Son Of Thunder EPISODE 4

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 4



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I picked up the bracelet with a feeling of disgust,it belongs to the guy of course but why does he seems different and why was he able to leave within the two minutes that I turned back.

my royal guard traced the direction of my eyes,he seems perturbed with my mood.

“check around for the guy”I said.
he bowed and left,
he came back 30mins later.

“nothing..I can’t find him”he replied
“but he was here until I turned back” I asked.

hmm he might be a spirit,his appearance can’t be ordinary I mean how can someone be that handsome and pure from the head to the nails of his feet and his voice is too godly” one of the guards said.

“spirit”that sounds weird,it looks like something that has no meaning,how can a spirit look so beautiful as if it were angels-
I stayed quiet.
the thought of how he spoke to me flashed back to my mind, he spoke like he is a royal cos his voice carries so much command.

imagine,I sounded rude to him,
he sounded more rude and classy to me and that’s the reason am not believing he is a spirit.
the guy had on apple wristwatch,
does spirits wear wristwatch?.

“the royal feast,have you forgotten sir”one of the guards snapped me out of my thoughts.
“that guy, does he resides in this kingdom”I imagined myself asking but to the guards they might think am jealous or being desperate.

Anyways am still the king here,
either more handsome than me,he will still bow to me.

I took my lips in and strolled out with the guards and met the footprints on the pathway,
I look at it properly.
he is really not a spirit,he is a woman

my phone rang,I checked it and hastened my catwalks that moment.

the feast was on by the time we returned to the palace,everywhere was glittering with phisphorescene lights,

daughters of titled men were present as well as princesses.
so many funs to catch here but my mood is something else..
I had wanted to go to my room but then my mom,I won’t want to fail her and my father.

the unfamiliar face got much the moment I entered the feasting hall,I took a seat silently beside emeka, I could see girls chuckling.

“don’t you see that girl?”Emeka asked as he filled two glasses with wine.

“which of the girls…fair or black?* ebuka chirped in.
“Ebuka you can’t have those girls, they ain’t your age and besides am talking to Eze” Emeka said.

“age is just a number..anyways did you check the girl I told you about,
such a perfect twerker,
I got wild when she did that on my dick..within four minutes she was able to make me cum twice…
I can have as many girls as I want so far my father remains king somadinna”Ebuka said.

“you consummated with Anita”Emeka questioned.
“not only that,I rip off her pants” ebuka replied,I sip in my wine quietly while scrolling on my phone.

“hmmm that shows you are not a gentleman,why must you have sex with her just because you want to help her gain admission into royal high,that’s not fair enough.She is someone else wife”Emeka cooled.

I sipped in my wine and used a toothpick to go for a meat in the sauce dish.

“bro I just smash her,I did no wrong in sleeping with her.Tell me how can I allow something sweet slip away” Ebuka said.

Just then,Mrs ozoemena came to our royal table with two girls behind her, am guessing her daughters.
“my sons how are you doing?” she smiled.
Ebuka smiled at the woman.

“hi”one of the girls said to me,their mother got a call and had to walk away.

“my prince am ifeoma but you can call me Ify”she said curtiosly and sat on a royal seat.
I look over to her,she blushed.

“umm Eze its a pleasure meeting you and even sitting with you”she said.

“isn’t that an achievement to your generations”I blasted.
Emeka touched my leg from under the table that moment,I look over to him and he made the brotherly code.

“bro be gentle,you’re too harsh”he said.. I rolled my eyes with a smirk.
Ifeoma suddenly look embarrassed.
but she still smiled.
“my dress is it pretty?”she asked.

“its stunning”emeka said.
“pretty”ebuka replied as he already hooked up with her sister.

“umm my dress is it pretty?”she faced me.
I looked at her with a corner of my eyes.

“I always meant to ask,where do you shop?”I asked.
she blushed.”umm why do you ask well my sister who resides abroad always send me clothes”she said.

I looked at her again.
“to be frank,I didn’t even see a dress, instead I see rags” I replied rudely and stood up.
All eyes quickly went to me.

🚺 omg! that’s too much!!

🚺 that’s too much, she just wanted to be a friend…
🚺 no wonder students in royal high tag him as mean…verrrrry strict and unfriendly.

