Son Of Thunder EPISODE 32

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 32



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I pressed the percel the queen gave me curiously trying to figure out what was there,I got clueless with no answers.

I couldn’t even open it because everywhere was dark.I folded it neatly and hurried home tiredly.
When I got to the gate,I kept the percel in my school bag and moved in. Mrs Clara shouldn’t be back by this time.

Amaka was sitted in the living room with a carton of barbeque and fruit juice in her presence while my sister curled up on one side of the chair. That’s her position whenever she’s hungry.

“you took so long,am stanking already”Rita said like she wanted to cry.she ran upstairs.
I.took a deep breath and followed her until amaka stood up.

“cheta you have no fear at all,how dare you go against ujunwa? it looks like you want another wound cos it seems the eviction uju gave you won’t be enough as punishment” she said..
I looked like I knew I would be evicted from royal high,that school is not for my type,what will I be doing there anyways.

“and now that you’re evicted, are you satisfied”I asked in a whisper.
she walked away when she got a call.

I strolled in to meet Rita in the room.I didn’t even buy anything.
“where’s the food,what did you buy?” she rushed words.
“nothing but I got cookies” I said and stretch it to her,she collected it happily.
“manage that one first”I told her as I took off my clothes then I lock a towel around my body and went into the bathroom.

I thought of so many thing-
mostly my education.I do not want to be an evict victim but I already become one,I really want to get educated and prove my father what he thinks of females is not.
in as much that I want to prove myself beyond reasonable doubt, that dream in which I imagined all that is now a nightmare.
ohh god save your daughter.

I locked my towel back and came out of the bathroom.
“you said we are going to get something, what is it that we are getting?”rita asked.
“anything eatable” I said.
“but who gave you money”she said.
“hmm my friend*I said.
“friend is it Margaret?”she said.
“noo was my suppose transport fare”I said and wore a big cardigan on the singlet I wore then a skirt.

we walked out and saw Amaka in the pool with three other girls in panties and bra.
unfamiliar faces….

“who is she?”one of the girls,priscy pointed at me.

“Slave,her father gave them to my mother when he couldn’t pay the loan he borrowed from her”I heard amaka.That’s really a big lie.

“you mean that girl–
is she not the one in competition with Ujunwa…..”Tessy said.

“then in this warm night she will wear that big cardigan to sleep.
why skirt again? are you going to church”another said.

“she doesn’t even really look sexy like I thought.The students said her body was more hot than ujunwa” Tessy said and I heard it clearly.

“she can’t compete with ujunwa,uju is greater than her in all ways,she is just hopeless….it’s good she got evicted”Amaka said.
I didn’t reply,I strolled out with Rita.

“you’re evicted,is that true?” Rita asked when we got out.
“evicted..nooo am still going to school”I said so she won’t mind those things.
“okay then I guess those girls are only jealous then”she said.
I nodded and lost my appetite. We hurried back home when Rita bought food…
even if am not evicted,I will still drop out sooner or later cos of funds so no remorse here.

I knew its in my fate.I would have called madam cash just that I don’t want it to be every time help.

we returned home
the girls already left and I was surprised to see Mrs Clara..
what’s wrong? she doesn’t usually come back this time.
Her expression look so busy as she didn’t even reply my greetings. She was on call.
soon she dropped.

“Cheta your grandmother is so sick, you and your sister are going over to spend some time with her”she said. I felt not so convinced as I nodded.

I knew ujunwa surely manipulate this to favor herself.
she already evict me is that not enough?
its her perfect time to deprive me as long as she wants…
And royal school is under her dad- the king.
well let’s watch fate.

I strolled to my room and pack our belongings.
“are we coming back again?”Rita ask
“soon but for now granny is sick” I told her.She joined me in packing the stuffs.I felt not so me.
there was even a car waiting outside.

actually my grandma stays in the uncivilized part of the kingdom.
ujunwa you are really desperate than I thought..

I walked out and it turned out that the car already packed our lugages.

soon we arrived.
Rita walked out and took mg hand.
“we are here…nne(mother) good evening”Rita greeted.
I kept on looking when I greeted.. there was no rooms.
is this the person Clara said is sick?.

