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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Stephanie my love, do not believe him,he is lying!”Bruce said as he began to walk towards Stephanie.
He took her hand but she shrugged him off m, slapping his face at the same time.
“You Monster! How could you do that, how could you hurt my child!”Stephanie yelled at him
“I didn’t do it my love, I swear to you that I didn’t do it!”He said as he tried to touch Stephanie again but she pulled away from him.
She moved back feeling a bit dizzy and quickly Nick went to her,holding her so she wouldn’t fall.
“My love are you okay!”Bruce said as he moved towards her but she shrank away from him.
“Please Nick, get me away from here!”She said and quickly Nick helped her into his car while Bruce stood by the door calling her.
“Right now, I don’t have any evidence against you but be rest assured, I will get one and surely make you pay, you and every one else involved in the gambling den “Nick said and went into his car driving off too.
“Are you okay Mrs”He asked as he drove watching Celine mom
“I feel bad! Bad because I didnt trust my daughter, I hate my self”She said crying softly
“Now that you are clear about the truth, why don’t you try to make it up to your daughter”He said
“She hates me! She wouldn’t want me close to her” Stephanie said
“I heard that you weren’t there for her when she needed you the most a year ago but you can make it all up by going to her now, she might send you off, insult you but you must show her that you care for her, she might have that I hate you look but deep down, she longs for you”He said softly and Stephanie began to cry out.
With his free hand, he picked her hand,trying to comfort her.
They got to the hospital and while he made her wait out side,he went into meet Celine who had a big smile for him when he walked in.
“Have been wondering where you might be?”
“Why? Did you miss me?”He asked
“You have no idea how much I did”She said as she stretched her hand to him, he took it and kissed it softly..
“Where is Stacey?”He asked
“I was so rest less when you didn’t show up, I hated the fact that I didn’t have my phone with me, so I sent her back home to get it”She said
“Still being bossy even in the hospital?”He asked smiling at her
“Really? Am I bossy”she asked looking innocent
“Very bossy”he said
“A bossy woman that I love”he added and she looked at him giving him a smile in return.
“Before I forget, I brought a guest with me!”He said
“Who?”She asked still having that smile on her face
“After hearing what happen! She came here with me as soon as she could, so listen to what she have to say okay”He said as he began walking to the door
“Why does it feel like this visitor of mine is some one of importance, some one like the president wife,look Nick just tell me who the person is…. .”she stopped when he opened the door and her mother walked into the room.
“Like I said before, listen to what she has to say okay!”Nick said and left the room, leaning the two women alone to talk.
It was all quiet for a while but her mother broke the silence
“Celine!”she called softly
“Why are you here?”Celine asked starring at her angrily
“I came to see you”She said
“Isn’t it three days late to say that, from what I heard I was Unconscious for three days, there days which I never had my mother to visit me “She said
“I never knew! I just heard about it today”She said
“You never know! That is the only thing you tend to say, you never know!”Celine yelled at her
“Forgive me my child, I didn’t mean to be a mother who never knows”she said as she moved towards Celine but Celine stopped her with a flick of her hands.
“A mother you say! You dare to call your self one”Celine asked
“You were never there when I needed you the most, father just died, I stopped my career and where was the woman that was suppose to be with me, she was off with her new found husband”
“You never call, you never try to check up on me, you said you didn’t know right! Well if you had really been a good mother, you would have known, you would have known that your child was in danger”she said this as she cried
“I know. ….I know you must be hurt, hurt by my attitude towards you and am begging you to forgive me Celine, forgive my child” she begged..
“Am not your child and you are certainly not my mother, I disowned you a long time ago, so now please leave Mrs Denver’s”She said softly
“Celine my dear…..”
“Am not your dear or any thing to you,Am a Clifford while you are a Denvers, there is a difference you see! So am not your child”Celine yelled at her
“Get out of here before I call some one to do that for me”She yelled at her who nodded and left the room in a rush.
Stephanie walked out to see Nick standing there and she broke out in tears crying into his arms.
“I will talk to her okay, you just have to give her time,she will come to terms with it”He said and went back into the ward to see Celine crying too.
“Hey”He said soothingly and she stared at him
“I can’t! I just can’t do it”She said as she kept on crying
He went towards to her and hugged her tight.
“I just can’t forgive her Nick! I can’t bring my self to do it”She said and he held, letting her cry out her soul.
If she cant forgive her mother then how would she ever him for what he did a year ago? He thought as he held her to him.
“Connect me to your boss!”George yelled into the reciever
“But he is currently busy right now and……
“Once you tell him that it’s about the den then he will know who it is “He said and as he waited for the secretary to connect him to her boss, he thought about what Nick said to him.
That kid is sure one sly one and if they should keep on giving him a chance,he will certainly ruin it all for them.
“Hello George”he said into the reciever
“We have got a problem on hand, Nick Edmund, Zack worker is on us, he knows am among the gambling den member and he has threatned me, he is not some one we should think of lightly, he will certainly make sure he catches each and every one of us “he said
“Then find a way to get rid of him, I don’t want any one bothering my work and business, get rid of him like you have always done in the past”
“But he is not an easy one “George said
“Get rid of him or i get rid of you instead and also Celine is still alive, how do you explain that?”
“That is also this Nick doing, he has been protecting her and that is why she is still alive”he said
“Get rid of them, get rid of them and do it right this time around, I mean it” then the phone went dead.
As soon as the call was finished, George dialled another number.
“I have a job for you and you need to give me good results”he said.
“Do all you can to get some result on George, he is also into it”Nick said into his phone as he walked towards Celine room.
“Did you manage to persuade him to tell you more ?”peter asked in return
“I didn’t, that man is as sly as a fox, he would say any thing”Nick said as he paused on the way
“I will do as you have said and then get back to you”Peter said
“Who are you? You are not a doctor!”Nick turned to stare at the the nurse who was talking to a man dressed in a doctor attire.
He had seen that man before, he saw him down stairs when he was finding a taxi for Celine mother, he had noticed him because be found him to be suspicious and now that he was coming out of Celine room, disguised as a doctor certainly means some thing.
He has been sent, Nick thought as he hurried towards the nurse and when he saw Nick coming, he began to run too..
“Check on my girlfriend”Nick yelled at the Nurse as he ran after the man who was running off.

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