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Son Of Thunder EPISODE 71



Son Of Thunder EPISODE 71



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the napkin fell,I hastily scratched my neck and acted innocent as he looked down.

“welcome my prince”I mumbled lowly with a bow.i looked in his eyes and curtised again.He walked up and crossed the charm.

A part of me went cold and numb!.And I thought he saw it too.

jeeeez,the way my heart was racing thinking he saw the charm was obnoxious.
At last,he did.i beemed like a good dream and picked the charm he crossed up.Now that I over did it,let’s see.
I wrapped it carefully in a nylon left with my cleaning kits.

my phone rang immediately I stepped in the maids was eze and I picked on the first ring.

“hey”he cooled over the phone.i checked the screen again to be sure it was him.
How dare he address me as “hey” we had a deal right? and he ought to start addressing me as “my queen”.

“are you there?? his voice came out firm and sooo commanding again.
i managed a smile,he will soon get used to me

“am good,what about you my prince?”I said.
“as at the last time I checked,I never asked you if you’re fine or not—“he huffed.
I checked my phone screen again.

is prince Eze high? or has he forgotten our deal???

“this is venita,your queen”I said..
“ohh,I mistook this line for another. sooo how is it anyways?”he asked.
I breathed out.i almost ran mad when he denied me.Finally,I smiled.

“done..he crossed it,he should be feeling discomfort as we speak”I replied.
“Good.Just stay around and give me the news I want to here”he said.
“sure”I said and dropped the call.

I stupidly held the phone to my chest.i really can’t wait to be a queen.That alone will lift me out of partial poverty cause I will never go broke.
A knock from the door interrupts me.
“who’s there?”I said and strolled to it,turns out to be Emily(cheta’s personal maid) and three other maids.Their face was displeasing.

someone just tell me it’s the bad news!

“it’s the resting time already,what are you three doing here”I shook my head.
“madam is seriously sick and you’re here sleeping,are you sure you still want your job” Emily said.i moved my eyes in a roll.
“she’s sick! when?? she was looking Hale and hearty the other time”I said,pretendly.Then followed the girls to the main mansion.
we moved upstairs to the back of the pool.

Obi’s suite was above cheta’s room,next to her room was her dressing room where all her clothes brands sat.Some maids stayed around to help her dress up.
Obi’s suite backed the pool with walls very transparent giving him an amazing sight from upwards.His suite was worth writing about.

Some maids could be seen attending to cheta, they stood in a roll with different items on a tray.

Obi rushed in from the living room door,as he walked he dipped a band in his two braided hair.He wore a white up and down sweater materials with a diamond stoned slippers and a diamond earrings.He held his white phone in his hand where he wore a silver ring….he had a tattoo on his wrist and another by his neck, more like a signature.
he was really really attractive.

“my prince she’s feeling tooo hot everywhere”
the maid cleaning cheta’s face with a cold napkin said. she looked very clean.
Obi took his lips in.
“you all can leave”he said without turning,they all dispersed within a seconds..I still stood by the transparent walls to peep.

“baby come on”he said so sweetly and lifted cheta from the bed. They both looked cute…
I just saw how beautiful this cheta girl is today, I never had the chance to admire a thing about her…I generally don’t take a second glance at girls who are cuter than I do.
she’s really seductive in facials and everything was crazily set,very obvious that she has never been involved in any sexual activities.

“I feel weak,Obim my head hurts! like someone is drumming inside my head” she said lowly and when obi left her to stand alone, she almost fell. She looked so weak, her eyes were sticky as well.

the charm is really working on cheta!
why the reverse on Obi- am really confused.

“which place hurt you the most”…
“aaah everywhere,Obim my breath!!!! aaaaaah eeeeeehhhh Obim my head tooo!!!!
(the pain increased)”

“just hang on,I called my personal doctor already or better still let’s go to the hospital”.. Obi replied softly while rubbing her waist and neck in circles.
“I don’t want hospital,I hate it”she said when he took the car key,she even took her hand away weakly.
“baby your temperature is getting out of hand, what are you saying”he beckoned and pulled her to himself,she hugged him weakly.

don’t worry you will soon die!.
I watched obi lift her up romantically with just one hand,he must be really fit.He turned,I bent into my hideout.

“hospitals make me sick the more,I don’t visit there right from time*she said
“fine”he said and dropped her then picked the landline.
“water and honey”he said into the maids landline.i dashed out and hurried to get them.

soon,I arrived.
Cheta was laying already.

