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HER LAST WISH Chapter 79

HER LAST WISH Chapter 79


Zeemah Writes 📝




Layla and Amina exclaimed on returning home to a scene.

They rushed towards Dan and Emeka who were literally pulling Dammy who looked like she would collapse, from her uncle’s grasp and returning every single curse the man was sending their way.

They knew what happened without being told.
Almost half the neighbors were gathered and they watched, talking from where they stood but not moving closer to them.

Layla deliberated on going to fetch Aunt Esther.

“Leave this girl alone na! Do you want to kill her! How can you send her to the market in this her state! Don’t you have blood running through your veins, you’re heartless!” Amina screamed at him, unable to control her anger.

“Oh oh. Did you see what you caused? Someone I’m old enough to give birth to, talking to me like this because of you. You’re dead today” His eyebrows pulled down and his face narrowed before slapping Dammy across the face.

Before anyone could blink, Amina threw the yam she bought from the market at him, earning gasps from the bystanders and thumbs up from her friends.

Dammy’s uncle stood, stunned as well as Dammy.

“Why did you slap her ehn! Is she the one that said you’re heartless! I’m the one that said it, comman hit me instead,” Amina yelled, blinded with fury that she didn’t notice her mother was already beside her.
“Walahi, this compound will scatter today, I don’t care what will happen” She said, dropping her market purchase on the floor.

“Amina! What is wrong with you!” Her mother exclaimed, alarmed. She had walked out of the apartment to see her daughter throw a yam at Dammy’s uncle.
Although, she knew he deserved it and wished she could leave Amina to fight for her friend but she’s scared, the man seems dangerous, he might hurt her daughter and she’s not ready to see that happen.

She scolded Amina in Hausa and ordered her to get inside the house.
“Are you deaf! Do you want me to report you to your father!” She shouted when Amina didn’t move.
“Shiga ciki yanzu! (Get inside now)”

Amina reluctantly walked away after warning Dammy’s uncle that he would hear from her if he ever touches Dammy again.

“It is until you kill this girl that you’ll realize what you are doing Mahaukacin mutum (crazy man)” Amina’s Mum said, about turning to walk away when she stopped… “If anything happens to my daughter, I don’t care if you’re responsible for it or not but I’ll make sure you get jailed, mark my words.” She walked away.

“You’ll think today is every other day you’ll just take her inside to beat her. That is not going to happen, I swear” Emeka said, gripping Dammy’s hand tight.
Dammy groaned when another stroke of pain hit her, stuck between her uncle and her friends, coupled with the discomfort she was feeling, she wished she could cave into the ground.

“Dammy, I’m so sorry about the discomfort you are going through. It’ll be over soon, okay? This is the time to stand up for yourself. Do you want him to take you in again and hit you? If you don’t make any move now, I’m afraid you might never get to do it again. Just do this, for your sake and sanity please” Layla pleaded and released a deep breath when Dammy shook her head.

“Even if she’s not going to stand up for herself, we’re going to do that for her, you’re so cruel! You’re basically a monster in human form” Dan said directly to Dammy’s uncle’s face.
Enraged, the man raised his hand to hit Dan but was stopped halfway by Dan who squeezed his hand painfully before letting it go.

The shock on his was unmistakable.

“You want to hit me? you fucking dare not! Except if you want to lose your hands.” Dan said pointedly, with no iota of fear.

“It’s like that yam Amina stoned at your chest is not enough, try anything here if we won’t beat you to stupor. Wicked man!” Emeka hissed.

The man stood, dumbfounded, yet to recover from the shock of Dan squeezing his hand and now this.
He gripped Dammy’s arm tightly, his fingers cutting through her skin just to subdue his rage.
Dammy winced in pain.

“It’s today I’ll kill you” He whispered to her through gritted teeth.

“Whatever you say to her in your language will go back to you in Jesus name! You’re not taking this girl inside today!” Emeka’s voice was firm.
“These ill treatments you’ve been melting out on her will come to an end,” Layla said. “Today!”

Dammy’s uncle glanced at her like he would a piece of dirt.

Layla ignored him. “Dammy this is the right time to decide if you want to do this or not. Please, you need to think” Layla said, looking really expectant as she hoped Dammy would change her mind.

