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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Thea opened the door and saw an elderly woman in her late fifties or early sixties.

“Good afternoon,” the woman who happens to be Mrs. Kings greeted first.

“Afternoon,” Thea replied and Mrs. Kings walked past her, she was surprised at first but decided to calm down.

“Where is Francisco?” Mrs. Kings asked and turn to face her. “He went to work,” Thea replied and close the door.

“Here is your juice Ma’am Thea,” the maid and she took the glass of juice from her. ‘Ma’am? Could she be the girl?’ Mrs. Kings wondered as she stared at Thea.

“Thanks,” Thea appreciated the maid and turn to Mrs. Kings. “Will you wait for him?” Thea asked after the maid left.

“Yes,” Mrs. Kings replied and went to sit on the couch, Thea went to sit on a different couch.

She picked up the laptop and continue studying, Mrs. Kings kept glancing at Thea who sipped from her glass of juice.

“Excuse me, are you my son’s cure?” Mrs. Kings asked. “Son? Cure?” Thea repeated confused.

“Yes I mean, Francisco had insomnia and he told me a lady’s voice helps him sleep,” she said.

“You are Cisco’s mom?” She asked and Mrs. Kings nodded.

“I…, I am sorry, Cisco never told about you….., well it’s not like he told me about his family,” she said with a nervous smile.

“He is not the type to talk,” Mrs kings said. “You are right, it is nice to meet you,” Thea said and dropped the tab.

“You don’t look old by the way, I would not believe it if I heard from someone else about your having a son like Cisco,” she joked.

Mrs. Kings touched her face and blushed. “You are flattering me.”

“I dare not, it would be considered a great offense to lie to a woman as elegant as you are,” Thea said and winked at her

‘I have nothing to worry about if she and Cisco are together,’ Mrs. Kings thought as she watched Thea crack and laugh at her jokes.

“I just realized I don’t know your name,” Mrs. Kings stated. “It’s Thea,” she answered.

“Thea, parson my manners but do you have a boyfriend?” Mrs. Kings asked and stared at her with curiosity, Thea fondle her hair nervously as she contemplate lying or telling the truth.

‘Giving an honest answer means no harm,’ she concluded in her head and shook her head negatively.

“It’s a no I guess?” Mrs kings who were waiting impatiently asked. “No, it’s a no,” she answered.

“Thank God it’s a no,” she replied and Thea gave her the look that says ‘what the fuck do you mean, woman?’

“My Cisco must be fond of you, he is a guy after all and you are one pretty lady. You two have my blessings,” she said and Thea’s eyes broadened.

“I don’t understand your point ma’am, why do we need your blessings?” Thea asked.

“You don’t have a boyfriend and Cisco is more like single, I see no reason why you can’t be together,” she replied.

“I am not interested in your son,” Thea stated respectfully. “You will be in the nearest future,” she said with confidence which Thea finds weird.

“Ma’am, let’s assume your son and I want to be together which I doubt will happen, what are you saying Thea? Of course, it won’t happen. Well, it is just an assumption, what are you going to do with Allison? As far as I know, she is obsessed with your son,” she said and Mrs. Kings chuckled.

“Do I sound funny?” She asked. “I do sound funny,” she gave herself a response.

“You are cute, I can imagine what my Frankie’s will look like already,” Mrs. Kings said and Thea choked on nothing.

“Do you need water?” Mrs. kings inquired worriedly but Thea raised her index finger and shook it in denial.

She drank her juice and returned her gaze to Mrs. Kings who was smiling sheepishly.

“Do you feel better?” Mrs. Kings asked. ‘I would if you stop imagining I and your son on a bed,’ she replied mentally.

“Yes, thanks,” Thea finally replied.

“My son doesn’t have a favorite food, he likes whatever the person he is with likes, his favorite color is purple, he likes scrabble and he hates it when he is lied to, he Loves his work you must have figured that out. What more does he do?….” Mrs. Kings trailed off as she tried to remember.

“Wait, sorry to interrupt but why the heck do I need to know all this?” Thea asked.