I heard things as I approached upstairs.I suddenly stopped.
“you all should watch your tongues, is there any vacancy for the post of a friend on my head” I retorts.
everywhere went silent,
no one goes me,no one dares me.

Chetachi💜Chetachi’s p.o.v👇👇
why do all these have to happen?
swears I really wish I was the one that die in place of my mother,
I felt my world crumpled,
even though the physician has refused to tell me the cause of her death.

even the neighborhood now knows me as trouble and even tag me as bad luck.
my dad’s case is more worst he doesn’t like looking at me abs each time he does,
there is always an expression of disappointment in his eyes and he tagged the death of her on me cos it was that same day he lost his job.

he finally let me go to bed by 12pm,
my life since yesterday has been hell. He didn’t even have plans of letting me go inside until I lied my period showed up and he allow me in.

I tried lying on a mat when Rita came into the room.
“Sister,I feel bad this have to happen to us and I wish I was a boy too so that at least I will get loved by papa” she said and smiled out tears.

I smiled out tears and wiped her tears,she also wiped mine.We left each other immediately we heard papa’s stern voice.

“pack your clothes,I can’t waste my money in training up females that won’t be useful for me in the future” we heard him say.
we heard the sound of a car horn outside.

“pack your cloths and wear something nice, Clara won’t take you to her house in the rags you’re putting on”papa said.

Rita sniffed.”papa don’t do this to us”
I just watched on.
Mrs Clara is my father’s sister and beside a wealthy woman with a spoilt brat as a daughter,to cut the story short the woman is never in good terms with our mother and I suddenly wonder why she took interest in talking care of us now that our mother is no more.

“inugo(you hear)” papa said.
my sister and I nodded.

Rita and I moved to the sitting room with our separate nylon and I had worn a black body hug knee length gown,today happens to be my birthday.Mother bought this cloth for me thinking she would see me wearing it today but…..

“good evening ma’am”Rita and I greeted Mrs Clara.
“ummm so pretty girls”she smiled at me,I looked at her with my innocence.
“you’re…”she pointed at my sister
“am Rita and am 16″she said
“chetachi….20″I said.
the woman smiled perfuctionarily then shakes her head.

“what will I gain if I do not take care of them,when their mama was alive she was a very nice woman.
dont worry,your girls are in safer hands,I will take care of them like my Amaka and they will go to school” Mrs Clara said.

“don’t let them go to school,I see it as a waste of money since they will end in the kitchen”papa said.
Mrs Clara smiled and walk us out to her car.

her house wasn’t too far,just the next street,although in an estate where only the rich dines,modern facilities were said to be much there.
Rita got speechless,the gates alone spoke volumes of what was inside, it was a fortress.
Mrs Clara drove into a drive way,
she counted four of them.
at the end of the drive way stood a big house.

the place had flowers planted around,there were other duplexes…
hmmm Margaret’s also lives in these estate.
there was a garden close to the duplex and also a playground.

“madam welcome”the security beemed.
Mrs Claudia rolled her eyeballs.
I sighed as we step out of the car.

“Aunty cheta,I can’t seem to make myself comfortable,my mind says here will be tough are we still going to go to school”Rita whispered as we trailer inside the house.

‘when mother was alive,she never showed up and now that she is no more she came for us,what can her real motive be”I said as we enters the living room

there were 6 sets of leather setters,
a glass center table with side stools,
there was a very large Panasonic rear projection television,
it was surrounded by a big time massive sound system…

the floor had a coffee brown rug which looked luxurious I thought I would be comfortable to sleep on,
before I could glance around further a girl of my age rushed down the stairs with an expensive phone.

she’s light in complexion,
her dress was too wild as I could see her pant and even her vagina area clearly.

she hugged Mrs Clara.
“mom you took long”she said.
“well am soory my daughter”Mrs Clara smiled.

“this is cheta and this is Rita” Mrs Clara introduced.

“and they are…
momma who are theses…rraaa..oh goodness,
where did you get these ones from” The girl whom I persummed to be Amaka rushed words.

you know what I feel like,
I feel like slapping sense into her. I didn’t know I already raise my hand to do it until our eyes locked

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