Obi took the water from the tray and poured it in the glass cup then added a drop of honey in it.i bowed since I was holding the glass.

“how many degree Celsius”Obi said.
“never mind”he replied and dipped his index finger in the water.The warm water turned cold I was shocked,awed,surprise and curious.

how did he?????….

“you can leave”he said and took the glass from me.i was too shocked to leave.
can someone wake me up from this dream?? I still watch him fed cheta the water,he was really caring.

she drank the water halfly. He kissed the back of her palm.
“does it still hurts?”
“a little bit”..
“finish the water”…

His phone rang,he placed it on a hold and fed cheta the whole water.She already feel sleepy everything looks like a film to me,I don’t just understand..

Obi making a warm water turn cold by putting his index finger in the water- am curious.
then him crossing the charm without getting affected is an understatement..

I held my tray tight and still watch them through the transparent glass.
“sorry”he cooled and kissed her deeply,he kept locking and unlocking into the kiss.
jeeeezzzz I shut my eyes,
he carried her into the shower…

I looked like a lost dog,totally confused.
“Obimmmmmmmm!!!!! I heard from the shower…her voice now sounds healthier than before.but how?.

will prince Eze call me now or I should call him????
I moved to a more quiet place in the shower and dialed Eze’s number.The tray I was holding fell,have never felt curious all my life.

“hello prince ezzz—

Obi walked directly passed where I was receiving my call.i almost urinated on my panties although it was just a drop. Thankfully he was also on a call so he didn’t notice.

I ended my call immediately and turned to leave…
am I high?? staying in the same hallway with obi?? Venita you have a case.
I hurried to the hallway door.

“waittt”his voice came out soothing.
“my prin…prin…”I sturltled.
“who are you calling??he asked.
“hmmm no one…nothing…it’s no one important”I rushed words.
“Really?? he turned,I felt a spark in his eyes. damn sooo attractive.

“yes yes my prince,it’s no one”I rushed words again…
he took his lips in and look in the side.
“okay,swear on your ambitions if you’re sure it’s no one”he said and sat on the neat high pub seat..

the more I look in his face,the more I felt the urge to peee…why won’t I get a hold on myself

“I remembered I gave an order”he said.
I scratched my neck.

“ummm my prince,I really don’t have an ambition so I can’t swear with what I don’t have”I said,my head low.
I hope I sound convincing enough.

I felt him stood up.He walked directly paste again.He stopped when he got to the hallway door. My heart rate increased that moment.

“you know sometimes I have to play the role of a fool to fool the fools who thinks they are fooling me”he said and left…
my heart sank.


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Mr Arrogant Season 2 Episode 22




Mr Arrogant Season 2 Episode 22

(Ând the strânge maidën)

By: Faith Lucky




Chelsea’s pov
“Brielle, Brianna, Blair, we need to talk.” I said angrily, making my way into brielle’s room.

“Hey, what’s with the look Chels? You look really upset.” Brianna smiled and I could tell it was a mocking smile.

“Don’t you dare pretend to me okay? You all are backstabbers!” I yelled angrily and turned to look at them.

Brielle had a nonchalant countenance and a smirk was plastered on her face.

Gosh! I felt like ripping off the smirk off her face and feeding it to her.

“What are you talking about Chelsea?” Blair smirked with her arms akimbo.

Seriously, this girls are daring me.

“You framed me up right? You framed me so you could make me Xavier hate me right? But guess what? Your plans didn’t work.

You’re shameless Brielle, I thought you were better than those sluts that go after Xavier and give their selves cheaply at him!” I lashed out furiously.

“That’s enough okay? What proof do you have that we had a hand in whatever f*cking s*it that happened to you?

How is it our fault that you couldn’t control your sexual urge and decided to f*ck a random cheap guy like that?

If anyone is cheap here then is you.” Brielle smacked angrily, glaring daggers at me.

“Seriously Brielle? Can you listen to yourself? I never knew you were nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

You’re nothing but a snake!” I hissed angrily, feeling the urge to strangle her to death.

“Ha!” She laughed mockingly and hissed.

“I knew you planned it with the girls with a random girl to pretend to sleep with me.” I fisted my hand in a tight ball.

I just felt like punching her so hard till she spits out blood and bleed from her nose.

