Son Of Thunder EPISODE 40

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 40



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I got shocked at the type of contact,
he really did…he spanked my ass.
I couldn’t even shout out of shock,I opened my mouth and close it.

“sir you need to….
“you’re touching my…move your hand”I said and closer my eyes,I really want to cry.

“ohh God,sorry”he said and instead of removing his hand totally,he brushed it to my hip side making my waist bead to make sounds.

did he forget himself or does he not see in the dark.
he touched me there twice.

I quickly remove his hand away,
he cleared his throat and found his phone.The room light came on.
our eyes met and we both got speechless.

“I’m ….

I couldn’t face him,I ran away and lock myself in the bathroom where I take a deep breath.

I heard a knock.

*ummm sorry about that,just that I don’t see well in the dark”he said.
“ohh its nothing,am okay…
“you said?” he asked.
“am fine sir”I added.
“ok but I didn’t Mean to do that” he said.
“I know…its normal, goodnight”I said
*Ok” he said.
I sniffed and wiped the tears that were threatening to form.

“you’re crying…”I heard.
hnnn,I saw his leg from under the door.
“I’m not…goodnight”I said.

“you’re not angry right”he said i and cleaned my face.
“am really fine,good night” I said and cleaned my face, he still didnt leave.

what’s he waiting for..
I watched quietly.

” miss…but am not a womanizer, that was a huge mistake,a very very serious mistake”he said.
I opened the door,he stared at me with that same look.

“I know it’s a mistake” I said calmly and close the bathroom door.
Obi turned to the stairway upstairs,
I rolled my bag up and followed him behind,there was just one bedroom.

the door slam opened automatically, obi entered and I followed.
“I think there is a problem somewhere,why one bed—-
he said, I was too busy admiring everything.

It was a typical royal room,
the bed was pure gold on a platter of wealth,
everything amazes me.

Obi wanted to place a call.
“ummm sir you don’t need to…I will sleep on the floor”I said and opened my bag to bring two wrappers. He didn’t turn to look at me neither did he replied.
He just work out.

I spread the two wrappers on the floor and brought out my night wear, the blue one.
Hope am safe,I don’t want to tempt that star.
if not for camp,I should be his cleaner.

I smiled and slept on the floor.Obi came in.He jumped in the middle of the wide bed and turn off the lights with the remote,the light from the phone he was pressing.

I turned the other way round and look at him from the floor I was laying on.
He wore form slippers to sleep,

I smiled as I watch him chew the bubble gum sexily.

sir I really want to tell you about princess ujunwa’s love for you. At least notice her so she will stop pestering my life….

notice her so she will stop picking on me like am the matter how I try to explain to her that am not your taste but a maid,she won’t understand.So sir,please notice her so she won’t pick on me”.
I smiled and imagined myself saying that.

I stared at him in so many ways and each time he turn to catch me,I quickly close my eyes.
I opened it halfly and catch him staring at me too.

a powerful thunderstorms struck followed by a lightening which led to a heavy rainfall.The breeze from outside blew the curtains back in motion,everywhere became cold.

gosh,I was shaking and hugging myself on the floor…The floor turned out to be sooooo cold..

“dear maiden,come to the bed”he said…
I stood up hastily and rush like something was shaking me.I laid carefully backing him.
It felt sooo warm,the sweet fragrance made me wish my mom was alive,

I feel like i should get all what I wish for…I wish my mother didn’t die,
I wish I can take care of my grand mother the way I wanted…
I wish Rita will go back to school…
soo many things crossed on my mind.
soon,I slept off..

Obi’s p.o.v😍😍😍
I looked at her waist line when she slept fully, I smiled sweetly
her body was really divine…

but when did I become so clumsy
of all places why did my hand go to that place.

but it felt….
aaaahh I thought it was plastic surgery ass like have always seen but it’s natural.I remembered how it felt when I touched there.

gosh, soft succulent fleshy and bouncy…unlike the ones have seen.
the touch wasn’t intentional.
I stared at her randomly.until the GPS device on me beeped.

💌 Obi…no staring….
aaaah darman.
okay stop thinking about that.I smiled and turn my face back to my phone..
💌 Long time,how has life been without me??? I remembered Angelina last texts.

