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“Slice the tomatoes for me so that I can concentrate on chopping the carrots,” I told Dian and he nodded, he washed the tomato like I instructed and started slicing it.

It is really amusing and fun to be teaching Dian Myers how to cook.

He knows nothing about the kitchen.

The scene I encounter this morning is funnier than Mr beans jokes.

I woke up late this morning around 10:00am, I looked around me and can’t find Dian.

At first I was scared ,I thought he left.
Maybe he doesn’t need me anymore and decided to leave.

Maybe I’m not good for him after all, maybe we’re not just meant for each other.

His scent still very much active on the bed,I walk inside the closet to find something I could wear.

I saw his black shirt and wore it.
I enter the bathroom and brushed my teeth, I stared down at my reflection on the mirror and chuckled, a loud one that can be processed as ‘laugh’.

What did he sees in me anyway.
Poor, wretched girl. With a mother who is a murderer.

What’s so special or good about me?

I opened the door and make my way downstairs, climbing down the stairs I keep perceiving weird smell.

I wondered where it was coming from.

I walk towards the kitchen and smiled at the scene in front of me.

I can’t believe he is still here.

A shirtless Dian with an apron hugged around his neck and tied around his waistline.
He was sweating profusely and causing as he turn something on the cooker.

“What a sight,” I mumbled.
I walked quietly towards him and wrapped my hands around his torso. He stiffened up and later relaxed when I kissed his back.

“Dian Myers struggling to make breakfast, what a show,” I mocked as he helped me sit on the counter.

He chuckled deeply at the sarcasm in my comment and scratched the back of his neck.

“I just felt like cooking for you, I don’t know that this shit is quite difficult,” he mumbled.

Awwn, I feel so loved.

“Thanks baby, but to cook you have to learn first. Else you will burn down my lake house one day,” I said playfully, hitting his back lightly on the process.

“And I’ll gladly buy you a bigger one,” he said and kissed my lips.

“Yes sir,” I said sarcastically and saluted him.

I climb down from the counter and turned off the gas.
The pasta he was cooking was so rough and yuck😂

If a maid cook this for him, he will fire her without a second thought.

“Now pour the chopped onion inside the frying pan,” I said and he did.

“Then the tomato and carrot,” he poured it while I keep turning it with a spatula.

“Keep turning it like this while I check out the pasta,” I hand over the spatula to him and walk beside him to check the pasta.

It was already cooked so I bring it down from the fire.

Fifteen minutes later we were already sitting down around the dinning table eating breakfast.

“Now you learnt something new,” I said and winked at him.

“Oh yea, thanks to my ever best teacher of a girlfriend,” he replied and roll his eyes.

After eating breakfast I washed the dishes and went upstairs to my room to take my bath while he make a call downstairs.

I step out of my clothes and step inside the bathtub.

This is the first time I’ll be having so much privacy with Dian and I planned to make the best out of it.

Who knows what will happen when he goes back to the mansion?
What if he can’t find my Mom?

My Mom!

Thinking about her alone caused shivers to run down my spine.

She is a bad news in my life, I wonder where she’s hiding all this years.

I keep playing with the rose petals inside the water while rubbing it on my body.

I wonder if dad heard about what happened.
What if…..oh my gosh, what if he got a panic attack again?

He got that when mom left us, if he knew that I was in prison then…then…

Gosh! I have to check up on dad.

I stood up from the bathtub and stretched my hand out to take a towel from the glass divider.

I clean up my body and tied the towel around my body before heading to my room.
I opened the bathroom door and stepped in.

I sat down in front of my dressing mirror and picked up a lotion from the table.
I rubbed it on my body, taking my time to rub it tenderly.

My skin is quite a sensitive one.

I walk inside the closet and choose an outfit.

A green hoodie and a white short.
I wore my flat sandal and sat back in front of my dressing mirror.

I rub powder on my face, then put on my mascara and eyeliner before clothing my lip with a red gloss.

I stared down at myself on the mirror and smiled.

Everybody has their own insecurities, I guess I have mine too.

I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and turned it on.

When did I turned it off anyway?

I climb down the stairs quietly and saw Dian pacing around, he look frustrated.
His phone held by one hand and placed on his ear while the other hand scratched and pull on his long hair.

“I’m telling you Asher, I remember everything and I’ll get revenge for Hazel. I just have to find her and then…”

“Stop putting blames on Aurora, yes she covered up for her mother but still….”

I cleaned the tears that rolled down to my cheek and sniffed in causing Dian to froze.

Asher was right anyways, I covered up for my Mom. I’m partially involved in this mess.



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