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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“You just admitted that I’m right,” Dr. Malcolm stated. “You heard wrong,” Cisco replied.

*I won’t be talking about broken relationships nor will I tell you other’s stories, our discussion tonight will be titled; GOODBYE. We all find it hard to let someone or something go, probably because of the unbearable pain we will feel in our hearts*

*One of the best things that can happen to someone is losing something or someone, it’s one of the best because we get something more valuable. Life is meaningless without goodbyes, without goodbye we won’t get a welcome, and welcome is beautiful*

By this time Cisco was long asleep on the couch, Malcolm thought he was going to wake up after an hour so he left the office to attend to patients, he will come looking for him when he woke up.


Thea sniffed silently as she walked out of the broadcasting room, she met Mr. Charles by the door, it seemed like he was waiting for her.

“I already cleared my desk, I’ll be heading out now, thanks again,” she said. “This… Is for you,” he said and his voice broke as he said each word.

Thea collected the envelope and opened it to see a few dollars note, “what is this?” She asked. “Money,” he replied. “What’s it for?” She asked. The company isn’t owing her so she’s not expecting anything from him.

“You should use that until you get a job,” he said and she hugged him. He pats her back gently she wraps her arms around him.

“Thank you for everything Mr. Charles, thank you for everything you’ve done,” she appreciated with her arm still wrapped around him.

“I should leave,” she said and let go of him. She held the envelope tight as she walked away, “Thea,” Mr. Charles called and she turned around with a sad smile. “Aren’t you going to say goodbye?” He asked.

“Goodbye Mr. Charles,” she said. “Goodbye,” he replied and she nodded gently before walking away. She had this sad smile on as she watched the building, she was standing outside with her bag.

She remembered the first time she met Mr. Charles, he was mad at an employee that came late to work and was not remorseful for his actions.

He was scolding her right outside the company when Thea walked toward them, and said, *To get rid of a problem find a solution and I am the perfect solution.*

He was astonished at her way of saying *fire her and hire me*. He invited her to his office for an interview which she undoubtedly passed.

“Time flies,” she thought and dialed Mavis’s number. She is the only solution to her problem right now, it didn’t take long for her to pick up.

“Hey mavvy,” she said. “What was your show about? Why will you suddenly talk about goodbye? Did something happen to uncle or aunt?” She bombarded her with questions.

“I’ll be in your apartment in the next twenty minutes, I’m famished,” she said and hung up.


Mavis watched Thea devour the food, she looked like a vampire deprived of blood. She hasn’t said a word since she got there, she walked straight to the dining table and started devouring the food.

“Thanks,” she appreciated dropping the empty plate of noodles. “Wanna talk about it? Don’t lie to me,” Mavis warned.

“I’m jobless, homeless, and I have lots of depth to pay,” she started. “Jobless?!” Mavis exclaimed. “Yeah, I am the queen of bad luck, don’t you think?” She chuckled.

“What’s your plan?” Mavis asked. “Get a job, clear my depths, and avoid trouble as much as I can,” she replied.

“How do you plan on getting a job without a certificate?” Mavis asked. “Fabricate one,” she replied.

“You need money to do that and I’m sure you have nothing on you, not just that you will end up in jail if caught,” she said. Thea bowed her head with her eyes shut, why isn’t it getting better? Why does she feel like she’s getting punished for the Universe’s mistake?

All she wants is a normal happy life, why is it so hard to get. “Don’t worry too much, I’ll help in any way I can. Go get some rest,” Mavis said and carried the plate in front of her.

Thea walked to the living room and lay on the couch, she stared at the ceiling as different thoughts ran through her head.

“It’s gonna be cold at night, let’s sleep together,” Mavis suggested. “Your bed is too small,” she replied.

“It will be fine,” Mavis tried to sound convincing. “I love it here,” she replied. Mavis nodded and went to sleep.


Malcolm was surprised to find Cisco still asleep the previous night, the radio was still on but another program was going on. He picked it up and turned it off.

Dr. Malcolm was already awake but Cisco was still sleeping, Cisco was right it is a miracle.

“Good morning,” Cisco greeted as he rubbed his eyes, he was sitting up. “Morning, I thought you had no plans of waking up,” he joked.

“How many hours?” Cisco asked. “Ten,” Dr. Malcolm replied. “What are we doing next?” He asked.

“It’s your cure, that voice. You should hold onto it,” he replied. “What do you mean by hold on to it?” He asked.

“Keep on listening to the radio when you want to sleep,” Dr. Malcolm replied. Cisco sighed and started at the radio, ‘are you really the solution?’ He thought.

“How did you discover this?” Dr. Malcolm asked. “Vin gave it to me, he said it’s going to help my love life,” he replied.

“You should buy him dinner,” Dr. Malcolm suggested. “I owe him everything,” he agreed.

“You should have a shower, you stink,” he said. “Annoying,” Cisco mumbled and grabbed his phone before leaving his office.

He texted Vin on his way out, he asked him if he would be free tonight. He saw messages from his mom, she’s worried about him.

There was one from his dad, he asked if he has spoke to Allison, he sighed and sent Allison a message. He was already in his car, he asked if they could meet and she replies no immediately.

He groaned and threw the phone randomly on the passenger seat, he ignited the car and drove away at full speed.


“I heard the boss got rejected,” a worker gossiped. “Yeah, I saw the video,” another replied. “He is so heartbroken, he wasn’t in his office yesterday and there is a rumor going around that he is losing his mind,” she said.

The other girl gasped, “that can’t be true,” she said. “It’s true, someone saw him in the trash room with his secretary, he was looking for something. He looked so serious,” she explained. “Allison is really cruel, how she do that to him when he is nothing but sweet,” the other girl pitied him.

“How much do you get paid?” Cisco asked behind them and they flinched. “Boss!” They called in unison. “Why do you work here?” He asked and they started at each other confused.

“We don’t understand boss,” the first girl said. “I mean you guys have the potential of a journalist, working as one will be a dream come true don’t you think?” He asked

“We are sorry boss, please don’t fire us,” they pleaded. “I have no plans of doing that, I thought you would prefer turning in your resignation,” he said. “Francisco!” Vin called as he walked towards him.

“We are sorry boss Cisco,” they apologized as soon as Vin got there and rushed out of his sight. “What’s wrong with them?” Vin asked.

“Gossip, I wonder who took a recorded it and dared to post it,” he said. “Record what?” Vin asked. “My proposal to Allison, it’s viral,” he replied and Vin felt his heart explode.

“It’s Greg, he keeps doing childish things. Does he plan on ruining my reputation with that,” he scoffed. “He should try harder,” he concluded.

“What if it wasn’t Greg?” Vin asked. “It’s Greg he’s the only one with such motives” he replied and led the way while Vin followed. “What if someone else did it, it could be anyone, it could be me, mom, or dad,” he said.

“Did you post the video?” Cisco asked, Vin’s way of confessing is always funny. “I could have, it was not intentional. I thought she was going to say yes, I had no idea she was going to turn you down,” he explained.

“It’s fine,” Cisco replied. “So where are we going? Why are we going out in the first place? Is there an occasion?” He asked as they entered the car.

“Just felt like spending some time with my kid brother,” he replied. Cisco not letting them have the whole night angered Vin, but he has no choice.

Cisco had a quick shower and slept in his bed, he turned on the radio five minutes to nine but something strange happened…
T. B. C

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