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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Service




Thea sat with Davis who wouldn’t stop crying, Sol tried consoling him but he listened to no one.

“Son,” Thea called. “Stop crying, it’s fine,” she assured.

“Mom…” He trailed off. “Aunt Thea,” he called and Mavis felt tears slip out of her eyes as she watched the poor boy, everyone understood how hard it is for him.

The woman he has learned to love for the past nine years turns out to be a stranger, the man he loved, the family who accepted him.

Everyone he has ever known, they are a stranger. Could anything ever feel the same? Will anyone treat him the same way?

What if they try to find his real parent? What if they return him? Who are his family? Life will no doubt take a new turn on him but what will that new turn be?

“Don’t call me that, I am still your mommy,” Thea stated. “But I am not your son, I am some random kid who is lucky enough to be raised by you,” he replied and Mrs. Robert moved closer to them.

She turned Davis to face her, her eyes were teary but she was trying her best to conceal everything.

“Hey, I am your grandma and I don’t care what the DNA results say okay, nothing will change the fact that you are my grandson, you are still a part of our family,” She said and hugged him.

“I love you, grandma,” he sobbed. “I love you more,” she replied.

“And I am your best friend,” Sol said. “I am still your uncle,” Vin said.

“Same here,” Greg added. “We are your grandparents too,” Mr. King said though it was unexpected.

“I am still your aunt,” Allison said. “And I will forever be your godmother,” Mavis smiled.

“I am your dad too, you are a family,” Cisco smiled with Mitchell crying silently beside him.

Mitchell was not fine, it’s not like she is attached to Chloe or anything but it was still hard for her to accept the truth.

“Hey,” Cisco tap her. “Can we go home, my eyelid feels heavy,” she said and stood up?

She didn’t bother to say goodbye to anyone before leaving the house.

Everyone was stunned at the same time understood her feelings, she practically just lost her mom.

About an hour later everyone left for their respective homes, Davis and Sol were asleep.

Thea was still in the living room with Allison.

“What’s on your mind?” Allison asked. “Mitchell,” she replied truthfully.

“Do you think she is okay? Do you think she will accept me?” She asked worriedly.

“I am sure she is fine, Cisco will look after her,” Allison assured. “I know she loves me as an aunt but will she love me as a mother?” She wondered.

“I think I know the answer to that,” Allison said and Thea jerked up. “What?” She inquired.

“You worry too much,” she replied and Thea glared at her. “What? It is the truth, you simply carry the world on your shoulders. You should give it a rest, I know you are probably blaming yourself for what happened with you and Mitchell but it is nowhere near your fault. And Mitchell is a smart kid, she understands that,” Allison assured.

“Just go to sleep and let the problem solve itself,” She suggested. “You know problems don’t solve themselves right?” Thea asked.

“Go to sleep big brain!” Allison snapped and Thea laughed at her.


Dr. Malcolm made it a priority to visit Cisco, he needed to apologize to him. Cisco trusted him but he messed up big time, he sat patiently on the couch.

He stood up as soon as he heard footsteps, he raised his head only to see Mitchell.

“Mitchell,” he called and she forced a smile. “Good morning,” she greeted and went to the kitchen.

Cisco walked downstairs a few minutes later, he had a frown on his face.

“Francisco,” Dr. Malcolm called. “I am sorry,” he apologized.

“It’s early,” Cisco replied nonchalantly. “I am sorry Cisco, I know what I did was wrong and I regret my actions,” he bowed his head.

“Regret? You were my best friend and I trusted you with my deepest secret but you broke it, you lied to me!” Cisco snapped hurtfully.

“I was in a tight spot,” he replied. “Do you have any idea how affected I was? How your decisions ruined lives, not just my life but Mitchell’s, Thea, and Davis’s!” He listed.

“It is my fault, I am not going to deny it. I am ready for whatever punishment you will give, just don’t push me away,” he pleaded with his palms glued together.

