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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



After the training section, the selected students had been given a seal and a book where they all wrote their names and signatures. The seal was meant to be their pass at the gate the next day.

“How did you get so lucky, huh?” Ciri asked with a flummoxed look as she walked out the gate with Ximena. Both ladies had their backpacks on and walked seperately from the rest of the trainees.

“I mean, I’m not trying to degrade you or anything; but…it seems more of luck to me. Are you related to…”

“I’m not. Okay? This is actually my first time meeting with Danne or whatever her name is called” Ximena rolled her eyes.

“Daphne” Curious emended with a light smile. “Anyways, I’d suggest you work harder so you don’t run out of such luck. Where do you live?”

Ximena stopped pause as she tried recalling the path she had come with. Of course.

“That way” She pointed out to the right.

“Oh! Unfortunately, the road to my house leads the other way” Ciri chuckled. “So,I guess we’ll just see tomorrow, then. Goodbye”.

“Yeah. Bye”.

And the two ladies parted ways.

Now alone, Ximena mulled on how lucky she had really been to get selected. And to think that Daphne had been rude to her at first. Hm; it must be the work of her parents. They really wanted her to carry out her revenge spree and she wasn’t going to make sure she doesn’t disappoint them.

She had been smart at finding her way home, but at some point, she stopped walking and turned around. She surmised she was being followed, but when she looked, she could find no one.

She shrugged it off, concluding she was just being insecured and continued on her way home.

Finally, she got home and found Minerva in front of the house, washing. And the moment Minerva noticed her, she paused.

“Oh, dear! You’re back” she shook her head, having that expression of I-told-you-you-wouldn’t-make-it.

“Good day, Ma’am” Ximena answered cheerfully.

“Welcome home, dear. How was it? You didn’t pass, did you? You see? I told you not to go” She asked sadly and just then, Ema walked out of the house.

Ximena shut her a stare before returning her gaze to Minerva. “Actually, I made it” She smiled, making Minerva gasp.

“You made it? How?”

“I told you I could do it. I made it to the next round”.

“Seriously?” Ema interfered with a scoff. “Who are you trying to fool here? You really expect us to believe someone like you passed the first round?”

“If I didn’t, then how did I get this?” Ximena dipped her hand into her bag and brought out the seal. The shock that followed next on Ema’s face couldn’t be cloaked.

“This is my gate pass to the Palace tomorrow. I hope this proves you wrong”.

“Oh, my! You’re actually not bluffing” Minerva stood up. “But, how were you able to pass? Does this mean you fought so well?”

Ximena snorted. “The most important thing is I passed. I’ll go in now to get some rest” She lowered her head in obeisance before walking into the house.

Ethan stood from a distance, hiding behind a tree as he watched the whole scenario. Tho, he couldn’t hear them; but what he watched was enough for him. Thankfully, he knew where she lived already.


Daphne tried so hard to seethe her anger as she walked into the room after the door had been opened for her. Stepping in, she looked at the usual spot and found him seated sedately with his legs crossed on the table in front of him and a book in his hands – reading. On the table were scattered books, scripts, and a half apple. He didn’t look at Daphne, but kept his masked face bent towards the book in his hands.

“Greetings, Alpha” Daphne cleared her throat and moved forward, not wanting to admire how staidly handsome he looked – especially with his shirt that had the first three buttons opened. A keek at that tattooed chest of his could send anyone nuts.

Realizing he rebuffed her greeting – which was normal – she decided to proceed. “Uhm… I saw you watching the training a while ago from the balcony. Did you enjoy it?” She asked with a warm smile, taking some steps closer to him and stopping in front of his table.

Starchily, Nir reached for the green apple and took a bite, his soft kissable lips making it all appetizing for Daphne who had to gulp down hard. He returned the apple to the table and chewed courtly.

“I did” Came his icy tone.

“Oh. I’m glad to hear that” Daphne chuckled. So, we had about fifty-seven students who got selected and…”

“Just go straight to the point, Daphne” Nir cut her off. “Stop wasting time and tell me the reason you’re here. Tell me you want to know why I instructed you to chose the hairy lady”.

There was a skip in Daphne’s heartbeat, but she bravely waved it off and decided to embrace the moment.

“Uhm… actually, Alpha” she took a step closer.”I wouldn’t deny the fact that got me actually confused. I mean… it’s not like you to give favour to strangers. And I thought you’ve always loved stronger people”.

Silence stepped in and lasted until Nir broke it. “I always have my reasons for everything I do, Daphne, and those reasons are things I love to keep personal. Now, I’d pretend you never stepped in here to ask me that because I don’t want to talk about it”.

His blunt words hit Daphne hard in the chest, she had to inhale deeply to let it go.

“I’m sorry, Alpha. Sorry for asking” she lowered her head, knowing his words were not to be argued with. “I’ll take my leave now”.

Not getting a response from him, she headed for the door and on her way out, came in contact with Ethan who was trying to go in. They gave each other a slight nod before seperating.

Ethan walked into the room and bowed before the Alpha. “Greetings, Alpha”.

Evenly, Nir took his legs down from the table, dropped the book he had been reading and brought out a map which he spread out on the table.

“Where is she?” He asked Ethan, but with his gaze on the map. Ethan felt grateful he had succeeded on his errand, else, he didn’t want to imagine what would’ve happened if Nir had gotten NO for an answer.

Leaping forward, he studied the map properly until he recognized the exact location.

“It’s right here, Alpha” he pointed out. “There is a small house after the cliff – that is exactly where she lives”.

“Are you sure?” Nir grunted.

“Absolutely. I watched her go in with her bag. There was a human and a young girl about her age. I can’t tell if the woman was her mother, but they all live together” he enthused.

Nir pondered on his feedback. She was staying with a woman? Who could it be and how did it happen? Last time he met her, she was a stranger and homeless.

He ticked his jaw and leaned back on his seat.

“Get me Ahiga” he ordered and quickly, Ethan bowed and left.

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