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(Miss Perfect👠)


By: Faith Lucky

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They are three brothers;
Three friends;
Three angels.

You could call them any of the three, but be sure to avoid them ’cause they were dangerous.

Ethan – he was the Angel of Wisdom; the smartest among the three.

It was almost impossible getting him deceived because he was filled with wisdom and could fix any puzzle. He was dreaded.

Meet Claus – he was the Angel of love.

Being the Angel of love doesn’t mean he’s got no enemies or doesn’t hate anyone. No.
It only means he finds it easy to love and flow with people. You could say he’s the warmest among the three.

In addition to his powers, he’s a s*x freak and always wants to screw anything in skirt. He was a funny, daring jerk.

And meet Jericho – the Angel of…

Angel of what exactly?🤔

Well, you can say Angel of darkness.

He was the most powerful among the three, charming and tempting. But he had the darkest heart.

Doesn’t hesitate to kill within a second, doesn’t hesitate to wipe anyone just to get what he wants.


He was unpredictable; his expression always cold and blank. No one could ever tell what was on his mind.

These three Angels didn’t come from earth; they came from a different world where they had so many other angels with different Powers – just like them. But these three were one of the most powerful and respected.

One day, they had woken up to a task from their leader. He had assigned all three of them to earth to carry out a particular mission and they only had a particular time to do it before returning back to the planet.


Meet Valerie Waltson.

A 20 year old arrogant brat.

She’s the only daughter of a multi billionaire and as a result, was born with a silver spoon. From birth, she was already treated like a queen and growing up, she saw everyone as her minions.

Valerie’s very selective including the friends she keeps, clothes she wears, what she eats, parties she attends….
The life of a pompous brat was already running in her gene and she felt there was nothing she could do to stop it. She didn’t even want to stop it.
She was perfect.

Her greatest treasure was her skin – her beauty.


Valerie had a stunning beauty – one that could drive anyone crazy and she felt that was her greatest gift. She never jokes with her skin; her face.

Girls her age disliked and envied her, others complained about her attitude, but hell, she didn’t give a damn.

Get her angry and she’d have her father lock you up in jail.

She doesn’t care about any one else, except her dad, mum, best friend and Lincoln – her boyfriend.

Well, yeah. She had a boyfriend – the love of her life.

Valerie would be turning 21 soon and she plans on making it the best birthday party of the year.

Her parents were already pumping money into the preparations, high celebrities from all over the world had already been prepped about the invitation, TV stations had already been paid to record the event…..

Everything was going on well and with the look of things, the party was going to be a blast.

Well, Valerie couldn’t wait.

But what happens when Valerie wakes up one morning and discovers some ugly black spots on her face?

She had almost lost it; almost ran mad. And it took the intervention of her parents, trying to stop her from it.

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Her precious skin was affected! It was ruined!!

She was taken to the best hospitals, but they said there was nothing medically wrong with her and couldn’t tell where the black spots were coming from.

Her parents called and contacted some high profile doctors within and outside the country, but there was still no positive result.

Valerie was terrified.

She couldn’t let anyone see her that way. Her enemies would laugh at her; everyone would laugh at her. And her birthday was just a few days away.


She couldn’t bear it. What did she do wrong???

Suddenly, something occured to her. A memory came flashing into her head; memories from the previous night.

She had encountered a boy – a strange boy.

And she had remembered making him upset….
Who’s ready for this, guys?😋😋😋
Trust me,you wouldn’t wanna miss it☺️


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