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Rebecca stared at the assignment script and her gaze lingered on the score; disgust filling her countenance. Her hand made little shakes as anger blared into her, seeing the script all-over ignited fear and discontent in her.

She wished she hadn’t picked it up when she unintentionally stumbled on it. She couldn’t help it. Losing terrified her, it sickens and disgusts her. Ever since that day, she hadn’t been herself especially since her dad was yet to see her awful performance.
‘it could ruin your perfect score!’ he’d say. ‘How can you be a CEO with this worthless score?!’
How could she be that careless?
Was it…ugh! She sighed.

The paper roughened in her palm as she squeezed it, her face forming a frown at her thoughts. Feeling the irk in her palm from holding her terrible result, she threw it into the fireplace at a slightly distant corner in her room. The hot coals blackened and burnt it.

Rebecca shut her eyes as she tried to calm herself.
She felt sick and unusual, she couldn’t remember when she last felt that way and her fear heightened when she remembered he was returning today..she wished there was a way she could change it.
She toyed with her fingers as she sighed despondently.

She needed something to sooth her for the time being.
Getting up, she picked up her phone, went to her secret app and was inputting the password when her room door flung open. She turned towards the door and found her dad walk in. Subconsciously, her hand shook and the phone dropped.

He was still in his suit and shoes which means that he just returned.

Her lips went slightly apart as he walked to her, her mother behind him. She stood straight and shut her mouth before lowering her gaze.
“Where is the assignment script?” He asked, his expression serious and she couldn’t help but wonder again and as usual, how he always finds out.
Did the teachers snitch secretly and tells him about it or he asks on daily basis?

“I burnt it” she answered plainly, staring at him and her fingers intertwining.
His brows raised. “Is it that bad?” He questioned.
“I got a ‘C'” she replied, making her expression unreadable.
“C? Seriously, a C?”” Her father asked, with a frown and she nodded twice. “Was that the highest?” He asked hopefully and Becca shook her head negatively in response.
“Who got an A?” He asked.

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“A new student” she replied, feeling useless at her words.

“A new student- are you fvcking kidding me?!” He roared, slapping her hard across her face. It stung so much, her face moved on impulse to the left but she didn’t bother to rub it.

“I’m not” she replied him, tears filling her eyes.
“And what have you been doing since I was away? Did you skip your tutorial class?” He asked.
“I stopped” she answered.
“You stopped?” He scoffed. “Why?” He added.
“He was hitting on me” she said.

He didn’t say a word for the next ten seconds and when he did, it was a mumble and she heard it- ‘pervert’

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked.
“You were away, I told Mom” she said and he gave his wife a questioning look, she nodded in approval.

He turned to her, “so since you stopped attending your extra classes, you decided to just laze around and play while your mates read?”
“I tried-
“You didn’t!” He cut her off. “If you did then you wouldn’t get a C!” He continued, “do you know how much this can affect your perfect score? Do you think it’s okay to slack cos you started doing well, huh?
How do you expect to take over my company if you don’t concentrate on your grades?! How can you be a goddamn leader if you can’t get a perfect grade?” He yelled at her face, getting angry and her mother touched him, trying to calm him. He yanked his hand off her.

“This is your fault too, Tess! In my absence, If you had taught her like I did then she wouldn’t be having a goddamned C! Do you know what this can do to her annual grade, huh?! Just an assignment and she’s getting a C?! Do you even encourage her at all?!” He deadpanned at his wife.

“I’m sorry, dad. It’s my fault, I’ll try- no, I’ll do better” Becca pulled in.
“You better do!” He answered. “Now when the urge to slack in your studies comes, what do you do?”
“Put everything else away, no matter what it is and hold only my books” she answered.
“And what do you say?”
“It is compulsory that I be the best, I can’t be anything less if I want to be successful and being the best means having grades higher than my peers” she said.
He was about inquiring for the rest when she continued
“..Studies comes before anything else, including friends! Anything contrary to my studies is a distraction and an enemy that I must avoid if I want to be a CEO” She said..


He gave her a stern look and turned to his wife.
“Call inspector Harley, I’m going to make sure that goddamned tutor have a camp in jail!” He said to her before walking out of her room.

Rebecca looked at her mom who was beside her now and touching her face.
“I’m fine, mom, Really. It was my fault, I shouldn’t have gotten too carried away” she smiled briefly at her mom.
Tess sighed.
“I already have the ointment, I’ll apply it myself” Rebecca added, walking to her drawer.
“Do you need anything?” Her mother inquired, concerned.
“Yeah, do as dad said; call the cops. I want Fred arrested more than anything else right now!” She said referring to her tutor. “Thinking of him irks the hell out of me!” She shuddered and her mom nodded, giving her a solemn look she walked out.

Rebecca stared at the mirror, her palm slowly moved to her stinging cheek and crawled on it gently…

Jeremy stared at his phone after he dropped Alicia’s call, it began ringing almost immediately and it was his mom.
“Yes Mom?” He answered.
“Are you still at the store?” She asked.
“Yes” he answered .
“Lock up. I need you to come over to my workplace and take Axel home, I’ll be working extra hours and there are a lot of customers that I need to attend to, he’s been playing a lot and walking around and I’m uncomfortable with it. He’s not even listening to me!” She complained, sounding exhausted. “Please, come pick him”
“Okay. I’ll be right there” Jeremy assured.
“Thank you, honey!” She sighed and ended the call.

Jeremy packed his notes, kept the store in order and took the keys. He switched off the light, walking out of the store when his phone began ringing again, it was a call from the unknown Number again and he knew it was Alicia’s. He answered, locking the store door.
“Hey, your line wasn’t going through. I was video calling you !” She enthused
“Yeah. I was on a call. And I won’t be able to answer your video call, sorry. Something came up and I have to go meet my mom”
“But what about the assignment! I could fail. It’s damn important to me!” She said.
“Yeah, sorry. But I can’t help you with that right now. I’m on the road so I’m hanging up now. I’ll see you in school tomorrow” he said and ended the call. Pocketing the phone, he head to him mom’s workplace.


Jeremy sat at his study desk, for a moment he scaled past his initial intention and thought back on Alicia.
He could’ve given her a call, at least to make up for the impromptu way he ended her last call but it was late. She might be asleep and he wouldn’t want to disturb her.

He waved the thought aside and opened his drawer, he took out the diary and left it on his study desk.
The last time he had made up his mind to open it, he couldn’t fulfill it.
He feared he was invading in someone’s privacy.
He felt uncomfortable and plus the sleepiness, he pushed the motive aside to another day and here it is.

It’s been days and he couldn’t contend with holding someone else’s property for even another day. If he doesn’t find any useful information then he’d take it back to the library and let them do whatever they wanted with it.
It isn’t his after all and he couldn’t let it stay with him while making no attempt to find its owner.

He pulled the ribbon that locked the diary and opened it.
Instantly, the first page caught his attention.
It was the introductory page and beside the name was written, J.D.
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