Son Of Thunder EPISODE 38

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 38



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Obi turned and I hastily bowed
I looked at my have where he was holding them back to uju.
she sighed and look at obi…then sent her eyes down to his hand,the one he hold me with..

I breathed out and trailed behind him
Obi automobile💕 i saw clearly on the body of the yatch
I smiled and sent my eyes to his eyes
we moved.

the interior of the yacht was white and very spacious.

Eric sat with Jerry..Kelly sat alone scrolling quietly on whatever thing he was doing on phone.
Then I spot two coperately dressed women in white and black uniforms move close to eric,
another to Kelly.

“fruity wine with ice cubes”Eric said.
“pizza”said Jerry.
“strawberry squash”said Kelly.
Obi left my hand and sat on the last roll…they left the whole space for him there was even a low royal throne more or less like a stool…
obi kept his leg there.
I walked closer
where will I sit?
I went to Kelly since there was space beside him.

“cheta stay with obi”he said.
I went to Eric,he said the same thing even Jerry.
aaaah why are they forsaking me by pushing me to obi.I will just sit in that empty space in his front.I thought until Eric stood up and dragged me to the lane obi sat.
Obi removed his phone from the chair,Eric smiled when i sat down quietly beside obi.

they are all pushing me to him..why?
he pulled his headphones.

I dropped my bag on the neat floor of the yacht and brought out my phone to text Margaret.
She didn’t reply so I kept my phone back and felt sleepy.I placed my bag on my laps and slept.

it was long…gosh evening already approached when I raised my head.
I fell forward and woke up forcefully.
one ofbthr cooperate women came to me

“what will you like to have? you slept soo much already”she said.
“umm anything”I said
she handed me the menu.I scanned through the food menu.
what I expected to see wasn’t even there..

“cupcake”I said instead.
“no its fine…you can order anything” she said.
“really” I smiled and ordered one strange dish.She left and returned shortly afterwards with my package in a nylon.

Obi is not here…I opened the cupcake and ate slowly.Even Kelly not until I saw them beside the yacht rod staring into the oceans,
what a beautiful view??

they returned in not quiet long,I had my head low when obi walked past me directly to his seat
He stared at me when I ate the last cupcake..soo delicious.
the woman didn’t even put water iny food.I guess I will just have to wait till camp.
Obi smiled when he saw my mood. “take mine if you want”he said sweetly.I couldn’t say no.
“thank yoouuu sir”I said and took it.

soon I heard noises,seems we arrived.The yacht stopped already. The rockstars carefully covered their face mask and carefully walked down.

they are moving already.I stand up as well and roll my bag up.The soldiers are waiting to guard obi outside already.
I picked the nylon and stocked it inside my bag and wanted to step down.. Obi dragged my hand back.
what type of sweetness is this?.
I better not think it too much
too much of movies will not make me go crazy oo

“You won’t go out like this,will you?”.
he said..
hunn! what happened to me like this Obi took a serviette and used it to clean my mouth carefully.
my heart beat heated up…I was enjoying the moment until I spotted ujunwa peeping from the window with her crews.

she looked so angry.

Obi dropped the serviette and left.I smiled like carelessly and jumped down too dragging my bags like am going to London.More guards moved out to cover obi.
I rushed over and walked beside Eric, he was also guarded.

he smiled at me.
A crowd of people rushed out of different boats,some took pictures of obi’s yacht
the crowd was even increasing
at each distance,we met more crowds.

cameras were flashing as everyone cleared way for obi.
soon we moved to another area.
fans were so closed to Obi,they handed him gifts but he didn’t even touch any.

Eric collected a pack of sweet and deeped it in my bag,even jerry and Kelly took gifts but obi never and hr got most gifts and fan base.

Eric gave me all his gifts to carry, Kelly put a flower in my hair and crackled.

soon we arrived at the camp area
obi tried taking off his face mask but his phone instantly blinked.He withdrew his hand.

students were just shouting and pointing at obi,students from different institute.
🚺 that’s him…that’s him
🚺 oh my godd,that’s him
🚺 ohh gosh! he’s so hot
🚺 all the spark boys are so cute
🚺 Obi came out.. so hot.
I heard and saw many hands pointing at obi…
the security on him increased.

