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Alicia grimaced at Jeremy, gobsmacked by his action.
Jeremy took his hand off her wrist and gave her a confused stare.
“What?” He asked when she kept frowning at him without saying anything.
“Seriously Jeremy,” she crossed her arm “you and her?”
He shrugged. “We just had a few conversation over lunch” he said.
“Few conversation, huh? About what?” She asked, perking her brows at him.
Jeremy exhaled silently, not responding to her question.
“What? You can’t tell me about your few conversations?” Alicia asked, laying emphasis on the conversations. “I can’t believe you!” She seethe and began walking away, furious.
Jeremy rushed to walk beside.
“Alicia..look I know you’re mad at Rebecca but-
“I’m not mad at Rebecca, at least not right now. I’m mad at you, Jeremy” she said.
“What? Me?” He asked.
“Yes. I can’t believe you left your friends at the cafeteria to have few conversations with Rebecca” Alicia said, frowning.
“But she’s my friend too and besides, I informed Harrison I wouldn’t join you guys at the cafeteria beforehand” Jeremy said.
“Oh really? So Rebecca’s your friend now?” Alicia asked, stopping to stare at him.
“Yeah and-
“And we’re not?” She cut him off.
“No. I didn’t say that-
“Well have fun with REBECCA!” she yanked at him and walked away.

Jeremy released a long sigh..
“Ugh! I can’t believe we’re arguing again!” He mumbled to himself and turned, heading to class.

“What happened between you and Alicia?” Harrison asked, while they waited for the departure bell. “She’s been acting a little strange after leaving the cafeteria to talk to you”
“I don’t know. She’s just mad at me for some reason,” Jeremy said, flipping through the note in front of him.
“What reason?” Harrison persisted.
“I don’t know if it’s about me not joining you guys at the cafeteria or talking to Rebecca” Jeremy said. “Or maybe both” he added with a shrug.
Harrison sighed. “Classic Alice,” he smiled. “She’s always like that; she gets jealous when her enemies are picked over her” he said.
“But it’s my life. I choose who I wanna be friends with” Jeremy said.
“Right.. don’t sweat it, Jeremy. She’ll come along, trust me” Harrison said, patting his shoulder lightly. “And whoa..I didn’t know you and Rebecca are friends” Harrison said.
“Well, we’re kinda” he said, wondering if Rebecca also see them as *friends* too.
“Friends with Rebecca?!” Harrison asked, with a grimace. “Well, I hope she doesn’t backstab you,” he added, rolling his eyes.
Jeremy was about replying the statement when Alicia walked by..
“Alicia? Are you leaving already?” Harrison asked.
“Yeah. I’m leaving” she said, stopping to stare at him and avoiding Jeremy’s gaze.
“No extra class?” He asked.
“My dad told me to put it on hold for now..cos of my health” she shrugged. “So.. bye!” She said, held her bag strap and walked out of the class.


Jeremy sighed *she’s ignoring him now*

Jeremy arrived home to meet Kylie on the couch, eating a sundae while operating her phone.
“I’m home!” He announced, walking in fully.
“Yeah!” She replied, waving him off with a careless arm.
Jeremy looked around the sitting room. “Where’s Axel? Aren’t you tutoring him today?” He said.
“We’re on a break today. So he went with mom to the store” she said and Jeremy muttered an ‘oh’. “I’ll be going to the store today so you’re making dinner tonight” she said.
“Okay” Jeremy replied and walked to his room.
As he sat on the bed, he thought of Rebecca and the forced life she’s living.
She’s actually everything he had expected JD to be. The way she acted with the other students was just a camouflage to keep her passion. She didn’t want to risk it.

He wondered what her stage name might be if her dad hadn’t interfered in her choice of career. He still recalled the expression on her face as she gave him answers to his questions.. she is really bottling up so much.
He thought about how they bonded quite well during lunch break and he hoped it was enough for them to keep talking to each other and probably, become friends.
The thought alone sent butterflies dancing in his stomach.

“I’m leaving!” Kylie’s loud voice brought him out from his thoughts and when he glanced at the time, he realized he had spent over thirty minutes thinking about Rebecca.
“Er yeah..bye” he responded to Kylie, stood up from his bed and began undressing.
He was about heading out to start with the basics of dinner preparation when he heard his phone ring.