Obi only me can own you,you can never love a woman the way you love me…you can never spoil a woman the way you spoilt me with wealth
it has always been me
just me that you’re comfortable with
no girl will make you go crazy with desires the way I did
I know you still loved me till now well heart my heart is open if you want as you have the whole time in the world to come and beg me…
I’m here for you,only me is your taste.

Angelina the senators daughter, my father was the president actually.
We started dating during our training at American.I loved her but her pride was her worst mistake…
I knew how many men she slept with when we were dating and each time I try to calk her into order,
she always shout at me saying she is the senators daughter and she needed to be free.

she is a model…she always meet different men on every runway.
I endured all because I loved her.

Eric didn’t talk to me for two months just because of Angelina…
“obi this girl is not good for you!!
Eric always shouts then.
up till now,she still believes I will come back.

my phone beeped…I checked it, it was her,Angelina.
I didn’t hesitate,I picked the call and stared at her face in the video call.
love is just my problem.
💌 hy” she said,I took my lips in.
💌 my heart,you didn’t call me ever since I left…you don’t even care about me”she said.
💌 You broke up with me,didn’t you?” I replied.
💌 no,I didn’t…I always do each time am angry with you.
💌 yeah you slept with Prince Edwardo..I asked you why and you said its because am not a prince.. that am only a presidents son,
you said you want to be a queen and not a girlfriend to some wealthy celebrity” I said.

💌 I was angry” she said..
I look in her face and saw the tattoo on her breast…that tattoo was drawn by my competitor Jerry meaning she slept with jerry.

💌 hmm why didn’t you tell me you where a prince?? she asked.
💌 And now that you know what do you want??” I asked.
💌 I know you’re still single” she said
💌 that was then…I forgot your name already” I said.
I laid well on the bed.
💌 Obi,who is that girl beside you on the bed???” she asked,referring to Cheta..

💌 Isn’t she pretty??” I asked.
💌 she is…” she said arrogantly.
💌 more than you” I added…
The phone suddenly went off.I knew it she smashed the phone…

I woke up at the required time 6am. Obi wasn’t on the bed.Jeeez I need to get ready.
first I brushed my teeth then I rushed out to the deen office.

I wasn’t late…
“number 6” I heard and step forward. I was handed a pair of pant sweeter and a white round neck top.
“group one” marked.
I nodded and rushed off back.. I bath and dressed.
isn’t this cloth too tight,
and the shorts!! I wore the white sneakers and jog out.Exercise was just the first thing.

Margaret,tiara and I are in the same group…sweet..
“where are the remaining group members?? I asked.
“Jesusssss what type of combination is this!!!! Tiara said lowly. Princess Ujunwa was in my group then Ifeoma with three more girls making ten.

“what an’re hot!!!!! Brenda one of the girls said and tapped my shoulder..

“guys let’s go!! Margaret said, we all jogged in one direction all spread out

“hey cheta,I heard your scream in obi’s room last night…what’s up??
Brenda asked,her voice was like microphone and all the girls stopped. Even the other girls group stopped.

all eyes on me.
“Yes…I heard her scream!!!
Miranda said..
“she’s a bitch who took opportunities” Linda said…

“what do you mean??” I asked.
Uju walked out and grabbed my water can.
“what exactly are you doing in my boyfriends room!! uju blurted out and poured the water on me.

“Ujunwa watch it!! I won’t stand and watch you humilate my friend! Margaret came in between while tiara helped me stand well.

“excuse me!! uju pushed margaret too..I already stood up,I quickly went to Margaret.
“what did you do to her??” I grabbed Ujunwa’s arm with force.

Uju watch it!!!! someone shouted.
“I said why did you open your flirty legs for obi yesterday night!!” she said and poured another water on me

sooo many phones went up.
I smiled inwardly,seems this uju doesn’t know my other side.

I said why did you—
she wanted to slap me,I caught her hand and twisted it down.

“don’t cause trouble if you don’t want to see my other side.A dog won’t go near the lions den with coming back safely” Margaret stood up.

“Margaret stay out of this—
Uju pushed Margaret and came to face me,I was already wet.

“why did you—

“and who else should I open my legs for if not for Obi…
You heard my scream last night, fine cos am going to scream more than yesterday’s night today” I said.

everybody shouted😱😱😱

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