Her heart skipped as she looked Dammy in the eyes.
She had stopped writhing in pain or groaning, but her eyes held that pain.
Layla’s heart broke and her throat tightened.

Dammy looked nowhere in particular, her eyes wavered and seemed faraway like she wasn’t with them any longer.

“You better drop her hand or this is where we will all be till night. We are not leaving her hand.” Emeka said.

“Oh oh. So, they’ve turned your defenders. It’s just so sad they’ll be dying alongside you today, tell them to leave your hand if you don’t want their parents to weep over them. If they die, just know you’re the cause. You know what I can do” None of them understood what he just said to her because it was in Yoruba but they knew it was bad with the way Dammy suddenly tensed.

“Talk to her in English if e sure for you!” Emeka slammed, breathing hard. He looked like he was really ready for trouble. His tiny muscles bulged and his lips tightened.

“Hmm” Dammy’s uncle sneered. “You’re not going to tell them to leave you alone, are you?”

Dammy swallowed hard and just when she was about to start pulling her hand from her friends’ grip. Emeka’s father appeared.

“Emeka! Chimo! what is this boy doing!” He rushed towards them.

“Papa, just go inside. Nothing is happening” Emeka frowned.

“Shut up there! Am I blind! What is this you are doing. Oya drop her hand now and go inside Tupu m aa gị ụra! (Before I slap you)” He ordered.
“I’m not going anywhere” Emeka mumbled under his breath but his brain started to have a rethink after his father’s palm collided with his face.

“Are you deaf! After I warned you not to involve yasef in this matter again. Don’t you know he has juju! Someone that escapes cell every time we arrest him. I know Damilola is your friend but you’re my own son, I can’t lose you. Go inside now Osiso!” His father yelled.

Emeka swallowed hard as he reluctantly dropped Dammy’s hand.
“I swear if you do anything to her. I’ll make sure you pay for it ” He said and ran off when his father almost slapped him again.

“And you, if you think you can do anything to my son. I’ll let you know that juju pass juju, I’ll make Amadioha strike you dead, I promise you that” Emeka’s father said before walking away.

“You’re still not going to tell these ones that they should let go of your hand ehn, shebi you can see how those ones parents came and took them away, if you don’t want them to die in a country that’s not theirs, tell them to leave you alone now”
They couldn’t understand what he said again as it was in Yoruba.

“Dan, you need to let go of my hand. Please” Dammy said, her first utterance since her uncle caught her in Aunt Esther’s shop.

“I’m not letting go of your hand! Dammy, he might kill you!”

“Leave him to do whatever he wants with me… just let me go!” Dammy raised her voice, trying to pull her hands from Dan’s grip.

“No! Whatever he just told you are lies… Nothing is going to happen, I promise you that” Dan really wished Dammy could believe him.

“Dammy, please. You only need to say the words. You really need to stop being controlled by some baseless mentality.” Layla felt like screaming. Frustrated with why Dammy can’t see the clear picture, despite how much they’ve tried and now she’s going to follow her uncle in so he can continue mistreating her!

“You guys just leave me alone. Go!” Dammy half yelled at them.

“Oh my God, what’s all this commotion?” Aunt Esther’s sleepy eyes widen, seeing what was going on. She walked closer to them, looking like her sleep was disrupted.

“Warn the dolls you brought from America; I’m going to kill them without thinking twice o!” Dammy’s uncle threatened in Yoruba, facing Aunt Esther.

“Dey no born your mama well! You’ll kill who. Wo, if anything happens to them, just know your whole life is in ruins. I’ll make sure you get killed also. Oloshi!(unfortunate being)” Aunt Esther hissed, moving closer.

A part of her was scared about the threat. He looked capable of such threat. One of the neighbors had quickly come to call her to take Dan and Layla away after Amina and Emeka’s parents took them away.

“Why are they interfering in my family’s matter! What’s anyone’s concern if I want to punish my niece. Is she complaining!” He scowled.

“Just listen to yourself speak. I’m now sure you’re not normal, instead of those police stations we do take you, I think we should have taken you to psychiatric hospitals instead. What a terrible mistake. Ah” Aunt Esther paused, expressing her regret.
“What did this girl do to you. Is it until you kill her before you rest? Ahn ahn!” She sounded exasperated.