“Just leave, staring at you reminds me of what you have done,” Cisco turned to leave but Dr. Malcolm rushed to him and held his hand.

“I am sorry, don’t push me away. I don’t want to lose you, our friendship is so important to me,” he pleaded on the verge of tears.

“You should have thought about that,” Cisco replied. “I was foolish, I admit I was,” he mumbled and Cisco turned to face him.

“I am sorry,” he mumbled. “It’s fine, I forgive you.” Cisco blurted.

“Really?” He raised his head with so much excitement. “I won’t repeat it,” Cisco smiled.

“You forgive me,” he repeated stunned.

“I don’t wanna forgive you but what can I do if you keep apologizing?” He asked and Dr. Malcolm smiled.

He pulled him into a hug, Dr. Malcolm felt like the happiest man alive as he gently wrapped his arms around Cisco.

They chatted for a while before he left. Mitchell sat on the couch watching TV when the door was opened and Thea walked in.

Mitchell only stared at her, she was unsure of what to call her or what to say.

“Mitchell,” she called about to apologize. “Don’t apologize,” Mitchell stopped her.

“I am not mad at you,” she added. “What happened wasn’t your fault, you didn’t know I was your daughter. You don’t owe me an apology.”

“My child,” Thea cried and rushed to hug her. “Don’t cry you will make me feel guilty,” Mitchell muttered with a smile.

She couldn’t how good it felt to be hugged by her real mother. “I am sorry, I won’t cry. I won’t cry,” Thea assured.

Cisco walked in on them and he smiled with tears lingering in his eyes, he couldn’t help but join the hug.

“I love you both,” he whispered into their ears. “I love you too, daddy,” Mitchell replied.

Thea was heartbroken for a moment. “I love you mom,” she added and Thea’s heart raced.

“Our family is complete, I am so happy!” Cisco yelled happily

A week later……

There was a party in Cisco’s house everyone already forgot about what happened. It was like it never happened and Cisco pleaded with everyone not to talk about it for the sake of the kids.

“Everyone I have an announcement to make,” Vin said and all eyes were on him. “I and Ciara are engaged and we are getting married soon,” he announced and everyone clapped.

He pulled Ciara closer and gave her a deep kiss, everyone clapped and Ciara buried her face in his chest after the kiss

“She is shy,” Greg whispered and Octavia smiled, she gave Greg a secret peck.

“I love you,” Greg mouthed.

“We have something to share too,” Victor said holding Mavis’s hand

“We are expecting a baby,” they announced in unison and everyone clapped

“Congratulations bestie,” Thea congratulated and they side-hugged. “Thanks, you are automatically the godmother,” Mavis winked at her.

“Do you guys take turns being godmothers?” Davis joked. “That means you are my godmother too,” Mitchell said.

“Yes, love,” Mavis replied.

“Mr. And Mrs. King,” Sol faced Greg and Octavia. “Since everyone is making an announcement I think I should make mine, I love your daughter and I want you to keep her away from all boys of course, except you and any other male family. I will come back for her hand in marriage in the future,” he blurted and Flora face palmed herself.

“Idiot,” Flora mumbled. “Ohh,” Nathan teased.

Octavia and Greg glanced at each other, before they could say a word Cisco hit the bottle of champagne and all attention was diverted to him.

“Thank you all for being here tonight, our family has been through a lot but we overcame it all. I want to use this medium to say, I am proud of us all!” He announced and everyone clapped

“Thanks, uncle,” Flora mumbled.

“And Thea,” he turned to her and dipped his hand into his pocket. “This is what I have always wanted to do ever since your voice became my addiction.”

Cisco went in his knee and opened the box revealing a silver ring.

“Will you marry me, Thea Robert?” Cisco asked and Thea gasped.

“What do you think?” Thea winked and he smiled. “Yes,” she answered and he slipped the ring into her finger.
T. B. C

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