

“Mummy David you should take them inside o, before everyone comes out and delay them from going inside, they even look tired”
“You’re right, let’s go in.”


“My Oyinbos, welcome once again” Mr. Femi smiled, sitting beside them on the couch.
“Which one is my Oyinbos, they don’t have names abi” Aunt Esther rolled her eyes.
“The people I’m calling Oyinbo sef are not complaining, I don’t know what concern you”
“Sha stop calling them Oyinbo, they have their names”
“Oda o, Aunty awon Oyinbo”
Aunt Esther shook her head, “I don’t have your time” She turned to Dan and Layla.

“I hope you people like our house, please help us manage it like that o”
“This place is cool. I like the fact that it’s quite cozy” Dan smiled, nodding approvingly. As expected there’s this different touch to the house but he hadn’t even know he would love it this much, plus the apartment is super clean. He’s very impressed.
There’s truly great beauty in minimalism.

“I know what your house looks like even before coming, remember you once showed me through one of our video calls. I love it, you do not know how much I’ve yearned to be here” Layla smiled, looking around for the umpteenth time.

Her Aunt’s living room looks nice, three couches spread around with a center glass table and a flower vase in the middle.
A movie was playing on the wide flat-screen television plastered on the wall.
A shelf containing neatly arranged books sitting by a corner.
The ceiling fan rolled at a high speed, unleashing cool breeze unto them.

David walked in happily with the bottled water his Mum sent him to bring from the shop.
He placed them on the table and quickly went to fetch cups.
“Thank you Dave” They smiled as he poured the water into the cups and handed it to them.
“Mummy, should I go and call my friends that Aunt Moremi and Brother Dan is here?”
“No o, they need to rest. Don’t you know how long their flight was, they’ll freshen up after drinking the water, eat and then relax. Don’t call anybody here o, so they won’t disturb them”
“It seems these NEPA people likes you guys, they’ve not taken the light since. Wow” Mr. Femi said.
“Exactly, I’m surprised they’ve not taken light since. I hope there’s enough fuel in the generator?”
“Of course. I bought a full gallon yesterday”


“Amina” Aunt Esther smiled as Amina walked into the living room.
“Mummy David” Amina smiled, pulling David’s cheek playfully.
He didn’t mind her as he was occupied with eating his biscuit and watching a movie, seated beside his Dad.
“Daddy David, good afternoon”
“Amina, how are you?”
“I’m fine”
“You, you cannot greet abi, you think I will beg biscuit from you. Stingy boy, see his face” Amina grimaced, poking David in the forehead.
“Limme alone jhoor!” David frowned.
Amina poked him on the forehead again.
“Daddy, tell Aunty Amina to limme o before she do face like shit” David said and they chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’ll do for you,” Amina threatened playfully.
“My mum told me they’ve arrived. I guess they are resting in the room” Amina said, sitting on the couch beside Aunt Esther.
“Yes, they went to sleep immediately they finished eating, Emeka sef was here to check on them” Aunt Esther said.
“Ehn ehn. Me and Emeka will come back later then. I just said I should comman check on them, I want to go and cook”
“Alright, thanks dear” Aunt Esther smiled.

Amina stealthily moved closer to David and snatched the remaining biscuit from his hands, laughing as she ran out the door.
He burst into tears.
“Agbaya! (irresponsible older person)” Aunt Esther shouted after her.
“Oya it’s okay, go and take another biscuit from the shop and let us hear word, before you wake Dan and Remi with your tears”

David sniffed, wiping his tears as he got to his feet.


“Hope you slept well Moremi?” Mr. Femi asked Layla who walked into the living room, still in her pajamas.
They had slept into the next day due to how exhausted they were.
“Yeah I did, I feel so good now” She stretched happily.
“That’s good to know” He smiled.
“Dan is still sleeping?” She asked.

Mr. Femi and Dan had shared a room while she shared the other room with her Aunt and David.

“Yes, he’s still sleeping and I doubt he’ll wake up anytime soon because we both talked late into the night, he wanted to know more about Lagos and I gladly told him”
“Oh” Layla smiled.
“Are you about to sweep?” She asked noticing the broom in his hand.
“I’m actually done sweeping”
“I’m sorry I wasn’t up early enough to help you. What’s left to do?”
“C’mon it’s fine, there’s nothing left to do” He smiled, impressed with her manners.

“Aunt Esther and David must be in the shop already” She hadn’t seen any of them beside her when she woke up.
“Yes, I’m about joining them now, I just want to keep this broom in its place”
“I’m coming with you”
“You need to get ready first and eat. Esther already made breakfast for you both”
“Really? I must have woke up quite late then”
“Not really, when Esther and David arrived from Las Vegas, they slept into the next day noon”
“That’s very much expected though, the flight is just so crazy” Layla sigh.

