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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Vin brought out a radio.

” Seriously? A radio?” Cisco scoffed, “yes” he answered.

“How will this help me or my life as a whole?” He inquired, ” good question, I heard about this radio programme that counsels couples .I think it should help your relationship with Allison” he said.

” What if it doesn’t?” He asked, “it will, it has to, i don’t want dad to skin you alive” he whispered

” Whatever” he rolled his eyes, ” you should get yourself a girlfriend too or you will end up like me” Cisco smiled awkwardly when he realised how bad his life is.

Everything changed when he was in college, his relationship with his brother, insomnia and depression. His life is not perfect like the media said.

“I found a girl” Vin blunted getting Cisco back to reality. ” Really?” He asked with excitement.

“Yeah, we met yesterday” he added, “tell me about her” he demanded.

“I don’t know much but her name is Thea and I have her phone number” he said, “so have you called her? How did you guys meet? Is she pretty?” Cisco bombarded him with questions.

” Relax bro, I saved her from getting hit by a car and after that, we spoke and I ended up getting her name and number. She is very beautiful” he said as he remembered her face.

” Wow, your life is great” Cisco muttered sadly. “Don’t worry everything will go well with Allison and if it doesn’t, fall in love with someone else” he advised.

” You should leave I have some things to do before heading home” he said.” Listen to the radio” Vin said as he walked towards the door.

” I will”

” The show starts by 9 pm”

“Just leave” he snapped and he winked at him before leaving. Is there really hope for their relationship? Will he ever fall in love again? Is Allison the girl for him? If not then who is? A lot of questions demanding an answer ran through his head.

He stared at the radio with a smile before turning it on, he listened to it as he worked on his laptop.

The show titled when love hurts started and he listened to the beautiful voice speak, it was barely ten minutes when he dozed off.

Like seriously? He has insomnia and has been doing everything possible to get some sleep but he never sleeps more than an hour.

He fell asleep after listening to radio, I am curious.


April furrowed her brows, her boss slept in his office? They don’t have lots of work so why is he sleeping at work? She wondered as she walked into his office.

She tap him gently and he grunt, “boss, good morning” she greeted.

“Morning?” He asked raising his head. Despite just waking up he looked handsome. It must be because of the amazing sleep.

“Yeah, you slept here” she said. “Slept? Me? I slept?” He asked and April stared at him as if something is wrong with his head.

Is a an alien that doesn’t sleep? Why is he asking irrelevant questions?

“Yes you slept and I just woke you up” she answered.

“Clean my office” he said before grabbing his suit and rushed out of the office. April just shrugged and started clearing his table.

“What is a radio doing here?” She asked no one as she checked it out, ” I should dispose it” she mumble and threw it in the bin.

She called a cleaner and after few minutes his office was cleaned and his dustbin empty.


Cisco stood under the shower trying to recall what happened the previous night. What made him fall asleep for eleven hours.

That is the longest he has slept in the past seven years. He got dressed and rushed to the hospital immediately.

“Where is doctor Malcolm?” He asked s nurse he literally bump into.

“Huh?” The nurse arch her brow, “do you know where doctor Malcolm is?” He repeated but she was still staring at her.

” Do you even know who doctor Malcolm is?” He asked, “it’s you! “The nurse snapped her fingers.

“Me? Do you know me?” He asked, “Francisco Kings, you are the turned down guy” she blunted

” Turned down guy? What are you talking about? “He inquired, “you proposed to Allison and you got turned down” she said in a mockery tone but it was not that obvious

” I wonder if you are the problem or Allison either way she turned you down” she countined mocking him.

Cisco just ignored her and walked away, how did she find out? It was in his house between his family.

If she knows does that mean a lot of people know too? This must be Greg’s doing. That b@stard won’t let him be.

Maybe his breakup with Allison is a good thing, at least he slept for eleven f*cking hours.

“Cisco?” Doctor Malcolm called not sure if it’s him but he turned around at the sound of his name.

“Oh my poor boy, I saw the video. I am sorry, I guess you guys aren’t meant to be together” he mock.

” Seriously? “He scoff, ” we need to talk” he pulled him into his office. ” Are you that hurt? “Doctor Malcolm asked.

“I’m not, something happened” he blunted. “Yeah the whole world knows Allison turned your down” he mumbled.

” No not that, I slept” he blunted and doctor Malcolm took few seconds to observe him.

” Breakup is really a bad thing, I know you are hurt but that doesn’t mean you should lose your mind. I still love you and I’m sure your family still love you too” he console him.

” I am not talking nonsense, I really slept for eleven hours!” He screamed and doctor Malcolm didn’t find it funny anymore.

“Are you serious?” He asked, “yes, I fell asleep and it wasn’t for an hour” his eyes glow in excitement and happiness.

” Tell me what happened, everything in detail, don’t miss anything. Everything is important” he said getting a pen and jotter.

He started from what he had for breakfast, the things he did, the places he visited, the people he met, then vin, the radio..

“Wait, did you say a radio?” He asked, “yes I was listening to a particular program Vin thought it would be of help to my already ruined relationship” he said that last part sarcastically.

” Where the radio?” He asked.

“I left it in the office I guess, I literally came straight here” he replied

” We need the radio, go get it and come back tonight I have to see what and how it happened” Dr Malcolm stated.

” Am I really getting better?” He asked himself with a smile. Maybe Allison is the reason he hasn’t gotten better. He thought.


“Mr Charles” Thea called knocking on his door. ” Come in” he replied and she opened the door.

She walked in slowly and stood in front of his table. “I was just about to send for you. It’s a good thing you are here” he said

” You wanted to see me? Why?” She asked hoping it’s some good news. She came to beg him to pay her salary in advance.

She really need the money, but it won’t be an easy job convincing Mr Charles, he’s not as easy one to get.

“You should go on first” he said and gestured with his hand. ” Mr Charles, you know I’m doing my best” she started and he waited patiently for her to continue, while guessing what she’s gonna say.

“I really want this company to be the best and I really hope my show can help which I believe it will” she continued.

” What are you getting at? “He asked.

“I need my salary” she blunted, “you were paid last month weren’t you? “He asked

” Yes! but I need you to pay me in advance” she blunted and waited for his reply, he wasn’t saying anything he just stared at her and she found those stares scary and dangerous.

“Mr Charles” she called but it came out like a whisper, she’s nervous about the unknown or she already knew it and she’s just ignoring it.

“You see Thea…” he paused


“Boss” April call but before she could say anything he rushed into his office. “What’s his deal” she mumble, before she could sit down he’s out again.

“Where is it?” He asked. “What are you looking for sir? “She asked.

” The radio on my table where is it? “He asked, ” radio? “She call trying to recall if she saw a radio.

” Are you saying you don’t know what a radio is? “He asked, ” ohh that radio” she exclaimed and he felt happy are least she saw it.

“Yes, that radio, where is it?” He asked, “it in The trash room. I thought it wasn’t useful so I dumped it in the bin” she answered.
T. B. C


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