He reached for it on his drawer and checked the caller’s ID. A nervous feeling enveloped him when he saw it.. He answered before it would stop ringing after staring at it gobsmacked for many seconds.
📞H-hello Rebecca?” He said, frowning at the turnout of his words and voice.
📞Hey. I guess you’re not in school anymore” she said.
📞No..I mean yes. I’m at home” he said.
📞Okay. So about today.. Alicia-
📞Yeah.. I’m really sorry about what happened. I didn’t know she’d take it that far” he said, feeling bad for cutting her off.
📞No.. it’s not about that. It wasn’t your fault. Alicia and I have our own issues,” she said. “Anyways, we’ve gotta be careful in dealing with her now. Alicia is smarter than you think. From her look earlier, it’s obvious she’s skeptical about something and It’ll only be a matter of time before she figures me out,” Rebecca said and paused “and if she does everything is over for me” she added.
📞Oh.. I-I-” Jeremy stuttered, not knowing what to say. “What do we do now?”
📞Make her less suspicious.. we can’t hang out for too long during school hours and maybe you should try to hang out more with your friends, it’ll help too” she said..
📞Sure..if that will help then I’ll do it” he said.
📞Okay. See you tomorrow then” she said.
📞Yeah. You too” he said and she hung up.
He dropped the phone from his ear.


Rebecca’s right..
If Alicia gets to find out about Rebecca’s secret then it’ll definitely be the end for her and he’ll feel really sad for the rest of his life knowing it’s his fault.

Jeremy picked up his phone again.
As much as he didn’t want to do this, he has to.
He dialed Alicia’s line and let it ring.

📞Yes?” She answered.
📞Um Hi Alicia, it’s Jeremy” he said, sounding as cheerful as ever.
📞Yes?” She repeated with an I-don’t-care tone.
📞Er..I just wanted to know how you’re doing” he said.
He heard her sigh from the other end. 📞Get to the point, Jeremy, I’m busy” she said.
📞Oh..okay. I honestly just wanted to find out if you’re still mad at me” he said.
📞Well what do you think? You ditched your friends for that *girl*” she said, emphasizing on the girl.
📞But I didn’t ditch–,” he paused, realising the argument was pointless. “Look, it won’t happen again, okay?” He said. “Will you please stop being mad at me?” He asked, hopefully.
She sighed again, this time calmly. 📞Alright, I hate it when we argue too and since you promise not to do it again; we’re good. I’m not mad at you anymore” she said with a smile.
📞Ohh..thank you” he said.
📞Yeah okay. Gotta go now. Call me later!” She said and hung up.
Jeremy dropped the phone, releasing an exasperated sigh.

“Good morning, mom” Jeremy walked into the living room, joining the rest of the family in the little dinning area, for breakfast.
“Morning sweetie. How was your night?” She asked.
“Fine” he said, accepting the plate of pancake she passed to him. “Thanks” he said, added some jam and began eating.

“Here. Take it slow” Mrs Harris have Axel some water when he began choking on a pancake.
“Jeremy. The jam” Kylie said when she couldn’t reach the jam from across the table.
He passed it to her and she made use of it.

After breakfast, Kylie assisted their mother in clearing the table and after a moment of byes, they left for school.

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Getting to school, Jeremy took the stairs to where his class was located, he reached the hallway, and branched at his locker to takes his notes.
Shoving them under his armpit, he used the other hand to shut his locker close.. He turned, in a bid to continue his journey to class when he sight a girl standing in front of him, her gaze on him.
“Er..hi?” He said when she said nothing and just kept staring at him with an expression he couldn’t explain on her face and an awed smile across her slightly parted lips.
“H..Hello?” she stuttered, “uh I mean hello Jeremy, I’m Tina” she said, extending her hand for a shake, he accepted it
“Okay. How can I help you Tina?” He asked.
“ I’ve been seeing you around lately in school, my class’s just beside yours and I just wanted to say.. you’re really good looking!” She said, her smile toothy.
“Uh thank you” he said.
“And I want to ask you something. It’s very important to me and-
Alicia stepped in just before she could complete her words, she had seen her from afar flirting with Jeremy, she needed no one to tell her; it was very obvious in her eyes and action.
“Is that girl flirting with Jeremy?” Harrison asked, adjusting Alicia’s backpack to balance with his that was strapped in both side of his back..
Alicia had huffed at his question and marched at once to them.

At the interruption, Tina stopped talking and turned to see Alicia.
“What’re you doing, Tina?” Alicia asked, crossing her arm as she shot her a glare.
“Um..I was just asking Jeremy-
“Run along now!” She cut her off, gesturing for her to leave. “And don’t try this again!” She added and Tina immediately nodded shakily and ran off.
“Tina wai-,” Jeremy stopped himself, realising she was gone. He turned to Alicia. “What was that about?” He asked her.
“You can call it taking annoying pipsqueak outta your life” she said, lopsidedly smiling at him.
“Come-on, let’s get to class” she said before Jeremy could say another word.
Caught off guard, she intertwined their arm tightly. Giving him no chance to object, she began walking with him to class.
Harrison stared at them as they walked on, a jealous expression on his face as his gaze lingered on their intertwined arms. His fingers jealously grabbing the strap of Alicia’s bag.
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