“my precious daughters what have you come to do here…you shouldn’t be here now”grandma stated in a confused state and took her eyes to my bags.
then it dawned on me that Clara really lied.

I went to the backyard and called Margaret direct.There was no network, it took so long before connecting.

“bestie I had wanted to call you” she said first..
“hmmm hy……
“sorry,I saw the eviction tag did you offend uju?”she asked and I explained what really happened, I told her the slap part too.
Margaret breathed out.”for now you need to stay calm for at least one good week because by then the eviction card might have stayed low but I will still help you tell kelly,he also have 5% slot in royal high” she said…
I told her the part of Clara sending me to my grandma purposely and she felt sorry.
I quickly ended the call when I felt Rita coming behind me.We went in together and shared the local bed with granny.

Isioma’s p.o.v💦💦💦
“but uju you should have calmed down.I don’t support the idea of sending cheta away from her guardian with your control”I said.
uju dropped the nail polish.

“I should not send her….
do you know what you’re saying at all”she replied,getting angry already.

I took a deep breath.”Ujunwa but you have evicted her,isn’t that punishment enough already”.

Uju eyed me disdainly and stood up exposing her nicely curved body in the black princess regilia she wore.
it has a cut off from the shoulder..
then a little slit in between her straight legs.

“okay what if this girl doesn’t know about what you’re saying,don’t make a haste decision dear sister” I said.

“you don’t tell me what to do isioma, if you were there to see this girl coming it of spark mansion, you won’t be telling me to calm down.Obi is mine to begin with and not hers. she should go back to where home she crawl out from” uju added..

“but what of this girl know nothing about obi’s intention,what of she’s clueless and you’re fighting the wrong person*I said.
“what is wrong with you all of a sudden isioma? are you supporting her or your dear sister? well wheater she’s clueless or not, I don’t care” she replied me and still eyed.
until a maid knocked.

“my princess,your friends are waiting” the maid delivered kindly.
uju eyed me again and left.

Darman’s p.o.v❤❤
soo obi is the real prince? how come i never knew and how come..
I had asked him and he told me he doesn’t know what am talking about.
I pointed at the royal mark on his arm and even the little crown neck, he said am mistaken..

can I really be mistaken?.
Asides that,Obi acts royally perhaps there are some things he doesn’t know about his pasts.But for now he needs more securities and am trying my best to keep him safe.

Mrs Rhoda called.”Darman you need to cut out obi’s work for now,he has made so much money…
I don’t even understand where is net worth is growing to..if it keeps growing, he will get more enemies” she said.

“oh ok,I already cut out part of his endorsements”I replied.
“And the securities,its important” she said..
“noted..what about the contract confirmations? Alvin should represent obi there”she said.
“Alvin!! I close my mouth halfly.
“Alvin and obi are not friends, choose another representative for him” I said

“that’s in the past”she replied.
I dropped the call and headed to spark..

Eric was seen practicing his rap alone…
Obi walked out with his earpud only connected..
sweet as always,
this guy is a royal blood he doesn’t just know it for now..

he now looks so ethereal,he has gotten more handsome with his skin glittering like a new born baby.

“Hmm the confirmations,Alvin should attend it for — obi that’s a female bracelet did you sleep with a girl overnight”.

“its fine,he can represent me”he said and strolled back to the stairs..

“its okay dad..
I already called Mrs Nadia,she was the one in charge of ultimate.
she told me she knows the girl,she said she was the one who one opened the gate for her

she said she can recognize the girl anywhere and that she knows her face…
its okay,Nadia is on her way now.
I told the media department to send me the video from the backstage cctv…I just need…” he paused.

there was just a knock on the door.
that must be her- he muttered.

“sir…”the lady beemed as she stared at obi with desires.
“thank you,so I got the footage kindly point out the girl for me”obi said.
“ohk sir”.

Nadia walked in and sat on the heavenly couch. Obi turned on the video and Nadia watched carefully then she smiled and pointed at someone..

“that’s her,she’s having the same Rita bracelet” Nadia said.

Obi cooled and look into it quietly.

It has always been her….


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