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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“She’s going to be here soon” Cisco replied, “and what? Apologise for coming late just like you did?” He scoffed.

” It would be great if you stop picking fights with me” Cisco snapped and walked away to call Allison ,as soon as he made a step forward Allison walked in, “Allison” his dad called and he turned to see her walking into the mansion majestically.

“Good evening Mr Kings” she greeted as he hugged her. “Good evening Mrs Kings” she greeted and Mrs Kings shook her head in response.

She doesn’t like her that much, maybe it the way she dresses or what the media says about her. She can’t state her reason she just don’t like her for her son.

“Babe” she smiled walking towards Cisco who didn’t smile or move, ” sorry I kept you waiting” she said as she gave him a French kiss.

Vin who knew they don’t get along that well rolled his eyes at her acting. Greg cleared his throat, “we are here for a reason which is definitely not watching your boring drama” he said and walked towards the dining table before anyone can say a thing.

“Your brother is still annoying” Allison scoffed, “yes he is” he replied and she rolled her eyes.

Everyone was sited at the dining table and it didn’t take long before they started eating.

“How’s your new music video Allison?” Mr Kings asked, “it is a hit, it should be I’m Allison anyway” she said and flip her hair backwards.

” That’s great to know” he smiled and she nodded, “Vin how’s school?” She asked

“Great, Allison” he answered sarcastically, it seems like the only person who likes her is Mr Kings.

“Are you a good dancer? If you are not you can be a model you have the face?” She stated.

” I don’t want to be any of that” he replied, “son Allison is just trying to help” Mr Kings said

“I never asked for her help” he mumbled and Greg chuckled.

Everywhere was quiet afterwards. After dinner they stood in the living room each person with his or her own glass of wine.

“Umm” Mr Kings cleared his throat and everyone turned to him, “we have a purpose for gathering here and some of you must be curious” he said and turned to Cisco.

He reached for his back pocket and brought out a ring, he knelt with one knee in front of Allison who doesn’t seem to be moved.

Vin brought out his phone and started videoing them. “Allison Drake, will you marry me?” He asked.

Everyone was waiting for a thunderous yes, to everyone’s surprise she kept mute instead. “Allison?” Cisco called

“I’m sorry Cisco, I’m not ready for marriage” that was her response, ” I’m sorry excuse me” she said and dropped the glass of wine before leaving the mansion.

Cisco wasn’t hurt or embarrassed, he just stood up returned the ring into the box and turned to his father who was obviously angry.

Vin quickly put his phone in his pocket or else his dad would just kill him for posting such thing online but no one knew she was going to turn him down. Geeze she’s cruel.

“We have to talk” Mr Kings said and walked to his room immediately. “I’m going home, such a waste of time” Greg said and walked away

” And I am going to bed” Vin said before disappearing too, Mr Kings stared at Cisco with pity, “I’ll wait for you” she mumble.

“Thanks Mom” he appreciated before following his father. He was sited on the bed, he tap his feet on the ground impatiently.

“Dad” he called, “What was that?” He query, “what sort of stupid drama was that? Why did you do to Allison to make her reject you?” He asked.

” Me? It’s not my fault she turned me down? It was obvious she doesn’t like me to she can’t marry someone she doesn’t like. It’s that simple” he shrugged.

” Simple? What are you talking about? It’s not simple! You just lost a gem, a woman like Allison is hard to come by. She is beautiful, rich, she’s ready to help our family. What more do you want Cisco!?” He yell.

” Dad, you don’t understand” he stated. “Then make me” Mr Kings snapped

” The fault is not with me, I did nothing wrong. I don’t know why she isn’t ready to marry me but I know that I don’t need this sermon” he said.

” You are going to follow Allison right now and apologize for whatever it is you could have done wrong” he ordered.

” Dad I had a lot of work at the office today, I will just call her or see her tomorrow” he said.

” Tomorrow? She will think you don’t care” he said, ‘it’s not like I do’ he thought.

” Good night Dad” he said and turn to leave, “make Allison your wife” Mr Kings said. He didn’t turn around he just walked out of the room.

“What happened?” Mrs Kings asked as soon as he walked out of the room,” did he scold you? What did he ask you to do? Should I talk to him?” She asked worriedly.

” Everything is fine mom, I just want to rest” he said, “if your heart doesn’t want it, don’t do it” she said and he nodded.

” Good night” he said and hugged her before leaving.

Vin was sweating in his room despite the AC, he was trying to delete the video he posted online but it was useless. It already gone viral.

Millions of people had seen it, his brother and Allison are famous, it’s only normal if their video is viral.

“Francisco is going to kill me” he thought as he kept trying to delete the video. There were a lots of hate comments.

“Serves him right? How dare him try to marry our goddess, Allison?”

“He is out of Allison league”

” Allison is a witch but it’s better Francisco is still single”

There was not a single comment that supported their relationship, they are either against Cisco or Allison.

“Everyone is against them” he mutter as he collapse on the bed.


Thea was walking to her father’s ward when she bumped into someone wearing a doctor’s coat.

“Doctor Debbie?” She called more like a question as she raised her head.

“It’s been a while Thea” she smiled and Thea nodded, ” I believe we have something important to discuss” she said.

“Can’t we talk about it some other time?” She asked knowing what she wants to talk about.

” No, follow me” she said and walked past her, Thea followed looking like a lamb about to be slaughtered.

“So, when will you pay the bills? It’s not reducing you know? “She said and she nodded.

” I will pay soon, I just have a lot of things to attend to” she said with her head bowed.

” Your father must be the least of your worries I guess” she said, ” no he is important, I just don’t have enough money yet” she said.

Doctor Debbie sigh, ” what more you do you want from me Thea? You work and earn money yet you refuse to pay or you want us to stop treating your father? I guess we should do that” she concluded.

” Don’t do that! Don’t stop treating him, I will pay I promise. I just need little time” she said with her head bowed.

” I am running out of patience, if you don’t pay by the end of next week, you will be getting your father’s corpse when next time come here” she stated and Thea’s eyes widened, how can she say that?

It’s true that she’s owing the hospital a lot but she is going to pay. Maybe she should have finished college.

“I understand Dr Debbie” she mutter and walked out of the office with a heavy heart. She could not even visit her father again. She just walked back to the company, she has a show. After that she will think of a way to get the money.


Vin walked slowly into his brothers office, he feels like he is going to slaughter him.

“Cisco” he called, Cisco was standing by the window staring at the beautiful city.

“Are you okay?” He asked but got no response, “you don’t love her so why are you acting like you were dumped?” He asked.

” It’s not her, it’s just everything” he replied finally turning to face him.

” You should go home, have a nice shower and sleep” he said and Cisco scoff. If only he knows he can’t sleep.

He has insomnia and he only sleeps for an hour everyday, the rest of the twenty three hours, he’s always awake.

“Have you called her?” Vin asked. ” I have been busy” he answered.

” Dad is curious about what you two discussed, it’s already a day” he said.

“Don’t worry I brought you something that will help” he said and brought out….
T. B. C

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