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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Thea furrowed her brows and chuckled, “Mr kings, I think you dream too high. Your love life is boring, I am not going to change my decision because of it,” she said.

“If it’s boring to you then it’s a torture for me,” he muttered and she heard him muffle something but didn’t hear what he said exactly.

“What did you say?” She inquired. “You are lucky,” he stated and she laughed, he wondered what he said wrong but decided not to ask. She looks like the type that can’t keep things to herself.

“Me Kings, you don’t go around assuming people’s life are the best, we all have our struggles,” she said.

“You are still lucky, you can walk quit and walk away. Not everyone can do that,” he said with a sad chuckle.

“Is there something you want to quit?” She asked staring at his face, it was obvious how hard he was trying to hide his pains.

“No,” he answered. The elevator stopped and the door opened, they stepped out of it and walked out of the building.

“Thanks for tonight, you made me realize what I do matters. I’m sorry I can’t air your love story, I will love to do that one day,” she said with a smile, while he just started with a blank expression.

She turned to walk away, he noticed how she walked uncomfortably in the heel. “Wait,” he said and she turned around. “Just a moment,” he added and jog to his car which was parked meters away from the company.

She waited curiously wondering what he is up to, he walked towards her with a pair of sneakers.

“Sit,” he said pointing at the steps behind her, she sat on them and he squat in front of her.

He took off her heel and there were red marks around her ankle, and he wore the sneakers for her.

Thea was surprised and happy that his leg will stop hurting, but why does she feel like he cares about her. They are strangers, they just met. Why is he being nice? Or it’s just his personality.

“Why do you want me to take my job back?” She asked as she tied the shoelaces. “Just like I said in there, your job doesn’t just help relationships but lives too,” he answered.

“Is your life one of it?” She asks in a soft and sad voice. “Will my answer change anything?” He inquires.

He is right it won’t, she just wants to know if she makes an impact on others, and that might give her a little happiness.

“No, you don’t have to answer,” she said, and she felt tears prick her eyes, she took a deep breath to prevent them from falling.

“Done,” he said standing straight.

“Thanks,” Thea appreciated.

“You should not wear heels and when you do, take them off immediately your feet hurt,” he advised.

“I’ll remember that,” she said. “See you soon,” he said and walked away. She sat there and watched him drive away.

“Why give me shoes alone? I need a ride too,” she muttered angrily as she watched his car.

“I don’t think happiness is meant for me,” he uttered as he watched her through the side mirror.

Thea halt a cab and took it home, Mavis was asleep when she got home. She just took her bath and changed into her nightgown before sleeping on the couch.

She could not sleep as her mind kept drifting to how Cisco defended her, she wondered why he was so serious about her getting her job.

She turned to sleep on her side and her eyes caught the sneakers, ‘how will I return this?’ She asked herself.

‘He didn’t ask for it,’ her subconscious replied. ‘You are right, I am just giving excuses,’ she admitted and closed her eyes.


Thea woke up early, the couch was uncomfortable so she could not get enough sleep, despite feeling sleepy.

She prepared breakfast and cleaned the house before Mavis woke up, she was washing the utensils she used when Mavis walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning,” Mavis greeted. “Morning,” she replied.

“You woke up early,” Mavis stated. “Humm,” that was her response.

“How was your date? Did you get your lips disvirgin?” She teased. “Mavis! It’s too early to talk immorally,” she scolded.

“What’s the perfect time to talk immorally Miss moral?” Mavis asked, sarcastically.

“Go and have breakfast,” Thea said trying to change the topic, but who was she kidding? Mavis is not the type to let go of stuff like that.

“I’m not hungry and your love story is more than enough so tell me everything, what time did you get home? What happened between you guys? I want every single detail, leave nothing out,” she said more like an order and took a seat on a stool.

“You won’t give up, will you?” Thea asked. “Not in my dictionary,” she replied.

“We had dinner, and he said he had something to tell me but he couldn’t,” she was interrupted by Mavis. “Why? Was he shy? Nervous? What was it?” She bombarded her with questions

Thea shook her head sideways and replied simply, “None of the above, he was interrupted by a call.”

“A call? Who dared to call at such a romantic moment?” She asked, angrily. “It was Mr. Charles,” Thea answered.

“What does he want? He fired you, he has no right to call at such a romantic moment. He deserves to be locked up for what he did,” she said already standing, her hands in akimbo.

‘She will tear Mr. Charles to pieces if she sees him right now,’ Thea thought. “A secret admirer wanted to see me,” she blurted.

“Even though, he was about… A what?” She freaked and stared at Thea directly in the eye. “A secret admirer,” she repeated.

“You have a secret admirer?” She asked and Thea nodded. “Why was he there?” Mavis asked.

“It could be a she,” Thea said. “Eighty percent of secrets admirers are guys, so why was He there?” She asked emphasizing the word HE.

“He was mad that I got fired, and offered me my job,” she explained.

“And my smart friend said yes! You are no longer jobless!” Mavis squealed, happily. “I actually turned him down,” Thea blunted.

“You aren’t smart,” Mavis said disappointed. “I just did what I thought was right,” She said.

“What you thought was right? Were you having a fever?” She asked. “I just didn’t want to work there anymore. Mr. Charles has been a great help to me, it’s time I help him too,” she said.

“You are not in the position to consider others, you should be considered,” Mavis stated.

“You lost a rich boyfriend and a chance to have your job,” Mavis shook her head in pity and made to walk away when Thea asked. “Aren’t you curious about who the secret admirer is?”

“I’m not! I don’t want to know!” She yelled and went back to her room. She came back minutes later, dressed for work, she took a seat at the dining table and dished the food for herself.

Thea joined her and they started eating, “was the guy handsome? Did he look rich?” Mavis asked.

“I thought you didn’t want to know about him,” Thea said. “You are right, don’t tell me anything. I’m not curious,” she replied.

Minutes later she asked, “did you get his name?” She asked.

“Make up your mind, will you!” Thea snapped. “Curiosity kills the cat Mavis I’m sure you don’t want to die young, if you don’t want that stop being curious,” she scolded herself.

Thea watched her restrain herself from asking about the secret admirer, it was torture for her.

“Francisco Kings,” she blurted. “I never asked for his name, I was not curious,” she denied.

“I felt like telling you,” Thea replied. “Did you say Francisco Kings?” She asked.

“I thought you aren’t curious,” Thea teased. “You already said it and I can’t unheard it,” she replied.

“You should try,” Thea replied. “Your secret admirer is Francisco kings?” Mavis asked finding it hard to believe

“Yeah,” she answered, simply. “You are the best friend in the world!” Mavis shouted throwing her arm around Thea


Cisco didn’t get any sleep the previous night but it was fine, he was used to it. He took his time to attend to some work he couldn’t do while he was hoping to see Thea.

He sat on his chair working on his laptop as usual when he received a text message from Allison. He ignored it and proceeded, but she texted again which made him curious about what she had to say.

He tapped on the message and it reads;

~Your Dad apologized on your behalf and wants me to come over to your place~

That was the first message.

~I agreed to it, don’t be curious about why. See you tomorrow night, sweetheart~

He groaned and dropped the phone angrily, he loosen his tie and rested his back on his chair.
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