AMADI💕 was boldly inscribed on the camp gate.
this is the most spacious compound I have ever seen.

A statue of king somadinna was outside.
“when you pass the grand king statue you must applaud” one of the coordinator said..

“Okay sir” most people replied.

everywhere was very crowdy and rowdy…I couldn’t see well bcos it was quiet dark. I managed to scummble to the verge of the dungeon I was kept to see of today will be my lucky day.
I need you my Amadi..
I need you for you are my last hope,
come quickly and save your mother from this shackles..
come quickly to claim your inheritance…
will I wait till forever more??
forever is too far for me, one day let’s meet..

Its been 22years now and am yet to hear from my son.
whenever I remember the past, what comes to my mind is pain.
I do not want this to end in tears that was why I told Chi to take you far away..
far away from your father’s enemy..

“Queen mother!! my hand maid tapped me in the underground dugeon…
“hmph, am trying to see if my son will come.I still have hope that he is alive if he is alive am sure he will attend royals for that is what he is.
if he is alive,he should be among this people” I said and tried peeping again.

it wasn’t easy though because everywhere was dark,so many princes were seen moving..
I was giving up…until until a line of soldiers moved front,
everyone cleared road.

I was so curious as I stretched my neck to see well….
“my son…he looks so much like my husband~Amadi” I smiled heartedly with tears.
“are you sure its him?”my hand maid said in tears.
“Amadi!!! I shouted in the dugeon to confirm…a heavy thunderstorms storm struck with a powerful lightening then a heavy rainfall follow

“its him…its him…he’s alive,finally we will soon get out of here”my hand maid smiled out tears and hugged me..

“King somadinna,breath out”
here comes my son~~for your reign will soon be doomed” I said in tears.
“but he won’t get to know he has aother somewhere if he is not told about his pasts”my hand maid said.
“well,fate will lead” I breathed out.

Eze’s p.o.v❤❤.
I called my manager,he wasn’t picking up.I dropped the phone in frustration and sent for my royal adviser..He came in shortly afterwards.

Everything doesn’t seem alright with me today..cos all what happened today shamed me in front of my people. Imagine Obi being praised with so much respect in place of me a crowned prince…a soon to be king.
who does that??????
its today I will get to the root of the matter.

“sir Alvin will be back shortly after” the guard said.
“speak good English” I shouted.
he bowed and left.
Alvin soon came into my suite.
“sorry my prince,I was busy with the spark boys” he explained.
I nodded and turned my blaring face to him..

“I want correct information about Obi’s background” I said.
he nodded and picked a laptop, then the research engine..

🚺 Name: Obi Diamonds..
🚺 Age: 22
🚺 Status; top notch celebrity, Mr Nigeria, Mr Tourism,Foster son of sir Williams,Son of ex- president Tochi Diamonds…
🚺 Net worth; still loading..
that’s all…

I turned.”I mean he’s a prince of what kingdom?” I asked.
“I never can tell” he replied.
“I need that…in whatever way you can” I said and poured my self a drink…
“okay sir!! he said.
“then this….” I said and brought out a charm rope.
“put that in front of his suite that and make sure he crosses it” I said.
“I will just do that” he said and left.
I poured myself more drink and strolled out to see some random girls

students were still much downstairs in the huge hall…
like twenty coordinators where on the counter.

I watch from where I stood.
“Do you have any special person to make your partner so that we can manipulate it before we start the normal process”one of the counter attendant asked me.

my eyes scanned around the girls, looking for the right person until I saw her….whispering something into a short girl’s ear.
she’s a natural,
everything about her is interesting
even her body was divine
she stuck out her tongue on her wet lips as she laughed into the short girls ears.

Her breasts spelt the “s” word..
meaning sexy…her skin soo clean then her ass was something else…
she will be soo tight and those breast will bounce soo well on bed.
I stared soo much till my … hard
“I want her” I stated to the attendant.
“Chetachi Okeke!

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