“You are my son’s future girlfriend, no wife. It is only normal if you know everything about him,” she replied.

“I don’t think whatever it is you are thinking will happen,” Thea said. “I know what your thoughts are,” Mrs. Kings said.

“Excuse me?” She exclaimed. “I mean what your thought must be about me, you must think I have lost it or something. I am sane than any woman you will meet out there,” she stated.

“Mrs. Kings, I think we should stop talking about this,” Thea suggested.

“Is the topic that uncomfortable?” Mrs. Kings asked. “Yes, let’s talk about something else,” she replied.

And added not to sound rude. “If you don’t mind ma’am”

“I don’t, I have three sons,” Mrs. Kings started. “I’d give one up for adoption if I were you,” Thea mumbled inaudibly

“Talking to me?” Mrs. Kings asked. “No,” she replied immediately and Mrs. Kings nodded.

“It would be nice if I could get you to meet them,” Mrs. Kings mumbled. “Yeah,” Thea chuckled nervously.

“What about you? Where are your parents? Any siblings?” She asked.

“My dad is in a coma, my mom is in an asylum and no siblings, I have nothing on my extended families,” she informed her.

“I’m sorry, I …, shouldn’t have asked, pardon manners,” she pleaded. “It’s fine, it happened a long time ago,” Thea replied nonchalantly

“I understand how hard it must have been for you to grow up alone,” Mrs. Kings muttered.

“It is harder when you grow with people who don’t want you,” she replied lowly but Mrs. Kings heard.

“Guessing that is why you didn’t want to look for your extended,” she said.

“Not really but maybe,” Thea replied, they talked about a whole lot of things, and Thea was happy she got her to stop shipping her son with her

“Welcome sir,” a maid who dropped the snacks greeted Cisco.

“He’s here,” Thea said and he turned to look in their direction, his eyes widened in horror and surprise at the sight of his mom.

“Mom!?” He exclaimed. “What are you doing here?” He asked walking closer.

“Came to visit, ” she replied. “Visit? Why will you suddenly decide to visit?” He asked

“My son expects me to give advance notice before visiting him,” Mrs. Kings scoffed.

“That is because I am busy,” he replied. “Too busy to accommodate your mother?” She asked.

“Do you find pleasure in twisting my words?” He asked and Mrs. Kings turned to face Thea.

“I’m happy you are in his life, I believe he will become a better man with you,” she said and Thea glared at Cisco instead.

“I had a hectic day at work, I believe you understand if I want to have my bath first,” Cisco said to his mom and went upstairs

“He is a handful,” Mrs. Kings muttered with a sigh. “I should leave, tell him to take care,” Mrs. Kings said and stood up

Thea would have asked her to stay for dinner or something, but she was sure she would have no appetite if she stays behind.

“It’s nice meeting you ma’am,” Thea said and stood up too. “You too, my dear,” she replied and walked out of the house, Thea went upstairs and stood in front of Cisco’s room.

She didn’t knock but simply stood there waiting for him to come out. “Holy shît!” He cursed as he bumped into her.

“Why are you standing here? Did my mom ask you to spy on me?” He asked

“She asked me to do a whole lot,” she replied and he stared at her suspiciously.

“Mom?!” He screamed and Thea chuckled. “She left,” Thea informed him.

“Why?” He asked. “Probably she thinks she is going to be considered a nuisance if she stayed for one more minute,” she replied

“Did you just call my mom a nuisance?” Cisco asked. “I didn’t, I said ‘she thinks’, it is her thought which I read out loud,” she replied.

“You are unbelievable,” Cisco muttered and walked downstairs while Thea followed.

“How long has she been here?” He asked. “Long enough for me to commit murder
and hide her body,” she replied.

He stopped and turn to face her, she noticed his intent stare and questioned. “What?”

“You planned on murdering my mom?” He asked in a calm but anger laced with voice.

“No, why will I do that? Killing you would be much better,” she replied and Cisco gasped.
T. B. C

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