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Calista suddenly sat up “Speaking of Noah, I’ve only heard of him and seen him once on my laptop screen online. I don’t think I’ll be able to recognize him, if I do see him in real life.”

“You don’t know what he looks like.” Mika repeated.
“I don’t to be honest, I’ve only seen him once and only on the internet, and it was his side profile, it was when this website took me to another site that has ten things you need to know about the all time young billionaire Noah Leonhart, so maybe I will or will not be able to tell who Noah is if I meet him in person. ” Calista expounded.

“Want a description? Of him?” Mika asked.

“Are you trying to show off?” Calista squinted her eyes.
“Everyone’s showing off when it comes to you, so just shush and listen, he may or may not become your future boss one day, so listen.” Mika scolded.

“I’m all ears ma’am.” Calista smiled.

“Okay uhm where do I start from, he’s uhm… He’s tall, same height with Adrian, if I can guess correctly, he looks cold-

“Just like Adrian.” Calista interrupted.

“Adrian doesn’t look cold. And just let me finish.” Mika sighed, getting a nod from Calista.
She continued. “He’s blonde, ocean blue eyes, high cheek bones that almost closes his eyes and has this edgy like jawline. He’s okay, but not up to my Adrian.” Mika beamed.
“Ugh. You’re so cheesy” Calista rolled her eyes.
The evening sky welcomed the city as Noah walked out of a sky scrapper adjusting his blazer, he stood patiently waiting for his driver to get the car door for him. And as the driver did, he walked into his car and without wasting any time, his driver drove him to his company.

Noah stepped into his office and ringed up Boris, and Boris came running into the office minutes later.

“Sir… You’re back.” Boris smiled.
“Yes, and I am exhausted, how was today, the interview, everything, how did it go?” Noah asked.

Boris looked down at his iPad, before looking back up at Noah. “Out of forty eight interviewees, twenty arrived late, and out of the the remaining twenty eight, according to the interviewers, nine were picked, and they will be receiving an email concerning that”.

“Okay, good, I’ll be leaving the rest to you, I need to head home for now” Noah sighed, getting on his feet.
“No problem sir. I’ll handle everything, take care.” Boris smiled.
“I think it’s time I leave, it’s getting late” Calista said getting on her feet and grabbing her phone.

“Stay for a little while, come on.” Mika smiled.

“Uhm.. Maybe another day.” Calista sighed slipping on her skirt.
“You’re not a good person.” Mika scoffed.

“Oh really? I was going to get you the world for your birthday, but since I’m not a good person, I’ll keep the world to myself then.” Calista shrugged.
Mika got on her feet. “Touché” she laughed.

“I’m serious” Calista threw her brows up. “So… How is Tuesday going to be?”.

Mika frowned. “As usual, you, me, Ray. But this year Adrian is in the picture. So just the foue of us, but I’m a bit worried, Adrian doesn’t like Ray that much.”

“Adrian doesn’t like anybody” Calista corrected.
The door to the living room suddenly clicked open and Adrian walked inside with his mini briefcase in his hand.

“Adrian.” Mika called excitedly, rushing up to give him a hug.
They both shared a kiss and Calista brows went up immediately.

“And this is my cue to leave.” she mumbled under her breath.

“Good evening Calista.” Adrian stated, noticing Calista in his home.
“Good evening Adrian.” Calista breathed out. “Hope you have a wonderful evening, I’ll be taking my leave now.”

“Why are you both suddenly formal?” Mika asked.

“Leaving already?” Adrian smirked.

“I know you’re glad that I’m leaving.” Calista beamed.
“You are one hundred percent wrong” Adrian sighed.
“I can tell you’re lying.” Calista narrowed her eyes at him.

“Okay both of you stop it, you’re both acting like kids. Always.” Mika shook her head.

Adrian smiled. “Well Calista, it was lovely having you around, hope to see you soon, have a wonderful night.” And with that he walked away.

“You and Adrian” Mika shook her head.
“Come on, I’ll walk you outside” she added.
Calista got home that evening and after taking a shower, she changed into one of her most comfortable outfit, before plopping down her bed to stare at her phone, at least she had a teensy tiny bit of hope.
Night soon fall across the city, with Calista getting sleepy as she stared at her fone with a frown on her face.
“Did I not get in?” She questioned. “It’s already night time.”.

“But there is still tomorrow. I can wait till tomorrow, and if tomorrow arrives and I get no message, then I didn’t get in” Calista sighed.

