Son Of Thunder EPISODE 6

Son Of Thunder EPISODE 6



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should I say I ran into them or I almost? my brain made me stop right in their presence,they are 3 and they all have the royal bracelets.
king somadinna’s sons I guess,
cos everywhere went silent,even Crystal kept quiet.

I recognized the one at the front as the one I poured ogbono soup on,I also put him in his place by speaking to him rudely that day.

crystal smiled and catwalked forward, I felt like the world just came to an end for me.Luckily he didn’t recognize me maybe because I look classy…not looking like the poor gateman daughter.

“miss get out of our way”one of the brothers said, then I get pushed by the one I poured ogbono soup on.
Crystal smiled,
I looked down on myself and walked away.

but why would Amaka want to reveal my identity,she barely knows what have been through…
this is not really good.

Margaret helped me to locate the locker room where I saw new faces.
“hy hy hy hy”I heard,I smiled at them.
“chetachi the new student”Margaret introduced.
“Am Brenda, from the town side… you’re welcome pretty”one girl answered.

“the first lecture is numeracy”mag said,I took my notepad and followed her to the lecture room which was beyond undescribable but what surprised me was that there were just 13 students in…

one was even snapping picture when the professor was teaching,two were seen seriously.
I took my seat at the front where I won’t get distracted.

“Don’t be too shocked…most of these girls came here to look for suitors since mostly princes attend here” Margaret whispered while taking lectures with her phone.
Mrs Clara didn’t get a phone for me so I write with a color purple ink pen.

the class started getting filled up until a guy came to seat beside me..
I saw his label…”prince emeka”
king somadinna third son.

“babe”he whispered softly in a romantic voice…
at that moment I was like scared, I don’t want distractions.
He dropped his card on my desk and left…three girls quickly rushed the card.

“is that equation cleared”the professor asked.

“no,I think there is a problem with the question”a boy on glasses asked.
the professor looked at the question on the smart board.
hmm nothing is wrong with that question,without solving I know the answer.
The professor wanted to wipe it out.
“16wy²√3” I didn’t know when I talked and all eyes turned to me in full surprise.

“Come and prove it”he passed the marker to me and I did it without much stress.It didn’t even take me 6seconds.
“correct…see me later in my office” the professor said and gave assignment, he left.

students rushed me immediately.
“can we be friends..
“I mean to say study partners”
“help me with this”I smiled happily and even draw them closer.
I need friends that will stand by me when the pressure gets hotter😂.

king somadinna’s p.o.v👇👇
have never been so worried like this,
all I see now is my achievement smashing and falling….
imagine,what I took years to build is about to get destroyed because since 22years ago that the crown insence staff and staff of offor disappeared, it hasn’t reappeared and those things signify king…

what does this ilú(proverb) means?
or does it means the throne has shifted away from my family…
what type of problem is this for crying out loud.

“call me ebuka”I said to a guard in the modern built palace.
the guard left and came back with ebuka,I dismissed the other guards.

“Ebuka do you remembered what happened last 22years”I asked
“yes your highness and your orders were carried out appropriately” ebuka replied.
“its alright,send for the priest”I said.
soon the chief priests arrived, by all means I need to find out why the crown that disappeared refused to re appear.

“isn’t it time to know the next successor?”I asked.
*the gods are silent,sooner or later the gods will reveal everything” he replied.
and my mind sensed that the chief priest knows who will be the next king but doesn’t want to say it for the fear of him being killed..

“for now,the only way of finding who the next king is,is through intelligence.the first riddle is out and any man that gets it is equal to god” the priest said.
“eze has always get all riddles right,this one won’t be difficult for him”I said.
“well,let’s watch out” the priest said and left.
I stood up as a idea popped into my brain,I would get the riddle posted on royal high website.
I might be lucky the next successor is also in royal high….
I should find him and kill him now that he is alive.
chetachi💚chetachi💚 p.o.v

the lecture was good and understandable and I must admit it is the best place to learn,the only problem the school have is the spoilt kids with no manners,they are free to do what adults do…imagine.
I left the school immediately the lecture was over,I even forget to see the professor.
I decided to trek home until Margaret car showed up.I was happy as I joined her in.
“you have so many friends already,lucky you…you’re so intelligent*mag started.I stupidly blushed.
we talked as friends she dropped me off hoping to see me tomorrow.

I got home, Rita wasn’t even back,
I changed into casuals,there was nothing to do no dirty plates nothing to do…
I got hungry and wanted to eat but I didn’t touch the pots,I quietly went to my room and sleep since I was tired of books.

“cheta am hungry”Rita tapped me ahd I woke up,I checked time it was 7pm,where’s Amaka?.
“there’s food in the kitchen” Rita said.
“we can’t eat from it and besides we are not the one that cooked it,let Monica come back”I said.
*but am really hungry*Rita said, I already slept,she also slept.