“If you want to punish her because you think she didn’t go to the market like you sent her. These are the things you sent her, we bought it already. Leave her the fuck alone! She’s in enough pain already” Layla couldn’t help but yell.

“It is none of your business why I want to punish her! Stay out of this or you won’t like what will come out of it.” He warned Layla, his face hardened and then turned to Dammy. “Can you see what you are bringing upon me? What type of disrespect is this from these ones that look like dead dolls, Amina even threw yam at me! You’re the one that’ll suffer everything I swear, tell them to stop now!”

“Why won’t they disrespect you? you do not deserve respect in any way, not even from a goat. You’re a wicked man. How will you feel if you have a daughter and someone is treating her this way? Or how would you feel if you’re the one being treated like this ehn?” Aunt Esther looked like she was expecting an answer.

“It’s none of your business, the person you’re foolishly fighting for does not want you fighting for her! Isn’t that a shame!” He chuckled.

They glanced at Dammy who was still trying to loosen herself from Dan’s grip.

Aunt Esther sigh. ‘Someone they are trying to help isn’t even helping herself’.

“Esther or whatever they call you. Warn these mumu to stay out of my family matter. I don’t make empty threats o!”

“There’s nothing you can do, bastard!” Aunt Esther yelled.
She sounded like she was in total control but her hands were tied.
She has been scared of Dammy’s uncle ever since he mysteriously escaped every single arrest.
It would have been better if Dammy was willing to get him arrested.
She didn’t want this man harming Dan and Layla, she badly wished she could take them in but they both looked really determined and she started thinking how to go about it.

“Okay,” Aunt Esther sighed, coming to a conclusion. “Dammy. What do you want right now?”

“I want Dan to leave me alone! You all should just leave, please” Dammy pleaded desperately.

“He said something to you right?” Layla asked.
“He didn’t say anything to me! I already told you guys I’m not going to change my mind; you’re only wasting your time. Just leave me alone! It’s none of your business” Dammy said.

“That settles it. Oya, the both of you should go inside the house,” Aunt Esther said.
“You clearly heard her, right?” She added after they didn’t move.

Dammy succeeded in snatching her hand from Dan’s grip and they watched as her uncle dragged her towards their apartment.

“He’s going to hurt her!” Layla felt like crying.
“Looks like she doesn’t mind. Let’s go in” Aunt Esther said, pulling their hands.


“My mummy must not know I came out o” Amina voice was almost in a whisper.
“My dad also, he’s sleeping that’s why I was able to sneak out” Emeka looked over his shoulders.
“We had to lie to Aunt Esther we were coming to the shop” Layla said.
“Let’s hurry” Dan added.

They hurried towards Dammy’s apartment and she was already waiting for them.
She sighed in complete relief on seeing them, fresh tears rushing to her eyes. A part of her was glad they couldn’t see her clearly.

She had sent them messages to come and hadn’t even expected them to appear after what happened.

“I guess your uncle isn’t home” Emeka said, on seeing the padlock at the door.

He had locked her in again.

“Thank you so much for coming, I’m so sorry for… reacting that way towards you. He said he was going to kill you guys if I don’t tell you to leave. I didn’t…want that to happen”

“I knew he said something. Fuck him!” Dan sighed.

“I want to confess something to you guys; everyone must be wondering how my uncle always get out whenever he was arrested. Well, I…” Dammy paused and they couldn’t see how flushed she looked at the moment.
“I’m responsible for that, I bail him out after telling them I’m not interested in pursuing the case. Including all sort of lies just to get him released” She added and they exclaimed.

“Jesus. Dammy, is it to this extent?” Emeka’s eyes widened.
“Oh My God” Layla sighed.
“You release him from the cell and he still comes home to punish you? Wow” Amina looked really disappointed.

Dan shook his head, wondering if Dammy will ever testify against her uncle.

“Wait first, where did he go to? If he meet us here, he’ll start shouting and my daddy will come out again.” Emeka said, looking over his shoulders for the third time.
“I don’t know…”
“Ah, you don’t know? And you asked us to come. What if he just went to buy something” Emeka said.
“I think we should leave, before he comes back home and meet us here. It won’t be nice to make you bear the brunt again” Layla said.

