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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Nick walked into the station to see Peter waiting for him.
“So? Who is this person?”Nick asked
“Minister of health, George Drew”Peter said
“So that man is also amongst the gambling den members”Nick said
“Yes, the assassin also confessed that George has been the one visiting Zack before he died, Jenny also confirmed seeing the man coming to see Zack”Peter said
“George had been the one black mailing Zack, asking him to do all sort of things before Zack died” Nick added and Peter nodded
“Then we will need to pay George a visit” Nick said
“We have a problem though! We don’t have a prove that George did It and besides the assassin he sent told us that George had threatned him saying that if he was caught, he wouldn’t help him out of it but instead he will kill him “Peter said
“He will need to be watched all the time and even though we don’t have proof, we can surely gather one, I will seek George out this after noon and see what I can get out of him “Nick replied
“Stay at the station to get more info, I will be off to see George”Nick said as he left the room.
Nick head out to George house located in one of the biggest estates.
Seems like he received a lot of money with the illegal gambling den Nick thought as he was about to get out of his car.
He stopped when he saw George along with Bruce walking out of the house, they both had a smile on their face and they both Shaked hands before Bruce got into his car and drove off.
George stood by the door way, starring at Bruce car as it disappeared through the gate and then he walked in to the house.
For a while Nick stayed in his car wondering what Bruce was doing in George house.
Knowing that he will never get to have his answer by asking himself question, he went into the house..
It took a while before George came out to him but Nick was willing to wait.
“I heard you were wanted to see me, Mr…..”
“Edmund,Nick Edmund”He supplied to the older man who took the empty seat in front of him.
“Yes I wanted to see you because I had some thing to ask!”Nick replied
“Ask away! I only hope that you aren’t here to ask for money cause I don’t have any ?”He said
“Well am not here for that? I came here for some thing else entirely, am hardly in need of money, after all have got my own body guard agency, a man whom I love and respect gave it to me, you must know him , he is called zack,I heard you visited him frequently before he died”Nick said and he saw the look of guilt on his face
“You must be mistaken me for some one else, I don’t know any one called Zack, If that is why you came you should…….’
“Why the hurry George, I didn’t come to talk about Zack, i came to talk about the assassin you sent to Celine Clifford house”Nick said
“What assassin? What rubbish are you spluttering?”George said as he stood up
“So it’s true, you really sent some one there to kill Celine Clifford, he only told me about it, I have a proof of you think am still spluttering rubbish!”Nick lied wanting to see his reaction to that.
“Your proof wouldn’t touch a thing on me, I didn’t do any thing, am not guilty of what you are charging me of, I don’t know zack neither do I know a Celine Clifford, get out of my house before I call the guards on you”He said and began to leave
“You are part of the illegal gambling den Mr George!”Nick said and that stopped him
“I know that for a fact George and Celine is with a ledger that has the name of every one involved in the gambling den that is why you are after her life, that is why you and Zack sent me to work for her, so I can spy on her for you”Nick yelled at him and he turned to stare at him
“Once you have your proof that I did all of that, come back to arrest me but as of now, you are only assuming, you should get out of my house”He said
“You bastard, just admit it, admit you killed Zack! Admit that you tried to kill Celine too, who else will you go after ! Me?”Nick asked and he gave him a smile in return.
“Who else do you think?”He said and that made Nick smile
“You might have gotten to Zack and Celine but not me, I will make sure I uncover each and every one of you, I vow on that and also you should be careful around Celine, she is now being protected by me”He said and turned to leave.
“If you love your life, you shouldn’t meddle in this?”George said and that made Nick stop
“I know what am getting into and if I have to lay my life just to uncover you all, I will certainly do that!”he said and stormed out of the house.
George is definitely a suspect and now he has to go and see Bruce to confirm if he is lying or saying the truth.
He got to Celine company and charge in to see Bruce..
“You can’t go and see him if you don’t have an……hey wait!!”the secretary called at him but Nick was already heading to Bruce office not minding the secretary who was calling after him.
He barged into Bruce office and saw Bruce going through a document
“What are you doing here?”He asked Nick while his secretary walked into the room apologising for not being able to stop Nick.
“It’s okay, you can leave us”Bruce said and as soon as she left the office, Nick went towards Bruce pulling him by his clothe.
“What are you doing? Let me g……”he couldn’t complete his word because Nick punched him on the face.
“How could you! Celine is the daughter of the woman you married, how could you have sent those men to harm her?”he yelled at him
“What nonsense are you saying?”Bruce said
“Don’t play dumb! I saw you at George house Today,you knew he had sent that assassin to kill your step daughter,yet you went to him, shaking his hands and laughing with him “
“I don’t know what you are saying! Let me go now!”he yelled at Nick.
“You know that gambling den right?”Nick asked and he saw the surprise in his eyes
“You bastard, you are working with them and also trying to kill Celine just so she wouldn’t talk about the ledger, you bas…….”He raised his hand to hit Bruce again but he stopped when he heard some one gasp by the door.
They both turn to see Stephanie, Celine mother standing by the door way.
“Stephanie my love!”Bruce called out with his bloody mouth but Stephanie was shaking her head in disappointment and with out waiting to listen to what ever Bruce had to say, she ran out of the office and Bruce pushing Nick off him,ran after his wife.
Stephanie couldn’t believe that Bruce could do such a thing to her daughter, she had always thought Celine was punishing her for leaving her father by being rude and insultive towards Bruce but it turns out that she has her reasons.
She got down stairs and was waiting for her car in front of the company when Bruce got to her.
“My love you have got to listen to me”He E said as he held her hand but she pushed him away
“,How could you! How could you try to kill my daughter!”She yelled at him
“He is lying to you, you shouldn’t believe a thing he is saying “Bruce said as he knelt in front of her
“I love you and Celine and i will never do a thing to harm her”He added as he pulled her close to him
“Don’t believe a thing he is saying Stephanie, he knew Celine would get hurt and yet he didn’t say any thing about it, Celine is now in the hospital, fighting for her life, you shouldn’t trust this man”Nick said
“Shut up! Just shut your mouth, shut it up and leave my wife alone”he yelled at Nick angrily
“I won’t if you keep on lying to her,she deserves to know the truth”Nick said
“And what truth is that?”Bruce retorted
“That you part of an illegal gambling den and that you are also amongst those who want her daughter dead.

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