Son Of Thunder EPISODE 34

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 34



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Mina smiled like carelessly when obi got to her side..
“hmm hy” Mina spoke first when obi took her hand then she beamed like a good dream.

“obi what happened? what is that am not doing right,you always ignore my calls”Mina said.
obi hastily drop her hand when he saw her face clearly.

“Mina”Obi called her name directly, sounding so sweetly,looking into her eyeballs like he wants to charm her.
hmm do they know each other

“yes my love”Mina answered and hugged obi tightly,obi didn’t even hug her back not to talk of touching her.
“you won’t touch me,I really want to hug you right now”Mina said. Obi breathed out and touched her hair while rolling his eyeballs.
he was still searching around.

Mina unlocked but obi was still looking around.I noticed one thing, obi didn’t push her away neither did he speak to her coldly..
are they friends or related or dating before or what??.

“Mina was anybody here or did anyone leave here before you came here?”Obi asked.
“hmm noo,I saw no one”Mina said.
“OK.I still have your account number, I will send you money”obi said.

“but obi….
Mina didn’t finish her statement,Obi left already.
she slams her forehead and I watch her returning to the spot she said we should meet.

ohh god,I really do not know what is wrong with this ordinary or spiritual?

anytime I see obi,what comes to my memory is hiding and I don’t understand what’s happening to me.

well,I took off the black heels in my hideout and stepped out to meet mina who was waiting patiently for me..

“I’m sorry,I came late”I managed a smile.
“what direction. are you coming from?” she asked.
“hmm is that a problem” I said.
“oh noo come on I need to drop you off”she said.

I entered the back seat with her while her driver drove.
one moment I caught Mina staring at me…she roll her eyes and quickly look away.

*cheta are you hiding something,am your friend you should tell me things too”she said.
“am not hiding anything.All what Margaret said about my background is correct”I said.
okay bring your phone,let me put my number”I said.

she smiled and gave me her phone number….I input my number and gave back the phone.

“what shall I save it with?”she smiled
“anything ” I replied.
*yellow pawpaw is good,you have nice skin”she said and I laughed.

soon we arrived to the place I would drop.she’s really kind than I thought.

“hmmp I thought u wouldn’t come back”Rita said and collected my bag to check what was there.
she smiled and pick the big two candies… she then kept one for me.

“sister when am I going back to school,I miss my friends and teachers” she said,mouthful of candies.
“soon,okay”I replied and dropped the heels.Granny is not even back.
“I cooked rice and stew”Rita said.
I nodded abs took off my clothes then lock a wrapper.I went to bath and came back to see Rita watching an online lecture.

I wore a free singlet and a black pant and locked my wrapper well..
I wanted to sleep but I said I will open the percel tonight.I took it from where I kept it,Rita quickly came closer when she heard the sound.

“sooo pretty,where did you get it,what’s inside”she said and hijacked the bag from me with speed while I turn on the local lamp with matches.

I sat quietly and watch her open it.
a knock was heard on the door.
that’s granny.I stood and went to open up then collected the tray on her head.

“welcome…mama,I already put water for you on the bathroom”I said as I dropped the tray..Rita was still finding difficulties in opening the bag

“how else can I help?*I asked.
“just dey your dey”she said.
I sat back on the floor and took the bag from Rita.I got the lock right and poured what was inside with my wrapper.

the sight almost blinded my eyes.
diamond everywhere.

waist beads…
then a queen crown.

grandma turned immediately.”where did you get this?”she asked and collected everything.
I explained.

“God thank you…we are rich already.
what are we still waiting for,let’s go and sell it already so that we can move away from this local neighborhood”Rita said.

“sell what…do you think this is ordinary,in fact it is priceless” grandma said abs touched the fine queen crown.She suddenly smiled at me.

*hmm I don’t want to leave in this house again oooo….
mosquitoes will be shouting in my ears every time”Rita said.

“shut up that your mouth if you don’t want me to call you Anofia(animal)” grandma said to Rita.

“but you just did…you called me anofia(animal)”Rita said.

“sorry,I was referring to your father” grandma replied.

“bia(come)” she signalled me.
I crawled to where she sat beside the mortal.A smile formed on my lips.
“you too… come before you twist your mouth like camel” grandma said to Rita.
she smiled too and came.

there were six waist beads.
she picked 3 and lined it perfectly till it stood firmly on my hips and rest on my robust ass.
she wear the remaining three for Rita.

she shared everything equally but there was only one hair will she share it.
“you can wear it for Rita?”I said.
“are you sure”grandma asked.
I nodded.
Rita smiled and hugged me.
I kept the bangles and everything safe and was remained only in my waist bead.

I was about sleeping when my phone beeped.It was Ebuka,how did he get my number.

💌 you know what to do if you want your admission back” he sent.
I ignored the message and slept..
I dreamt of my mother.

Mina’s p.o.v💛💛💛

I adjusted my sleeping cap and ordered a maid to get me coffee. I just felt cold..
my mind drifted to Obi again.

“mina was anybody here or did you see anyone leave before you came here??? I remembered what he asked me and I tried to refresh my brain.
no one actually…

I took my phone and checked the pictures of cheta that I took.This would be good for the perfect advert of my cloth brand business.

the maid returned with my coffee.
I sipped a little..
my phone beeped.Obi had just sent me money.. 5million naira.
I called him,he didn’t pick.

💌 thank you heart” I messaged him instead…
no reply…

💌 Obi,that time at the party,where you looking for someone?”I sent…
💌 yeah actually but don’t worry I will figure it out myself” he replied.

I clicked my tongue..
good…then its no other person than Cheta.I noticed she looks so nervous that time in the car,it must be her.

💌 heart,I really know the person” I sent…
💌 I don’t know if you’re kidding me or something”Obi replied immediately…
hmm the obi that I know doesn’t have time for much talk…what now.
this is my only opportunity I better use it wisely.

💌 I seriously know her…she’s very fair right??”I sent.

💌 Mina…please! obi sent.
I laughed like carelessly.
he said please… he really said please all because of cheta.

💌 her name is cheta…I have her pictures…” I sent and quickly went to my gallery.I selected the most perfect picture where cheta’s curve showed the most then I used a sticker to cover her face.
I sent it to Obi….

He must be going crazy with desires after seeing this.
💌 you covered her face… why?” he sent …
next he called me…a video call.
I smiled.He smiled too..
I drolled on his cute pink lips then his prominent sharp brows.
his neck wore a gold chain…
obi is really a spec.
just wealth in all.

💌 Mina!! he called my name.
ohh I stopped drooling.
💌 Just help me I really need to see her face…”he said.

💌 obi no formalities here,Cheta is my friend…in fact my best best friend I can’t give you to her freely..
let’s get down to business straight.

if you really want to see her face and want me to hook you guys up..
you must;
1) 1million naira for me every month for this year only..
I know you’re more than that.

2) You must take me on a treat to Rainbows…

3) you must buy me my dream house
4) you must always pick my calls
5) you will buy me your brand of phone…
That’s all I want and you will see cheta” I said.

Obi smiled out dimples.
“are those bride price or what? you’re not even her parents” he said.

“then you’re not ready—
I wanted to end the call.

“whaaaat waiit wait okay done” Obi said…
what type of love is this?
he will do all that just to see cheta.
I smiled..

my phone beeped..”5million naira alert” that’s for five month payments.

Jesus!! my plan worked..
it really worked..

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