But I ain’t doing that. I’m not the violent type.

“So what? I ain’t denying the fact that I framed you up and I’m glad my purpose of doing so is gradually paying off.

Xavier probably hates you because he sees you as a cheap whore.” Brielle smirked triumphantly.

I didn’t look surprised because I had my suspicions.

And there I was thinking that they were good friends I could trust, not knowing that they are the ones that would want to make me go down.

“Why would you do such a thing? I thought we were friends.” My voice is low, more like a pained whisper.

“We were never friends. Maybe just partners in crime.” Brianna chipped in with a mockery laughter.

I felt so hurt that I thought my heart would rip off.

“But how? How did you manage to do such a thing? I never suspected that you were up to something.” I whispered, with tears building up in my eyes.

I felt really hurt.

Now because of them, my image has been tarnished and even the sluts at school sees me as a slut.

My reputation is going down the drain because of them.

“Well, it was easy…” Brianna started, with a grin.

“Well, we planned it before inviting you over to the club.

When you were having your drink and talking, we signaled the waiter and he poured a drug in your drink without your notice.

It was actually benzodiazepines. It would make you forget, more like an amnesia.

And when the three of us gave excuses and did as if we were drunk and waisted, the guy we had paid had come to take you.

Well, good thing the drug was already working on you.

Now, let me give you a little bit hope, he didn’t sleep with you but he pretended as if he did to make it look real and convincing.

And before then, we had planted a camera in the room.

So, that’s it. It was because of the drug you couldn’t remember when you woke up the next day.”

Now, I was already in tears and I was on the floor.

How could they?

I’m glad the guy didn’t really have his way with me but I still felt hurt and sad.

“You’re cruel!” I cried out.

Oh God!
I shouldn’t have partook in their evil plan to frame Delaney up.

Now, look what’s become of me.

But then, I will make sure the B3 girls wouldn’t go unpunished.

I have solid evidence against them and they are sure gonna be punished.

Now, I regret ever wanting to hurt Delaney.

I shouldn’t have and this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t make any attempt to frame Delaney up.

I regret every of my actions.

“I didn’t expect this from you.” I sniffed in and stood up from the floor.

“You should be glad that I even told you what exactly happened and you should be happy the guy didn’t really f*ck you.” Brielle smirked.

“Whatever friendship we had is over.” I said and without waiting for any reply, I got out of her room.

I wiped my tears and did a lopsided smirk. I withdrew my phone from my pocket and saved the voice recorder.

Now, let’s see who’s gonna have the last laugh.

“Hello officer Manuel, this is Chelsea and I want to fill a case…”


Who loves what Chelsea is about to do?🤔🤔😋😋

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Mr Arrogant Season 2 Episode 21




Mr Arrogant Season 2 Episode 21

(Ând the strânge maidën)

By: Faith Lucky




Xavier’s pov
“Close your eyes!” She yelled at me.
I wanted to scoff but I thought against it and obeyed her begrudgingly by closing my eyes.

I felt her body moved and after some seconds, I couldn’t feel her close to me again. I squinted my left eye opened and when I was sure she wasn’t close to me again, I fully opened my both eyes.

She was still on her towel and she was beside her closet but she had a shirt on already.

“Why did you have to barge into my room? What if I was in my nudity?” She scoffed.

Seriously, is this Delaney talking?

Delaney that would always walk into my room even without knocking and she wouldn’t even care if you I was naked or something.

Seems my teachings are really helping.

“I did knock okay? But you didn’t answer the door and so, I decided to come in – who knows, you might have been in danger.” I defended myself.

“Yeah, whatever.” She sighed and took out a trouser from her closet.

“Can you stop staring at me and turn around? I wanna dress up.” She huffed, holding the trouser closer to herself as if I was gonna steal it from her.
I chuckled and gestured my hand in a surrender like way.

“Of course princess.” I teased and turned around.


I had, had a little glimpse of her nudity and Jesus!

Her boobs weren’t too big and it was round and firm.

Geez! What’s this girl doing to me?

“You can turn around now.” She said and I did turn around.

“Okay, so why are you here?” She asked and sat on her bed.

I left the door and started towards her bed.

“I finally got to know the truth. You were framed. I already talked to Rio and I believed him he wouldn’t do what I thought you two were doing at the restroom.

After much contemplations and a little evidence, we concluded that it was a set-up. I confronted Chelsea because I suspected her and she really agreed that she and the B3 girls had planned it out.” I narrated and breathed out.