She shut her eyes and let’s out a groan, when suddenly she heard her phone’s message tone and almost dropped her phone while tying to grab it.
Seeing a message from Mr. Anonymous killed Calista on the inside, but another part of her still remained grateful.
She could use him to pass time.

“Earth to Miss. Anonymous.” The message had said.

Calista tried to smile but couldn’t find her smile. She typed.
“Hell to you.” with a smiley emoji.

Mr. Anonymous replied. “How was your day?”

Calista sighed as she typed. “Can I just say it was a day I’d love to skip if I do have chances of controlling my days”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “What’s wrong? Got hit by a bus?” with a knife emoji.

Calista finally smiled as she typed. “You really need to learn how to use your emojis, what does a knife has to do with me getting hit by a bus?”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “Because getting hit by a bus, you feel pain and that’s what the knife represented.”

Calista laughed, as she typed.
“You could have used a bus emoji and a face emoji with a bandage on its head.”

A notification suddenly popped up on Calista’s phone and seeing the first few words that said ‘Good day you have been’, her blood boiled as she clicked on the message.

“I got in.!” Calista yelled, and realized she was alone.
Message contained the email sent from Anees to congratulate her on being a new employee for Anees and will be officially be tagged as an employee after her first day.

A message suddenly came from Mr. Anonymous and Calista immediately skipped the message from Anees and to reply Mr. Anonymous’ message.

“You are pretty good with emojis” Mr. Anonymous had sent.

Calista smiled as she typed. She was feeling much better.
“I guess, I’m not old fashion like you”.

Mr. Anonymous replied. “Ouch!” with a heart broken emoji.

Calista typed.
“See, that’s much better”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “I guess so.”

Calista laid on her bed, and with a grin on her face, her hands worked on her phone screen, asking Mr. Anonymous a question that excited her a bit.
“What do you know about Anees? Have you heard of it before?”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “I guess I have. And what I do know? I do know it for its fine cosmetics they produce”.

Calista nod her head. Who wouldn’t know about the biggest moment in town.

Calista typed. “Do you know it belongs to Noah Leonhart, do you know him?”.

Mr. Anonymous replied. “Uhm… I guess, I do. He’s pretty handsome if you ask me.”

Calista squinted her eyes at the message before texting. “Have you met him in person?”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “Yes… Once. I guess.”

Calista sighed. “Lucky you, to be honest, I don’t really know but I guess I’ll do like to meet him in person, my friend who has met him in person said he has high cheek bones al osg covering his eyes and that sounded so funny”.

Mr. Anonymous replied. “I don’t have high cheek bones.”

Calista paused to look at the message. Did Mr Anonymous just used “I?”.

Another message suddenly came in.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean i, I meant He, Noah Leonhart doesn’t have high cheek bones, trust me.”

Calista scoffed.
“Trust you? I know you as Mr. Anonymous behind a phone screen, if I’m trusting anybody it should be my best friend, I’ll take her words for it until I see him in person.”

Mr. Anonymous replied. “Well your choice.”.
The night went on with both Calista and Mr. Anonymous texting their night away, and later that night, their chats aggressively ended when the most silliest argument came about which is better between a dog or a cat, to have as a pet, and with Calista siding a cat, and Mr. Anonymous opposing, they got mad at each other and called it a night
The weekend passed like a breeze with Calista hanging out with Ray that Friday for n hour before he was called and that he was needed and had to leave Calista, who went home disappointed.
Saturday came and left with Calista sleeping almost the entire day, and Sunday she watched a marathon of her favorite movie that night to avoid talking to Mr. Anonymous, they haven’t spoke since their little petty cat and dog fight.
Calista knew it was juvenile but since Mr. Anonymous wouldn’t text her first, she wasn’t going to text him first to, girls aren’t supposed to beg boys for attention, at least that was what she was thought.
Monday arrived like a breeze and Calista woke up two hours before her alarm to get ready for work.
She was excited as hell.

Picking out the shark skin suit pants she got fired with from her closet.
Calista stood in front of her mirror to admire herself, but gave up when she realized she looked horrible.
Applying lip gloss to look alive, Calista grabbed her purse, phone and hurried down to street to get a taxi.
She wanted to take the bus, but it was first day of work. She had to take a taxi.
Trying not to gawk around the company like a seagull after walking in, Calista composed herself and looked around one more time. The email from last night had clearly pointed out that all new employees should wait in the room the interview was held and that they will be attended.
After deciding on taking the elevator, Calista walked in front of it and pushed the button, immediately the door open, she rushed in, ready to let the door close, when she suddenly had company.

“Ah, sorry” Noah apologized, making the doors open again with his hand and walking inside the elevator.
T. B. C

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