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Since Dian left the mansion everywhere was calmer than normal.

Asher was so f**king angry that night, he blamed Aurora for everything.
We all did.

We all blamed her at first because it looks like she knew all along but still kept quiet.

But now I really do miss her, I want everything to be normal again.

We proponed our concert and interviews because the atmosphere ain’t settled yet.

Asher has been so very moody, he rarely say a word now.
One night I walked up on him when he was crying.

He really did miss Hazel, they were both so much in love that I was so jealous of them.

Every time I see them both, I pictured myself with Tina by my side. But not all dreams come true.

They have been dating since Asher was 18 and Hazel 17.
They promised to get married to each other, I know that he didn’t mean whatever he said about Aurora that night.

He was just hurt.

I stood up from my bed and wore my flip flop then walk out of my room.
Everywhere was dark,I guess the maids are done with their chores.

I walk inside the kitchen with the help of my phone and opened the fridge, I pour myself some milk inside the cup and started sipping it.

I heard low footsteps coming to my way and I quickly turn off my phone light.

I kept quiet to know whom it is but see or heard nothing.
Not long later the light was turned on.
I quickly turn my back to know whom it is and there she was standig in front of me wearing that total turn on night wear.

I ran my eyes on her body and unconsciously licked my bottom lip.

She cleared her throat and glare at me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked and she simply shrugged.
She walk pass me, that a** jingling as she walks.

Why can’t I just let her go?
I don’t think I can ever do that, she posses my whole.

She picked out a bottle water from the fridge and turned to face me.

“Why are you still here?” She asked, placing the rim of the bottle on her mouth.

“We need to talk,” I said and she arch her eyebrow.

“Talk? What are we talking about by 11:30?” She asked, walking towards me.

“To be honest with you Tina, I can’t let you go,” I said and grab her hand, pulling her towards my chest.she gasped at my sudden move, placing her hand on my chest.

“We’re made for each other baby, why can’t you see that?” I asked, my hand firmly around her waist while the other caress her cheek.

“I love you Tina.”

She break away from my hold and glare at me.

“Bobby….don’t go there, I told you before and I’m telling you now. We are never gonna be together.” She said and looked away from me.

“Because I’m younger? Because you still see me as that teenage boy right?” I asked, raising my voice.

“Don’t raise your voice at me,” she snapped.

I walk closer to her while she took a step back.she keep doing that until her back hit the wall and she was trapped by me.

Our face just inch apart, I can hear her erratic breathing. She was nervous.

I make her nervous?

“Tell me you don’t love me Tina, just tell me ‘I don’t love you’, that four words and I’ll stop,” I said, even though I sounded confident.

I was scared, what if she say so?
Five minutes pass and she said nothing, then seven, then ten.


“I….i….can’t,” she stuttered, her head low.

She stuttered?, this lady never stutter.
Nobody, not even Amelia Myers can make her nervous or stutter but she just did all that.

“Why?, do I make you nervous Tina?” I asked, staring intently at her.

“Nervous? No,” she said quickly.

“Say you don’t love me Tina, just say it and I’ll be out of here. I promise,” I said holding her gaze.

She looked away again and I sigh.

“I can’t,” she mumbled.

“Why?” I asked, confused at her attitude. She doesn’t want me, yet she doesn’t want to say that she doesn’t love me.

“Do you?”

“Yes! I love your stupid, I’ve always love you. I thought….I thought bullying you will make it stop but no, it get worse by the day. The more I keep pushing you away, the more I fall more in love with you Bobby.” She said while I clean her tears.

“I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t want any romantic relationship with you because I was scared. I love you….I love you so much, don’t leave me,”

“I’m never going to leave you baby,” I cupped up her chin and kissed her.

She sneaked her hands around my neck and held my closer.

I nibble on her bottom lip, I squeezed her ass causing her to gasp while I explored her mouth with my tongue.

I broke the kiss and glance at her now swollen plump lip.

“I love you Tina McCarthy,” I whispered.

“I love you too Bobby, so much.”she smiled and peck my lip before running out of the kitchen.

I just hope that this isn’t a dream, I hope that when I wake up she won’t be that cold woman I know anymore.

Because I love her sweet self more❤



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