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Jeremy was at the door of his classroom the next morning, about to walk in when Jose swooped to his front, halting his movement.
Jeremy grimaced at him, shifted to the other side of the road and stepped into the class, walking to his seat.
“Jeremy, My man! How’s it going?” Jose asked, squeezing Jeremy’s shoulder in a friendly-hard manner.
“I’m okay. And I’m not your man” Jeremy replied, swatting Jose’s palm off. He reached his seat and dropped his notebooks.
“Aww, come-on man, are you still mad at me for that little scare I gave you on your first day?” Jose asked, “come-on bro, it’s been weeks, why are you still mad at me?”
“I’m not mad at you” Jeremy asked, settling down on his chair. Jose hovered beside him, relaxing on the chairs’ handle.
“Then what’s with the cold attitude?” He asked. “Look, I’m sorry about the inconvenience I caused you that day, okay?”
“Okay,” Jeremy said. “Now what do you want?”
“Jeez, will you just calm down. I just apologized. Why are you still being mean to me?” Jose asked, hitting his shoulder again.
“I’m not bei-” Jeremy sighed, “alright. How may I help you, Jose?” Jeremy asked, trying to sound as nice as ever.
“And what makes you think I want something?” Jose asked, frowning.
“I just know your apology must come with a request” Jeremy said.
Jose smiled lopsidedly. “Alright, you got me. I need your help to solve this problem,” Jose said, dropping a book in front of Jeremy. “I don’t even understand how it goes” he added.
“Okay” Jeremy said, picked up his pen and began solving.
“I’ll need explanations too,” Jose said when he started solving it quickly, confusing him the more.
“Sure!” Jeremy paused halfway and began explaining to him.

“Do you get it now?” Jeremy asked after explaining the solving to Jose the second time.
“Yeah. It’s clearer now,” Jose said, picking up the note. “Thanks man” he said. “BTW, can I ask you of another favor?” Jose asked, Jeremy gave him a look and shrugged in approval. “Can you be my after-school tutor?” He asked.
“Er..sorry but I can’t” Jeremy said, narrowing his brows at him.
“Please” Jose drawled. “It’ll mean so much to me, please” he added.
“Look, I’d like to help you but I have a duty that I can’t ignore after school. I won’t be chances to help you,” he said. Jose’s expression switched to a disappointed one. “But I’m sure Mrs Casey wouldn’t mind assigning someone to help you if you ask her” Jeremy added.
Jose shook his head negatively at Jeremy’s suggestion. “I don’t want her assigning anyone to help me. It’ll make me less intimidating. I want you to help me Jeremy, you’re a good guy!” he said.
“Er..good guy?” Jeremy asked.
“Yeah.. you’re the only one who doesn’t hate McCoy” Jose said. “Will you please help me?”
“I’m sorry but I really can’t,” Jeremy said and Jose’s face fell. “But if you want, I could ask Alicia if you can be a part of our study group”
“And ruin my chances of being friends with Rebecca? No, thanks” Jose said, barely letting Jeremy complete his sentence.
“Thanks for the help, man. See ya!” Jose said and walked away.

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“My period’s over! Good day to you all” the English teacher said and walked out of the class smartly with her notes.
Rebecca went back to copying the note she had written in the board for then before she left.
“Hi Rebecca!” Grace, her seatmate said.
“Yeah” Rebecca replied dryly, her gaze still on the whiteboard.
“It’s been two hours already. You are seriously not going to ask why I was absent yesterday?” She asked.
“I’m not interested in knowing” Rebecca said, her gaze not leaving the board..
“Even though I have a bandage finger?” Grace asked, waving her index finger that had a bandage wrapped around it to Rebecca who didn’t care to spare it a glance, “seriously” Grace scoffed, hurt. “You’re truly very mean” she added, “I mean considering the fact that I let you write with my own for two days, I didn’t expect this attitude” she said when Rebecca still said nothing.
“I didn’t make use of your pen for two days, it was just one day or even half-day and you forcefully insisted I used it!” Rebecca said, seeing the hurt in Grace’s eyes after staring at him, made her sigh. “Why do you have a bandage on?” She asked, hoping it made her feel any better.
“You don’t have to pretend to care,” Grace said, the hurt not leaving her eyes. “I get you don’t want us to be friends and all.. I’ve just been the only one thinking I could make it work but I realize that you’re no different from the rest.
I’ll stop now. Can I have my pen?” Grace asked.
“Grace, look-
“Please just give me my own, Rebecca” she said, cutting her off.
“Okay! But I don’t have your pen with me right now” Rebecca said.
“Okay. You can go fetch it during lunch break”
“I can’t. The pen is not with me, I left it at home in my spare backpack and-
“Well, too bad cos I need my pen today!” Grace said, trying to act as mean as Rebecca.
“Are you serious right now?” Rebecca asked, her brows rising at her serious expression and Grace nodded. “There’s nothing I can do right now since your pen is not here with me. I can only return it to you tomorrow” Rebecca said.
“I just said I need my pen today, nothing more than today!” Grace said.
“Well what do you want me to do? Magically teleport home cos of your stupid pen?” Rebecca asked, getting angry at her bossy attitude.
“Your pen is at my house, okay? It’s not missing” she said.
“Then I’ll follow you to your house today and pick it up!” Grace said, picked up her note and stood up, going to sit at the back.