“Oh!” She mouthed.

“Just oh?” I asked and arched my brow.

“Yeah, just oh. I knew Chelsea might have a hand in it and besides, you didn’t even allow me explain myself. You would have found out even more sooner.

Those B3 devil’s!” She seethed the last words.

“Okay, what happened?” I asked curiously.

“There’s no need. Besides, you already found out and there really is no need for you to know.” She huffed.

“Really? But I wanna know.” I insisted.

“What is there for you to know huh? When I wanted you to listen badly to what I wanted to say, you shun me.

Right now, I don’t want you to know what really happened because it doesn’t matter anymore. You already found out that truth, so there really is no need to explain what happened.

And…” I interrupted her by placing my index finger in between her lips. She blinked her eyes rapidly like a doll.

Gosh! She talks to much.

“You. Talk. Too much.” I counted my words with a smirk and moved closer to her.

She looked dumbfounded and she continued blinking her eyes and that made me chuckle.

“You know Laney, you’re really pretty. And I’ve been dying to do this.” I smirked and placed my lips on hers.

Her eyes widened in shock as her lips were still shut.

I pressed my lips more on hers but she didn’t reciprocate the kiss.

I pulled away from the kiss and stared at her.

“I’m sorry if you don’t…” My voice trailed off as her lips landed on mine.

And it was my turn to widen my eyes in shock. But not for long as I took over the kiss.

I held her firmly to myself and kissed her hotly.

Geez, I’ve been dying to do this.

Gosh! Best kiss ever!

As I wanted to proceed to the bed, the door flung opened.

We pulled abruptly away from the kiss and turned to stare at mom who had a huge smile on her shocked face.

“Mom?’ I called and scratched the back of my head nervously.

“It’s fine. I’ll just leave. Sorry for interrupting. I had actually knocked but seems you two were too engrossed that you didn’t hear.” She winked at me and walked out of the door.

I turned to look at Delaney and she was blushing hard even to the root of her hair.

Her face looked reddened like a tomato and geez, she looked so shy.

Her lips were more pinkish and swollen and she even made it more seductive by biting it.

“Uhm, I’ll just leave.” She said hastily and hurriedly got down from her bed and towards the door.

I’m supposed to leave right?
This is her room right?


But the kiss, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it I’m a long time to come.

Why did mom have to come in at the wrong time?



Delaney’s pov
“Wow Delaney!” Xavier’s mom giggled happily.

“Yeah?” I shrugged plainly.

“Do you know what you two did?” She asked with a smile.

I shook my head negatively and bit my lower lip, “I don’t but the feeling was great and it’s something I haven’t felt before.”

“You just kissed! The same kiss Xavier had asked you to do.” She enthused.

“Really? So, that’s kissing?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She giggled.

“Wow! I’d really love to kiss Xavier all the time. The kiss we had, it was amazing and I didn’t want us to stop.” I pouted.

“Really?” She laughed and touched my hair.

I nodded my head and pouted.

“Don’t worry, a time would come you would kiss Xavier all the time but for now, you can’t.

And maybe when I’m less busy, I would tell you more about a kiss and when to do it.”


Hera’s pov
“Ma’am?” I called calmly as I stood beside the doorway in the kitchen.

Emily turned around and smiled at me.

She rinsed her hands and wiped them with the kitchen napkin.

“What is it Hera?” She asked as she got close to me.

“I want to come with you today. I have a feeling that I’d be lucky today.” I sighed lowly.

“Okay. Let me round off the cooking and we’ll both get dressed and go.” She smiled sweetly at me and touched my shoulder.

I smiled lightly and nodded my head, “thank you.”

Emily and I got into the house and this time around, I didn’t look around for a long time.

But I was still bedazzled at the building.

We got inside the house and I continued to stare around.

The house is too good to be true.

I was walking and still staring around that I didn’t know when I bumped into someone and something poured on me.

I jolt out of my reverie and my mouth flew opened as I stared at the person I had bumped into.

“What!” I gasped out in shock.

“Delaney!” I called in shock and the glass cup of water she was holding fell from her hands as she stared at me in shock.

