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With his palm tucked into his pants pocket, Harrison made his way down the hall, heading to class.
Rounding a corner that led to his class, he nearly crashed into a student that was coming through.

She gave a frightful leap at the unexpected action.
“Hey, are you okay?” Harrison asked with concern, walking towards her.
She adjusted her glasses and nodded.

“I’m good” she said and her expression twitched to a fluttered one when she saw him.
“Okay then” Harrison started walking away, realising it was Judy and noticing the look she gave him.
“Harrison?” She called as he began walking. He turned to her, praying for the conversation to end even before it began.
“I’m sorry if you’re mad at me” she said, moving to him when he made no attempt to come to her.
“I’m not mad at you” he told her.
“But just now it seemed like you were avoiding me” she said, her eyes sad.
“I have to. We weren’t close to begin with, we were only project partners once and that’s over. I just want you to stop approaching me” he said, thinking about Alicia and how his not-really-a-relationship with Judy has almost ruined theirs.

“B-but why?” She said subtly, “is it because I confessed my feelings to you?” She asked.
“Ye-” he broke the word, seeing her eyes filling with tears. “I’m not mad at you, Judy but I just don’t like you so please stay away from me” he said in the most polite way he could and walked away.

*Hi. Will it be possible to have lunch together today?*
Jeremy quickly texted to Rebecca and sent before a teacher walked in.
“Hey..” Harrison tapped him, signalling to the phone that was still in his hand as the teacher addresses them.

“Oh,” Jeremy mumbled and quickly put it away before flashing an appreciative smile at Harrison.

Soon it was almost lunch break, Jeremy checked his phone for umpteenth time, hoping Rebecca has sent a reply to his request but she didn’t.
There was no new message on his phone.


He sighed and put it away. Why hasn’t she sent a reply to his text?
Is she busy? He wondered and then agreed on that.

“Jeremy, come-on!” Harrison tapped his shoulder and he gave him a look.

“What?” He asked.

“Dude it’s lunch time! Didn’t you hear the bell just now?” Harrison inquired, grimacing.
“Oh..” Jeremy mumbled and stood up. “Did it go off already?” He asked rhetorically, putting his book away.
“Seriously, you didn’t hear it?” Harrison asked. “It was loud, man, what’re you thinking about?” Harrison asked.
“Nothing. Let’s go” Jeremy said.

They were about walking out when Alicia met them.
“Jeremy, can I use for phone for a sec?” She asked.
“Sure,” he said, taking it out. “Why?”
“My dad got me this phone yesterday and I forgot to read the manual, now I don’t know how the downloading works. I can’t download anything and I need to access my Instagram account” she said, frowning. “Harrison doesn’t have the app on his phone. You do, right?” She asked.
“Yes,” Jeremy nodded, taking out his phone. He unlocked it and gave it to her.
“Thank you. I will bring it to you once I’m done” she said.
“Sure” Jeremy said and she ran off to the class.

Jeremy and Harrison continued the journey to the cafeteria. Getting there, they purchased their meals and picked one of the unoccupied booth in the cafeteria to eat.
Jeremy set his tray before him on the table and picked up his spoon, digging into his meal.
“So..not that I care though but how’s Rebecca’s injured leg. Is it better now?” Harrison asked.
“Yeah. It is” Jeremy replied. “And for you to ask, you sure do care a little about her” Jeremy added.
“No, I don’t,” Harrison defended. “She’s not a person to be cared for”
“Really?” Jeremy’s brows curved. “Then why did you ask about her injured leg and if it was getting better?” Jeremy asked, teasing him.
“Well..,” Harrison shrugged, thinking of words to use. “She’s a human being and she’s a friend to my friend. Why can’t ask if my friend’s friend is feeling better after getting injured?” Harrison defended.
“Seriously? That’s it?” Jeremy asked.
“Of course!” He deadpanned. “Trust me, J. I still believe you’re making a very big mistake being friends with that girl and being concerned for her. I hope she doesn’t display her psychotic attitude on you” he added.
“Rebecca’s not a psycho” Jeremy said and Harrison raised up his both hand, signalling surrender.
“Whatever you say, dude” Harrison said, focusing on his food.


“Jeremy!” Jose ran up to them at the cafeteria. “Can you solve this for me?” He asked, pushing his tray of food aside and placing a book in its place.
“Sorry man, I just need your help right now” he added when Jeremy frowned at him for what he did.

Harrison stretched his neck to see what the book contained and an amused chuckle passed through his lips.
“Trigonometry?” Harrison asked, amusement in his voice. “I can’t believe this!”
“Well do” Jose eyed him. “And quit giving me that surprised look. I’m a student, why can’t I solve trigonometry?”
Harrison stared at him, unbelieving. “But.. it’s you. Jose, you never read! How come you’re solving trigonometry? I mean what do you-
“That’s it. You better not complete that statement!” He warned and Harrison nodded, placing a palm tightly on his lips to stop himself from laughing.
“But why are you suddenly interested in maths..and studying?” Harrison asked.
“Because I need to win Rebecca’s heart” Jose answered curtly.
“You’re doing this because of Rebecca?” Harrison asked, scoffing. “Not even for yourself?”

“Of course it’s for myself. If I get a good grade this semester then Rebecca is going to love me and that’s how I help myself; winning her heart” he said.
“Winning her heart?” Jeremy interrupted, raising his head from the book. “You want to win Rebecca’s heart?” He asked.
“Of course. That’s what my hard work is for and this is the only way” he said.
“Oh..” Jeremy said, speechless.
“And I’m meeting her for lunch too” he added, making Jeremy give him a forced stare.


Alicia watched the app install in her phone. Done, she grabbed her phone and open the app.
Filling in her detail hurriedly, she waited for it to load.
It was taking unnecessarily long to load, so she picked up Jeremy’s phone to exit the share app but turning it on, she discovered there was a pin that needed to be inputted first before she could go on.

She gave up. Jeremy will just do it himself.
As she made to drop the phone on her laps, she saw a message drop in. About to ignore it, she caught the first few words of the message and with a grimace, she checked the sender; Rebecca.

**I’m sorry, I will love to have lunch with you today but…
The message ended there, she needed to open the message app to read the rest and to do that, she needs the pin to unlock his phone.

“Rebecca?” She mumbled to herself. “Could it be..
Her voice trailed off as she picked up her phone and dialed the number displayed after the brief message on Jeremy’s phone.
Dialing it all complete, she clicked call on the screen, placing the phone on her ear.

It ran for a minute before she got an answer.
“Hello? This is Rebecca, who am I speaking with?”
Alicia scoffed as she lowered the phone from her ear, ending the call.

That voice.. she’ll recognize it anywhere.
Rebecca McCoy.

She needs to unlock the phone somehow and find out what’s going on between she and Jeremy and why he’s inviting her for lunch.

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