Rebecca watched her leave, the confused frown still on her face at Grace’s gobsmacking attitude.
“Why’s she so mad over a pen* she wondered.
During lunch break, Alicia joined Jeremy and Harrison at their table, a cup of smoothie in her hand as she ate from Jeremy’s fries.
“Why don’t you get some fries for yourself if you want it so much?” Jeremy asked when she took a handful of his fries.
“Quit whining, Jeremy. It’s just a handful!” She said.
Harrison left them to their usual bickering and focused on his meal, he would’ve offered Alicia his meal if he it had fries involved but it didn’t.

As he ate, he felt a presence join them and when he checked, he discovered it was her; the weird geeky partner Mr Bricks had paired him with. She was there and smiling at him.
“Hi” she said, waving at him..
Harrison exchanged looks with Alicia, he had told her about his annoying partner who was very clingy to him and it had made her burst into laughter when he narrated how she had treated him when he went to her house to work with her for the project.
“Yeah?” Harrison asked, frowning.
“Uh..I saw you from my seat over there where I was eating with my friends and I thought I should say Hi to you” she said.
Alicia cut Harrison off.
“Aw.. that’s really sweet um..
“Judy” she said.
“Yeah.. so it’s sweet of you to come check up on Harrison. I’m sure he appreciates it” Alicia said. “Do you want to sit?” She asked.
“But she can’t-
“Sure, she can, Harrison. Don’t be mean” Alicia said and Harrison gave her a confused look, wondering what she was up to.
“Really, I can?” Judy asked.
“Sure!” Alicia said, offering her the chair beside Harrison table.
“So..I see you really want to talk to Harrison, right? I mean get to know him better and all?” Alicia asked.
“Yes! I’ll really love that!” Judy said, smiling happily.
“And I’m sure Harrison does too” Alicia said, smiling mischievously at Judy
“Alicia, what are you doing?” Harrison asked her through gritted teeth and she grinned lopsidedly at him and turned to Jeremy who has been quiet all along.
“Um.. Jeremy? Come-on, let’s go somewhere else and give this lovebirds some privacy” Alicia suggested and Jeremy nodded.
“But we’re not-
He didn’t get to complete his statement before Alicia and Jeremy walked away from their table and he realised that the girl was holding his wrist, stopping him from standing up.
He swat it from her grip angrily and diverted his gaze to see Alicia and Jeremy stepping out of the cafeteria.
“Harrison?” Judy called, trying to reach for his hand but he glared at her and she stopped halfway.
“Look, Judy I don’t know what you feel about me and I don’t care but I don’t like you! Get that” Harrison said, trying to not sound very rude even though he was angry.
As he left the cafeteria, he knew he failed in that trial.
Why did Alicia call he and Judy lovebirds knowing very well that she is the one he likes?


“ it okay to be here?”
Jeremy was skeptical when Alicia unlocked the door that led to the roof and stepped in, ushering Jeremy to follow.
“Since I am here with you; it is” she replied him but he was still skeptical. “Come-on! Why do I have a key if I’m not allowed in here?” She said.
Assured, Jeremy walked in and she closed the door, turning to find Jeremy staring around the place in awe..
“It’s awesome, right?” She asked, standing beside him.
“Yeah. It is” he smiled.
She took his palm in hers and led him forward, to where the concrete rails were..
“The sight is wonderful from here!” She said and he stared down, holding the rail for support.
“Whoa!” He smiled. “It sure is!” He said, looking at every corner of the school surrounding from where he was.
Alicia stared at his face, her gaze slowly moved downwards, to his lips and the beautiful smile resting on them as he enjoyed the view, she became lost in it immediately.
Slowly, she extend her hand, reaching for his face and halfway through it, came an interruption.

They both turned when the door made a creak and cracked open, revealing Harrison.
“Alicia!,” Harrison called with an authoritative tone, walking towards them. “What are we?” He asked.
“What’s wrong with you?” She asked, surprised at his countenance.
“Please, answer me” he said, his voice rigid.
“What do you mean?” She asked, confused.
“What are we, Alicia? Both of us?” He asked again, still maintaining his expression.
“We’re friends” she answered, shrugging and Harrison gulped, hurt evident in his expression.
“What’s this about, Har-
“How about Jeremy,” he started again, cutting Alicia off. “What are you guys?” He asked.
“Harrison, will you stop-
“Please, just answer me, Alicia!,” He said unknowingly raising his voice. “What are you guys?” He asked again, pointing at them.
Jeremy stepped in..
“Harrison we’re just-
“I’m talking to Alicia!” Harrison cut him off and Jeremy shuddered at the unprecedented response.
Since he knew Harrison, this is the first time he was seeing him this way; angry.

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