Finally! They’ve met oo.
And Delaney and Xavier officially kissed 😋

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Mr Arrogant Season 2 Episode 20




Mr Arrogant Season 2 Episode 20

(Ând the strânge maidën)

By: Faith Lucky




Xavier’s pov
“So Chelsea, you’re gonna tell me nothing but the truth. Did you set Rio and Delaney up?” I asked, looking stern and my voice came out hard and stern.

“I’m so sorry Xavier, I was carried away by jealousy.” She bursted into uncontrollably tears.

“I really didn’t mean to. And it’s true I framed Rio and Delaney.

Rio had refused to help me frame Delaney up so you would hate her but then, we had a plan B.

I sent a text message to Rio and together with the B3 girls and I, we planned the whole thing but Brianna was the mastermind of the whole thing.

She actually convinced me to join hands together with them so they would make you hate Delaney.” She sniffed sadly and stared remorsefully at me.

“It’s fine now Chels, glad you said the truth.” I said and stroke her hair affectionately.

“Really Xavier? Thank you.” She beamed and hugged me lightly.

“So, what about the video? Is it true? Did you really have sex with the guy whose face wasn’t shown?” I asked.

“No Xavier, I swear. I don’t know how that video came about but I’m sure the B3 girls has idea on what happened but I’m yet to ask them.” She sighed despondently.

“Hum…” I sighed, and stared into space like someone being into deep thoughts.

I need to get to the roof of this matter.

There’s more to this matter and I’ll find out who’s responsible.


Alicia’s pov
“How dare you Alicia! After all my warnings you still want ahead to do what you think is right?

Why wouldn’t you listen to me?” Mom yelled angrily and gave me a deafening slap across my face right in front of my father.

“Clarissa!” Dad called sternly but mom hissed disdainfully.

I held my probably flushed cheek and stared at my feet.

“Clarissa, please can we talk?” Dad asked calmly but mom was fuming in anger.

“There’s nothing to talk about Jerry! Nothing!” Mom snapped angrily and glared daggers at dad.

Whatever their differences is, I hope they solve it sooner than later.

“Please Clarissa, for the sake of our daughter. It’s been almost nineteen years now Clara, please let’s talk.” Dad begged with his hands clasped together.

Mom hissed angrily and stomped into the house while I solemnly trailed behind them.


After the brief talk between my both parents, dad decided to leave.

I didn’t listen to their conversations because mom sent me to me room but frankly speaking, I would have loved to listen to whatever they had to say.

Even after he left, mom still looked pissed.

As she brush her shoulders pass me, her glare at me sent shiver down my spine.

I know that look…

I’m in a deep trouble.

And now, I wouldn’t be able to ask Mom about what dad had said concerning grandma’s bills because I had told him.

He had insisted on coming over at our place and I was really ashamed because our house looked old and worn out.

But glad he didn’t complain.


Xavier’s pov
“Delaney?” I called lowly and knocked gently on her door.

There was no response and so, I knocked again.

I called her name but there wasn’t any response.

I twisted the knob of the door and quietly walked in, looking around the room like a burglar.

I stopped on my track and my mouth fell opened as I stared at a gorgeous sight in front of me.

Delaney was in a short towel and her body was damped.

Her hair was dripping water and her legs were so fair, spotless and smooth.

Her face shone brightly and her lips were more pinkish.

She was with a hair towel, using it to wipe her wet hair.

Holy moly!

She looked so pretty and spotless.

Her head snapped at my direction and she looked shocked.

I didn’t even bother to shamefully remove my eyes but I continued to stare at her body.

God! Is she human?

How can someone be as pretty as this?

So f*cking pretty!

“What are you doing here?” She asked with her voice a little hoarse.

I let my eyes shamefully adore her body.

“I… I…” I couldn’t find the right words because just seeing her almost nude with only a short towel, already left me speechless and turned on.

I moved closer to her and she moved backwards.

She moved backwards till her back hit against the wall.

I trapped her with my both hands and smirked at her.

Her face was already as red as a tomato. She was blushing even to the root of her hair.

“Xavier, what are you doing?” She asked, feeling bashful.

When I wouldn’t let her leave, she unconsciously removed her hand from the tip of her towel and poked my chest.

At as she did that, her towel dropped down on the floor.


I bent my head to look down and I immediately took my eyes to stare at her and hugged her tightly to myself so I wouldn’t get a good view of her boobs.

She gasped and stared at her nudity and then back at me.

And as if controlled together, we both screamed loudly.


Xavier wants to go blind by what he saw🤣

comment and share.

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