“No. Don’t leave. I called you guys here because…” Dammy touched her bleeding forehead which they were yet to notice due to the door’s haze “I’m ready”

“For. . .?” Amina asked, holding her breathe.

“I’ll testify against him.” Dammy breathed fast.

Their faces lit up and they exchanged glances.
Amina again had to confirm what she just heard.
She jumped in excitement, trying not to scream.

“Let’s leave fast, before he comes” Dammy swallowed hard.

“Where’s the damn key” Dan sighed, almost frustrated after he searched where they do fetch it to no avail.
“I think he took it, what are we going to do?” Dammy’s voice shook.
It took her a lot to make this decision and if her uncle should meet her here, it would be the end.
“Worry not” Emeka smiled, before hurrying away.
He returned with a hammer and started breaking the padlock.

Amina hailed him after he succeeded in a few minutes and they couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Your forehead is bleeding!” Dan said, alarmed as Dammy stepped out of the door.
“Yeah, it was the iron in his belt. Let’s go fast before he comes”
“Shouldn’t you receive medical care first?” Layla asked worried.
“I’ll do that later, let’s go please” Dammy frantically looked around.
“It’s even going to serve as evidence, in case he denies it” Emeka said.

“We’re not going to the police this time” Amina said.
“Where are we going then?” Emeka asked.

“Let’s leave this compound first” Amina replied and like people being chased, they ran.


“Oh oh,” Dammy’s uncle chuckled as Dammy appeared with her friends.

“Didn’t I tell you?” He turned to Amina and Emeka’s parents, Emeka’s Dad who has been lamenting stopped on seeing them, Aunt Esther and her husband sighed in relief.

Dammy’s uncle had shouted like a mad being, summoning the neighbors after realizing his door had been broken open, his suspicion was confirmed when he could neither find any of Dammy’s friends.

They’ve been outside waiting for hours after trying their lines and none of them were picking up.

“You followed them out abi, and even broke my door! I pitied you enough not to kill you earlier, this time you’re dead. I swear I’m going to kill you and I mean it. You this unfortunate child. Get inside now!” He screamed, blinded with rage that he couldn’t see the rebellious look in Dammy’s eyes.

Her next words cleared the air.

“Go inside where? I’m never going inside with you again! And you’ll soon be the unfortunate one” She said, her eyes devoid of fear.

Dammy’s uncle was left speechless alongside the neighbors. He stood, stunned for a moment, he finally blinked, thinking this could never be possible. Dammy would never have said that to him but she just did!

“Ehn ehn, they are starting to teach you abi.” He said not sounding as shocked as he felt. “You should know better than to listen to them. Follow me inside now so your punishment will not be too extreme”

“Turns out you’ll be the one to get punished instead. Heartless he-goat!” Dammy slammed, breathing fast.

In a speed, he moved closer to her, raising his hand to slap her across the face, her friends tried to stop him but Dammy beat them to it, she held his hand halfway, looked him in the eyes and chuckled “it’s over for you. I’ve had enough! I’m never going to be treated this way any longer, I do not deserve this from you! and to your disappointment; you’ll never get to raise your hand on me again” She flung his hand away and the neighbors exclaimed, and started whispering to one another.

His face was white as sheet when the Human Rights activists made their presence obvious, they ordered the police to handcuff him.

“Dammy, what is this?” His voice shook, breathing hard. His eyes looked like a rabbit’s caught in the headlights of a coming vehicle.
“What does it seems like?” She raised her brow.
“And, this time, don’t think I’m ever going to order your release, as you can see, I made this arrest myself. You’re never going to see me again except in court.”

“Mr. Bode Aderemi you are arrested for the abuse and maltreatment of Miss. Damilola Aderemi. Anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law” One of the officers said, trying to handcuff him.
“Shut up!” He screamed at the officers, his lips trembling and he struggled with them.

“Dammy, don’t do this to me!” He screamed as he was led away, fighting hard to get away from the police.

Dammy sighed, if only she knew this would make her feel this good, she would have done it long ago.
Well, it’s better late than never.

She turned to her friends, pulling them into a tight embrace.

She maintained a straight face when she finally released them.
“I don’t want him to get arrested anymore, I can’t stand it. I’m sorry guys but I have to go order his release”

They stared at her, speechless.

“Just joking, he’s going to rot in prison” She grinned and they released a collective breath before laughing.



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