I felt something cold poured on my body,I thought it was a dream until it poured on me heavily.I sprang up with shivering.
it was Mrs clara with a cup that contain ice cube.

“welcome mother”Rita said, Mrs Clara slapped her,
*am not your mother”she shouted, the both of us quickly knelt down in tears, but she treated us nicely yesterday…

“what type of useless and motherless children sleep when my clothes are unwashed”she shouted and wanted to beat me,
Rita hugged me,we both took the beatings.

“what do you think…
that I will waste my hard earn resources on someone else children your papa doesn’t even care…
then who am I to care”Mrs Clara nagged.
Rita started crying badly.

“why didn’t you wash my clothes before leaving this morning?”she asked me and another hot back slap landed on me..
even our own mother had never raised her hand on us.

“I will wash it ma’am”I said and dragged the big ghanamustgo taking it to the washroom.
“excuse me where are you taking my clothes?”she asked.
“washing machine”I said.
“are you alright?”she asked as she threw me her slippers,it met my cheeks where it turned red.
“my clothes are to be washed in the stream with hand”she said.
“but aunty that stream has been neglected for 6months now because of the coldness,we will suffer from cold”I said.
“who cares?”she asked
“2hours to finish my clothes or else you’re dead”she said and she meant it cos there is a stopwatch on the ghanamustgo.

Rita and I dragged the ghanamustgo out,visible marks were already on my body..
Amaka who was just walking in burst into laughter…
“omalicha(sweetheart)”the gateman called as he observed my face when we got to the door.
I refused to say a word.
she gave us just 2hours…isn’t our life miserable…
will it be like this forever.
mama why did you die😭😭😭

Am a stoical person,I can endure pain and I don’t always cry,I smile even when am in a problem but seeing my sister crying surely makes me to cry no matter how I try to be confident about the matter.

the stream was far,we spend 40mons to get there,although with shortcuts..
when last did I even come here??
every house now have one modern facilities or the other.
I had to tell my sister to stay far away from the stream because of her condition…she obeyed and waited for me by sitting on a dry rock.

I move to the stream side with so much shrieviness,almost close to the stream was a waterfall.
I started washing..
soon I came across panties and bra, Amaka’s own to be precise,I was tempted to cry,I still checked time.

mama,you died and left me and Rita in this cruel world,show yourself to me and explain to me the cause of your death cos I still don’t understand😰😰.

the clothes was still much…
but then I heard footsteps,where hope it’s not a drunkard!
I looked around,it was no one but I heard footsteps…
I hasten the way at which I wash,I looked at where I told Rita to wait for me,she already slept on the neat rock I calmed down and continue washing.
I still heard voices…

“how am I suppose to know the answer to this riddle now hunn..its difficult but it can be done right? its impossible but at the same time possible”I heard the voice..
I wiped my tears and looked around, it was no one.

then I cleared some flowers dividing the stream and the waterfall to peep..
I saw him…
that handsome guy again..he was sitting on a neat rock,
he wore white top,red head band..
black trouser and a silver dropping earring that fits his face.
I saw where he kept his phone on the floor,I could see a guard standing near him..

he looked into a piece of paper..
I just forgot my problems,my two hours was wasting as I admire this guy handsomeness,
his skin was something else then his dressing…

“This riddle…hunn…”
he said…I saw the bracelet he wore, I got his name from it “Obi❤”.

“obi that riddle doesn’t have an answer,give up on it already..” the guard spoke to him so friendly.
“excuse me,let me have a rethink” obi said soundedly.
“Your mother called what should I tell her?”the guard asked again.
“am in my penthouse*obi had replied. I got myself and stopped peeping I covered the flowers carefully and focused on my own problem.

“I will read it out and get the answer this time or else I won’t sleep if I do not” he said..
I rounded up my washing.

“a blind poor woman without a child was asked to make a wish,just one and she needed sight,wealth and a child….how will she ask for everything at the same time” I heard.

its truly difficult and impossible.
I thought as I packed the clothes I washed..

“I don’t think she can ask for all,I hive up already” obi first said..
hmm that’s simple to me.

“You simply say…” I paused.
chaii😭why do I like causing trouble.
“is anyone around!! I heard obi.. and I have 40mins left to return home.

“The woman should make a wish like this👇
I want to see my baby drinking milk from a golden bowl” I said the answer..straight and correct.

I headed immediately to where Rita was…
“please wait!! I heard him say but he didn’t get the place we were.
Rita checked the stopwatch.
“I don’t want to receive beating aunty, we have 39minutes more” she said.
I lift the ghabamustgo on her head,
why do we have to suffer too much just because we are girls?

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