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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“what?”, Cisco freaked. “I threw it away, that was my first time seeing a radio in your office so I thought… ”

” Where is it?”, He Interrupted. “In the trash, “if… ” April trailed off nervously, this is the first time she is this nervous in front of him, his expression was not friendly. “If what?” He inquired.

“If they haven’t collected the trash yet, it should be there” she answered. “Follow me” he ordered and rushed out of her office, she didn’t waste a minute before hurrying after him.

In a blink of an eye, they were in the trash room, going through the garbage, April felt uncomfortable because of the horrible smell, and she raised her head with her hand on her nose preventing her from perceiving too much of the smell.

She was surprised to see her boss going through the garbage not minding the smell, she was curious about that radio. Why is that radio so important to him?

Was it a gift from someone? It’s just a radio anyway it’s nothing special, maybe to her it’s not special but the way he’s searching for it, it is.

“Why are you standing?” He asked still going through the garbage which got her wondering how he knew she was not doing anything, or is he a wizard?

He wasn’t a wizard yesterday he can’t be one today, anything can happen within the night just like he is suddenly looking for a radio.

“Get to work April! Pray, I find that radio or you will lose your job,” he threatened. “My job?!” She exclaimed. “What has my job got to do with a radio?” She asked.

“That radio is worth your life or more than your life,” he replied. “How can you compare my life to a radio? That is absurd,” she scoffed.

“Stop talking and get to work!” He snapped and she resumed searching. She felt her hand on something, she was positive it was the radio, she quickly took it out of the trash and had a smile on her face as she walked toward Cisco and gently tap him on the shoulder.

“Don’t make me fire you April,” he said still going through the garbage. “You might change your mind after you see this,” she said with a smile.

He turned around and his face came into contact with the radio, he can’t describe what he felt at that moment. It was so amazing, happiness was an understatement.

He pulled April into a hug, a tight hug, she was surprised at his reaction. *Is this radio really important?* She wondered as he tightened the hug.

“Sir, I think we are too close. Rumors are quick to spread,” she said with a chuckle. He wondered what she meant by, ‘rumors are quick to spread’. Thankfully he’s smart, he let go of her and apologized, “Sorry.” She nodded with an awkward smile.

“Can I have the radio?” He requested calmly and she chuckle, that was the calmest word he said since they’d been together.

“This sure is important,” she said putting the radio on his opened palm. “Yeah, sorry for making you uncomfortable,” he apologized again before running out of the trash room.

She stared at him until he was out of view, “gosh I stink! I need another bath” She mumbled in disgust before rushing out of the room.


Doctor Malcolm was sited in his office with a CT scan close to him, with the look on his face it’s obvious he’s finding the scan a bit hard to read.

He sighed frustrated and rested his back on the chair, his gaze still on the CT scan. He caressed his forehead as he picked a white sheet on his desk, but his gaze was still on the CT.

He studied it for a while before moving closer to the CT, he compared both results but he still looked confused. “Found it!” Cisco shouted happily as he barged into the room.

Dr fell off the chair due to fear, he was not expecting anyone and if someone was coming in, he or she is expected to knock.

“Are you okay!” Cisco asked concerned. “No, all thanks to you,” he groaned trying to stand up.

“What were you watching? Porn?” He asked walking closer. “I am not like you,” he snapped.

“Yeah, I don’t watch porn during work,” he said sitting on the couch. He brought out the radio and placed it on the table in front of him. “When do you watch porn?” Dr asked.

“Are doctors allowed to ask such questions?” Cisco wondered with furrowed brows. “It’s allowed if we give it the title *examination*,” he replied. Cisco shook his head as he wondered if the guy in front of him is a doctor.

Dr. Malcolm finally noticed the radio on the table, ” why are you with a radio? Are you a dealer?” He joked. “New business, what do you think?” He asked.

“Great,” Dr. Malcolm replied. “It’s the healing radio!” He yells and Dr. Malcolm flinches for the umpteenth time. ” Doctors die you know,” he said holding his chest.

“I thought you guys are immortals,” Cisco mocked. “Healing radio, dope,” he mumbled standing up. He took the radio as soon as he got close to the table, “this is it?” He asked and Cisco nodded.

“What’s your plan?” Cisco asked. “Wait,” he replied simply which got Cisco confused. “Wait? What sort of plan is that? Who comes up with such a plan?” He asked rhetorically. “Me,” he answered. “Waiting is a virtue,” he added.

“It patience not waiting,” Cisco corrected. “patience is a virtue,” he mumbled trying to see its rhythm. “I guess you are right this time,” he concluded.

“Just admit that I’m always right,” Cisco said. “NEVER!!” He shouted which made Cisco laugh. “What time was it you slept?” Dr. Malcolm asked.

“I can’t remember,” he replied face-palming himself. “You have to,” Dr. Malcolm said and he groaned. * It starts by nine pm* Vin’s voice rang in his head.

“Nine pm,” he said raising his head. “Good, therapy is going to start by nine,” he said. “We are just going to wait?” Cisco asked.

“Got better ideas?” He asked. “No, we are going to wait,” he concluded. “I was right,” Dr. Malcolm boast. “Huh?” He arches his brows. “Waiting was the solution, not patience,” he said proudly.

“Don’t you have patients?” Cisco asked. “Is that your way of saying Malcolm you are right?” He asked teasingly. Cisco rolled his eyes and started away.


“What is it you want to talk about?” Thea asked nervously when he was not attempting to go on. “Tonight’s programme will be your last,” he replied bluntly.

“Am I losing my job or getting suspended?” She asked. He didn’t want to say it directly but she isn’t giving him a choice, ” you will be fired tonight,” he blurted.

“Why?” Thea asked the first question that came to her mind. “You are aware of the company’s situation aren’t you?” He asked.

“That isn’t an answer so I’ll ask again, why am I losing my job?” She asked with her head bowed. “I need to keep the company running and you aren’t competent. I need competent workers Thea, and you aren’t one of them. I’m sorry,” he apologized.

She wanted to cry and tell but one of those seemed like a solution, maybe her heart will feel lightened but it’s still not a permanent solution.

Me Charles was expecting her to say something, but she was not making a sound and her head was still bowed.

“Thea,” he called and she sniffed before raising her head. He thought she was crying, but her eyes were not red and her face was not wet. “Aren’t you going to say anything?” He asked.

“Thank you for everything, I hope you find a perfect solution for your company,” she said and he felt guilty. It isn’t like he did anything wrong, he is just trying to save his company.

He should have fired her ages back but he pitied her, she’s literally an orphan with no one to call her own. He wanted to say something but she beat him to it, “I have to prepare for tonight, it’s my last programme it has to be memorable,” she said with a smile.

He swallowed nothing as he watched her walk out of the room, he wished there was another way but unfortunately nothing could be done.


“It’s time,” Cisco giggled as he took the radio. He sat impatiently in front of it, waiting for the programme to begin.

“Are you ready to fall asleep?” Malcolm joked. “Are you ready to see a miracle?” He replied. Malcolm wanted to retort but the voice from the radio stopped him.

*Good evening citizens, you are listening to when love hurts by Thea Robert from Charles radio station* she introduced.

“Her voice is angelic,” Dr. Malcolm admitted. “You are right,” Cisco agreed.

“You just admitted that I’m right,” Dr. Malcolm started.
T. B. C

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