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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



The entire students knew the moment they were being watched by Nir and that was a result of how visible the balcony was. They couldn’t clearly see his face, but could spot his figure and knew he was watching them. Well, a few of them had heard rumors of him supervising some training sections.

Each time Ximena looked at him, all she could feel was hate and anger, but when she discovered it was getting closer to her turn, it all turned into anxiety.

So far, some of the students had been good, while others were terrible. But Ximena knew even the terrible ones were better than her.

Daphne had been engrossed in taking down the names of the students and scoring them after each performances. She couldn’t get tired as that was something she loved doing and of course, it was actually an honor being assigned by Nir to carry out such task.


“Next!” Ximena flinched when the regular word was called, but this time around, being referred to her.

She gulped heavily and looked around, confirming she was indeed, the one next in line. Oh, God!

She bit her lower lip and stared down at the floor, taking deep, heavy breaths. She wasn’t scared about losing, she was only scared about losing her opportunity to get the Alpha. What other chance would there be?

Summoning the last courage in her, she stepped forward and stood in front of Daphne.

“I’m… Ximena” she muttered, but to the hearing of Daphne who scoffed when she tried reaching for the sticks.

“Just Ximena? Were you born without a father?” Daphne corrected sarcastically, making Ximena halt and look at her. The moment she did, her eyes sparked with a kind of resentment even Daphne could see – although she didn’t flinch.

“Ximena Leander” she said and while Daphne scribbled it down, she went ahead to pick up a stick.

All eyes were on her – of course – and that alone made her so nervous. She felt herself holding the stick in a stupid way as it was completely different from the way others had held theirs. But she completely had no idea how they managed to do it.

She closed her eyes and assured herself she could do it; she had to – for her parents. And making up her mind, she opened her eyes and struck her stick against the scarecrow, but her move was so terrible – everyone around her laughed.

She took in a deep breath and decided to give it another try, but it was just like a kid playing with some rock. Even she herself could feel how stupid she was.

She continuously hit the scarecrow in a childish way, ignoring the murmurings and chuckling from the others, but not until Daphne stopped her.

“Do you think this is a playground for children, young lady?” Daphne’s tone was strictly sharp. “Just before we commenced, I made it clear this was no place to train weaklings. Why didn’t you leave at that time?”

Ximena said nothing as she lowered her gaze to the floor, feeling so embarrassed. She indeed, shroud had left when she had the chance. This was obviously not her way to get to the Alpha.

“Next!” Daphne rolled her eyes and called. And while Ximena stood aside, the next student stepped forward.

Ximena looked up at the balcony and found the masked Alpha still staring at them.


After what seemed like forever, the performances finally came to an end as all the students were done showcasing their stick- skills.

Alpha Nir stood at the balcony, his eyes still staring downwards at the trainees – especially at Daphne who was getting ready to call the results.

He knew the moment Ethan walked into the room and stood behind him.

“You called for me, Alpha?” He uttered and got ready to wait a few seconds before getting a reply.

“Go to Daphne and tell her I want the lady to be selected” He spoke in his usual gruffy tone without turning to look at Ethan.

Ethan was gobsmacked for a short while.

“The lady?” He arched his brows. “The one you asked me to look for?”

Slowly, Nir turned to him, the act alone making him think he had asked a wrong question.

And in the depth of his baritone, he scoffed: “What other lady would I be talking about, Ethan?”

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