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(His Innermost Desires…)

By: Faith Lucky



Ema struggled to catch her breath as she stared at the unbelievably cute guy in front of her. Tall, silky hair, sparkling eyes with gold balls and the most perfect body built were words too small to describe the man in front of her. He looked so perfect, Ema could barely believe it.

For a while, she remained standing and staring envinly at him, not realizing he was actually standing in front of her house and might probably need something from them. For a while, she got lost in those charming eyes of his – wondering why she had never come across him before. Truly, Ema felt her world pause.

“I’m looking for Ximena” She finally jerked back to reality when she heard him speak. She didn’t even know what he said, but his warm baritone voice induced a sort of sensation in her – one that was strong enough to snap her from her world of fantasy.

“Uhm…H-Hi” She found herself smiling as she stuttered. “You um… you’re welcome. Sorry, do you need my help? Do you… want to…”

“I said I’m looking for Ximena. Is she home?” Nir’s words cut her off – taking every smile from her face.

The vein on her forehead wrinkled as her heart gave a throb. Ximena? Did she just hear him correctly?

She batted her lashes before looking up at him. “Is… there a problem?”

“The problem is you taking so much time to answer my question” came his brusque reply, making Ema’s cheeks flush in embarrassment.

“Uhm … I’m sorry, but ..she actually stepped out” She lowered her head and lied, but the environment was probably quiet enough for him to hear the sounds of sticks from the backyard.

“Wh… why don’t we go in and wait for her? I could get you some water” She tried distracting him, but it didn’t work as gently, Nir strolled pass her and started heading to the backyard.

“H-Hey. Where are you going?” Ema turned and tried to stop him, but when she got so close to him from behind, she realized she couldn’t even touch this guy. He seemed too pure; too clean to be touched by her hands. It made her freeze and wonder how he could have such aura around him.

Nir, of course, didn’t spare a glance behind as he followed the sound and proceeded to the backyard; and getting there, he found the lady – practicing.

Ximena continued hitting the stick against the tree, not minding how funny she looked. She didn’t want to give up; she didn’t want to stop until she had gotten what she wanted.

Her arm suddenly hurt and she groaned as she took it down, taking in deep breaths to calm herself. Panting, she suddenly noticed someone staring at her; and turning briskly, she gasped when she saw the face.

First, she was filled with confusion – wondering if she were to act angry or scared. The very guy from the river – the same one that had nearly ripped her apart at the hotel.

She had to bat her lids to be sure she wasn’t seeing wrongly, and indeed, she wasn’t.

“You?” She held onto fear. “Wh… What’re you doing here? I didn’t take anything else – I swear”.

She was too perplexed to notice how gently charming he looked.

“I know you didn’t” He said with a sigh as he began strolling towards her. “And actually, I didn’t come here for a fight”.

Relived that he wasn’t there because she did something wrong, she decided to switch over to anger.

“So, why are you here? Are you here to grip me by the throat again and have me disgraced?” She snapped and as Nir stood in front of her, staring into her eyes, he imagined just how good it would be to watch her choke. Having someone speak to him in such tone and surviving the next minute was something that had never happened.

But, despite his infuriated thoughts, Ahiga’s phlegm words seemed to find a way to penetrate: “This is the final thing you need to do to gain complete power, Alpha. I believe you should be able to make this little sacrifice”.

Having that stuck to his head, he gulped down the provocation.

“What happened at the hotel… was not intentional; and I was hoping we could make peace” He was finding it so difficult putting his words together. Using a tone less than icy and truculent was just not in his nature.

“Really?” Ximena scoffed. “How did you even find me here? Have you been stalking me?”

Nir was silent for a while, thinking of the next polite thing to say.

“What can I do to make peace with you? You name it”. He finally said, making the anger in Ximena’s eyes dwindle.

She placed her right hand at akimbo and looked away. “To be sincere, I’m really mad at you. But .. if you’re really want to make it up… then, I might give you a chance. But, why would you want to make peace with me in the first place?” She asked with a crumpled look and it took Nir sometime to think of another polite reply.

“Because I feel someone like you didn’t deserve to be treated the way you were yesterday” He replied and watched her cheeks flush. Hopefully, he wasn’t being too straight-forward.

“Well…” She rolled her eyes. “If . If you say so. Perhaps, taking me to a nice restaurant would do the magic. And… I don’t mean a restaurant where I only get to eat crabs. I actually need a place with real foods” she whispered the last part which didn’t sound too well to Nir.

Would he really have to move around without his mask? Ahiga said it’d only be a small sacrifice; he didn’t hint him he’d have to treat her to a meal.


Ximena felt lucky she had chosen the restaurant option as she had been really hungry since she arrived. The meals at Minerva’s house – she couldn’t tell if they tasted that because they were poor, or that was just how it was meant to taste.

Thankfully, the restaurant the handsome stranger had taken her was reasonable. At least, they had something she could eat.

It was a small space with very few people who were minding their businesses, and as she sat in front of the stranger, she munched on her plate of wheat without looking at him.

Nir, on the other hand, watched silently as the rough – looking lady ate hungrily like one who had been starved. Her hair was ruffled with her being sweaty all over. Perhaps, it was due to the fact she had been training when he arrived; but talking about beauty, she didn’t look too appealing to him; not even her uniquely long hair.

She paused to gulp down some water before sparing him a glance.

“You sure you don’t wanna eat? You could easily place an order” She said, but Nir stayed silent.

“What’s your name, huh?” She lowered her head and resumed eating. When she didn’t hear a word, she paused and looker up at him again. “I’ve noticed you don’t like talking much? How then do you plan to make peace?”

He exhaled lightly and dropped his hand from his jaw. “Give me a name – any of your choice”, He muttered.

“I don’t understand. Were you born without a name or what?” Ximena scoffed ridiculously.

“That’s for you to conclude. But like I said, you can give me a name of your choice” He answered calmly while Ximena huffed and resumed eating.

“And you? What’s your real name?” He asked after a brief silence, his voice sounding so golden to the ears of Ximena.

“Well, I’m not like you. So, you can call me Ximena” She responded and took in some more water.

“Your real name?”

“Of course. Do you think I’d be lying about my name?”

Silence stepped in again and lasted for a couple of minutes.

“Where do you come from?” Nir broke the silence. “Yesterday when we met, you seemed new and were looking for a place to stay”.

“Uhm… Well, I actually came from Kunturiah” She lied and watched the stranger arch his brow.

“Kunturiah? You’ve been living there?”

“Yeah… Kind of”.

“I see” he mumbled and stared down at the table.

“Kunturiah is actually one of my favourite places – especially the blue lakes. If truly you came from Kunturiah, definitely you should’ve seen the lakes. Right?” He asked calmly.

“Uh…Sure! I also love the blue lakes; it’s quite beautiful” Ximena answered with a smile. And that very moment, Nir knew she lied. There were no lakes in Kunturiah.

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