“I hope no part of your body is aching you sha from the stress?”
“No, I’m fine. Just quite hungry” She smiled.
“Oya go and get ready and eat then. Just check the pot on the gas in the kitchen, she didn’t dish it out so it won’t get cold”
“Oh Okay”
“You’ll join us in the shop when you’re done abi”
“Definitely” Layla smiled.

“Amina and Emeka came to check on you guys yesterday, they came twice sef”
“Yeah, I’m sure you know who Amina is”
“Yes, Aunt Esther told us about her. I guess Emeka must be a neighbor also”
“Yes, they are both friends. Esther do tell them about you guys and they’ve been looking forward to your visit”
Layla smiled. “I’m looking really forward to meeting them also, I should quickly go take a shower, I’ll join you in the shop soon”


“I’m Amina, it’s so nice to meet you both”
“I’m Emeka, it’s a pleasure meeting you guys”
Amina and Emeka smiled. They had walked in just when Dan and Layla were about leaving for the shop.
“It’s nice meeting you both also” Dan and Layla chorused, smiling.
“We were told you came over twice to check on us and say hi yesterday, thank you” Layla said.
“Please would you speak at a slower pace, I’m finding it quite hard to grasp every bit of what you’re saying” Amina admitted sheepishly.
“Oh, we’re sorry about that”
“No, it’s fine. I know you guys are used to speaking that way, I should be the one sorry for making you speak in a way you’re not quite used to” Amina said.
“We are in a different environment, we should adapt to the way people live here” Dan said and Layla nodded.

“We were excited to meet the people David’s Mum was always talking about and we’re glad we finally did” Emeka smiled, he’s another black with a very fair skin, his height almost towering over Dan’s, though not quite as muscular as Dan is. His dark curly hair cut in an afro barb. He looked really good.

“You both are really good-looking by the way” Amina said.
“Asin eh! Look how long and full a guy’s hair is. Chai” Emeka stared admiringly at Dan’s hair.
“You both look good also, what’s this called? I saw your Mum put on a longer and bigger one yesterday” Dan said to Amina. He knows it’s a piece of clothing that signifies Islam religion, this won’t be the first time he would see it on a female, he’s seen it severally on most of the Arabians who visit Las Vegas but he doesn’t know what it’s called. It’s really fascinating to be able to distinguish Muslims with just a piece of clothing.

“It’s called hijab” Amina smiled.
“Why isn’t yours as long and large as your mum’s?” Layla asked. Unlike Amina’s Mum, some part of Amina’s body was still very visible. The cloth she’s putting on was clearly on view.
Just her hair and shoulders were covered.
Amina is even more beautiful than her Mum is, although with a darker skin. Her nose stood beautifully pointed on her oval face with big bright eyes that really complimented her skin. She also has a very lovely smile.

“Ah, no o, this small one is okay for me, I do get really uncomfortable with those big ones. My mum grew up in the north so she’s quite used to it”
“Oh, you guys are from the northern part” Layla said.
“Yeah, my Mum is Fulani and my Dad is hausa, most people do say the tribes are the same but they are quite different, although they both originate from the northern part”
“Oh wow” Layla was impressed with how detailed Amina was in her response. She seems like a lively and fun person.

“Emeka, did I get that right?” Dan asked.
“Surprisingly yes, although it sounds so different in your mouth but I love it. I think you’re the only one allowed to call me as Emeka henceforth” He joked and they chuckled.
“What tribe are you from?” Dan asked.
“I’m from the Igbo tribe, the southeast part of Nigeria”
“Oh wow. There must be more tribes then” Dan said.
“There are more than three hundred tribes in Nigeria” Amina said.
“Really?” Dan and Layla looked amused.

“Yeah, Igbo, yoruba and Hausa are just the most common”
“There’s still a lot we would tell you guys, but we shouldn’t bombard you just yet, maybe after a day or two when you guys finally feel relaxed” Amina said…
“Oh, we definitely cannot wait” Dan smiled.
“We look really forward to that”
“Let’s go outside, you guys are about going to Mummy David shop abi?” Emeka asked.
“Sha be prepared for the attention you’re about getting, people have been asking me since yesterday if it’s true Oyinbo people are in our house” Amina said.
“It’s not only you o, they’ve been asking me too.” Emeka chuckled.

“I’m kind of nervous” Dan said.
“Same here” Layla nodded.

“You don’t have to be, they are not going to bug you that much, though I can’t assure that their stares won’t make you uncomfortable but just overlook it, they are just fascinated with you guys as they are with most white people ” Amina assured.


Kids surrounded them in seconds after they stepped out of the house chanting happily;

“Oyinbo pepper”

Dan and Layla looked quite flushed at first but later found themselves blending in. Laughing amusingly as the kids surrounded them.
The kids looked really intrigued with them and squealed happily when they get touched by either Dan or Layla.

Layla thought back to the moment she was speaking to the kids through video call and was wishing she could meet them and now she’s here with them.

How time flies….


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