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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Service




“You?” Vin pointed at the lady with an annoyed look. “Why are you here?” He questioned
“I work here,” she replied and walked away to attend to another customer. “Are you stalking me?” He asked.
“No, why would I do that? It is a complete waste Of time,” she replied. “You did earlier, you could have to stalk me again just to see my handsome face,” he bragged.
“Is your face worth seeing? It doesn’t look pretty to me, but since you think you look handsome what can I say?” She shrugged
Vin leaned over the counter and dragged her arm. “What are you doing?” She asked quite stunned.
“You don’t think I am handsome?” He asked. “You are handsome but not enough, you look miserable and lonely. It’s ruining your face, if you smile more maybe you will look handsome,” she replied.
“Who do you think you are to give advice? You are just as miserable as I am,” he rolled his eyes.
“You asked for advice, don’t be cocky,” she rolled her eyes and free her arm from his grip.
“Cocky? Who do you think you are to call me names? Who?!” He snapped.
“This is my fault,” the lady muttered. “Yeah, it is… It is all your fault,” he replied aloud.
“Your brain must have been affected by the fall, what are we going to do? I don’t have enough money or I would have taken you to the hospital,” the lady muttered sadly.
“Who are you taking to the hospital?” Vin questioned. “You, who else?” She questioned back.
“Do I look like I need medical attention?” He pointed his index finger at himself.
“Yes, I will finish my shift by ten. Hospitals are always open, right?” She asked but he ignored her.
“I am going to drive you to the hospital but you will pay for the treatment,” she smiled at him and walked to another customer.
“Who does she think she is?” Vin scoffed. He glared at his order and dipped his hand into his pocket, he brought out his wallet and dropped some notes.
He knew he had to wait for his chance but that was the least of his problems. “Are you done?” The girl asked as she sighted him walking away but he didn’t bother to give a response.
“Okay,” she mumbled and walked back to his order. “Why did he leave such a huge amount?”
Mavis was sited in her living room with the TV on but her concentration was on her phone rather than the TV.
The door was opened and she guessed it was Victor, he is the only person that knew the new password.
“Love,” Mavis called not raising her head and Thea furrowed her brows, she was holding asleep Davis.
He fell asleep on the way, she glances at Sol who was equally confused.
“I am starving, can you order something for us?” She requested. The guesses she has a boyfriend, she must have thought it was him.
“Why aren’t you moving?” She questioned still not sparing the fellow a glance. “I am not moving because I have no idea of what you are talking about,” Thea replied and she flinched.
Her phone dropped and she was literally off the couch. “Why are you here? How did you figure out the password?” She questioned.
“Are you dating?” Thea questioned back instead. “You haven’t answered my question,” she rolled her eyes.
“You are an idiot and we have been friends forever, I know your password,” Thea replied.
“Oh,” Mavis pouted. “Now, my question. Do you have a boyfriend?” Thea asked.
“Maybe, we are not that serious but I think he likes me,” she replied, blushing.
“Are you kidding me? You have a boyfriend and I am the last being In the universe to know,” Thea frowned deeply.
“I am sorry, it wasn’t intentional. I knew you were busy with Cisco’s stuff and all, I didn’t wanna add to the list,” she replied, truthfully.
“Add to the list? How is your relationship going to be a problem for me?” They asked
“I don’t know, I was just nervous about how you would react,” she scratch the back of her head nervously. “First, I need to lay, Davis,” Thea said and Mavis carried the boy from her.
“Now, who is the lucky guy?” She asked. “Victor,” Mavis replied.
“Victor? Victor Cruz? You are back with your ex?” She questioned as she was confused, she was not expecting them to get back together.
“Yes, we discovered that we still have feelings for each other,” she replied. “Oh,” Thea pouted.
A few minutes later Mavis stared at Thea suspiciously, she was expecting Thea to scold her. But here she is acting cool.
“Aren’t you going to say anything?” Mavis asked. “Congratulations, I hope he doesn’t break your heart again,” Thea smiled sarcastically.
“You are faking that, go ahead and scold me,” she urged her but Thea ignored her.
“It’s your heart Mavis, I won’t scold you. We are in similar situations,” she mumbled in her last sentences.
“What do you mean?” Mavis inquired. “Is it about Cisco?”
“Yeah,” she replied. “You still have feelings for him?” Mavis asked.
“I don’t know, but he confessed his feelings,” she replied. “What? What was your reply? Don’t tell me you gave him a positive answer,” she frowned.
“I gave no reply but I am not sure if I want to stay away from him Mavis,” she replied.
“Why does love has to be hard on us?” Mavis wondered out loud. “I guess it isn’t meant for us,” Thea sighed.
“But I will try to make my love life work,” Mavis smiled. “Good luck on that, I will try to be a good mother,” Thea said and they smiled.
“Why are you here during weekdays, do you have the day off?” Mavis asked.
“No, I got suspended,” Thea replied. “Why?” Mavis asked.
“A long story that I am not interested in talking about,” Thea replied.
Cisco was downstairs setting the table, Chloe was discharged the previous night.
“Good morning angel,” He greeted Michelle as a maid brought her downstairs. “Where is Chloe?” He asked the maid.
“Upstairs,” the maid replied. “I will hold her,” he carried Michell while the maid walked away.
“Sorry, I made you wait,” Chloe apologized as walked closer, she took a sit while Cisco sat Mitchell on the chair meant for her.
“Chloe, we have to talk,” he started. “Okay,” she replied.
“I don’t want to seem unfair, I love Michelle and I want the best for her. And I love Davis and Thea just as much as I love Mitchell, I will spend time with my son and the love of my life and don’t want you to do anything funny,” he stated with a straight face.
“You want to date Thea?” She asked
Eight years later
Mitchell, Davis, and Nathan were hanging out at Thea’s place, it was Saturday but she had an emergency at the office so she had to leave them with Nora.
Allison drove her, while Mrs. Robert had a doctor’s appointment. Sol and Flora were there too, ever since Sol met Flora at Mitchell and David’s first birthday he has had a crush on her.
Flora keeps reminding him she is a year older than him whenever he brings the discussion up.
“I will be in my room, I have to fold the laundry. You guys should look after your siblings,” Nora directed her speech to Sol and Flora.
“I wish we could have an ice cream,” Mitchell muttered. “Best friend,” Davis called and Sol turned to him.
“Can we have ice cream?” He asked. “But we don’t have ice cream in the fridge,” Sol muttered.
“We can get some at the ice cream parlor,” Mitchell suggested. “Yeah,” Nathan supported.
“Fine you guys should be careful,” Sol cautioned and gave them some cash.
“Can I go with them?” Nathan asked Flora. “Don’t be a killer vibe,” Sol teased.
“Fine but you guys must be careful, no scratch or I am going to tell aunt Chloe,” she threatened since the kids are scared of Chloe.
They ran off before she finished her sentence, Nathan was short so he found it hard to keep up with them.
“That teddy is cute,” Mitchell complimented as her eyes caught a blue teddy. “Let’s check it out,” Davis said and rushed to cross the road since it was across the street.
“David wait!” She screamed but it was too late. “Davis,” Nathan who was behind muttered in fear
“Davis!” Mitchell screamed while he got knocked down by a car. “Davis, open your eyes. Help! Help us, my brother is dying!” Mitchell screamed as she shook Davis’s body.
People gather around them, some pitied them while some tried to reach 911. Mitchell screamed as she shook his body.
“Mi… Mitchell,” Davis coughed weakly. “I am scared,” he muttered.
“Don’t be, mom and dad will soon be here,” She assured with tears gushing out of her eyes.
T. B. C

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