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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“You are taking long in answering me Alicia, should i just take that as a yes”Nick asked jolting Alicia back to the present moment
“Of course not? I don’t like you the way you are insinuating, I like you or better yet, I love you like my brother, if I were asked to choose between you and Thomas then I would pick you, you have been the best brother any girl could ever have,so stop misinterpreting my love for you”Alicia lied with a smile even fixed on her face.
“Am sorry I doubted you, I just wanted to confirm what Celine told me and now that have gotten an answer I certainly can’t doubt you right?”He said
“Of course you can’t and besides you told me you had some thing to ask me”She said
“Yes! It’s about Thomas”
“What about Thomas?”Alicia asked
“There is some thing I want to find out? Do you notice that he has been coming home late recently? Have you seen him doing some thing you find strange, do you think he has some thing to do with……”
“One question at a time Nick! You are just bombarding me with questions?” She said
“Okay am sorry, can you just tell me what you have seen about Thomas that is odd”he asked slowly this time
“Well I know he comes back home late, he never did that in the past but he just took up that attitude recently*She said confirming Nick question.
“Any thing else, things you notice that are out of line?”He asked
“Well I haven’t seen him doing some thing else that I find odd but come to think of it,why are you asking all this questions?” Alicia asked
“You see, am working on a particular case and it involves Thomas, you don’t have a thing to worry of, as far as Thomas doesn’t have any thing to do with it, it wouldn’t bring trouble”he tried to assure her even when he knew that Thomas was involved in it.
“What if it turns out that he is involved in it?”She asked
“Let’s not think about that”Nick said softly
“All I want for you to do now is to help me keep an eye on him, you have to do that so we can get to know if he is really involved in it or not “He said and she nodded softly
“And one more thing, this should be kept a secret between you and I “He said and she nodded again.
His phone rang and he stood up to answer it and seeing it as an opportunity, Alicia went back to Celine ward.
The poor thing was now alone,there was not a sign of her maid with her and she wasn’t even crying, some thing Alicia had expected to see her doing.
After all she had succeeded in causing a fight between the two of them. Asking her to be a friend is some thing Celine would never accept after telling her that she will steal Nick from her, if it had been her, she would have done the same too but then Celine had given her a chance by refusing to make things right which caused a fight between the two of them.
“Leave! I don’t want to talk to you right now”thinking it was Nick, Celine said out loud still starring out through the window.
“Sulking already?”Alicia said behind her and she turned to stare at the witch her self
“What do want?”
“I came to gloat, that is what you will say right? Well I came to gloat, after all I succeeded in making you two fight, think about what more I can do”she said
“Just a silly fight between Nick and i and you are excited, you shouldn’t cause I don’t see how you have changed any thing as it is” Celine said
“Of course I have changed things, why do you think he asked me to see him?”she asked
“Am not interested in……”
“He was complaining about your, you can be hard headed some times, unbearable and certainly unlovable, you do things that frustrates him and that if he still didn’t have an obligation towards you, he would have left you all to your self”Alicia said
“He doesn’t have any plan to come to me once he leaves you but I will certainly change his mind, you are becoming old news already”she added when Celine still didn’t say a thing
“You must be done right? Well then I think you should leave “Celine said
“You believe me right? You must know how Nick feels towards you now and……”
“I don’t believe a thing you say? I trust Nick, I know he would never say a thing like that even if he gets sick of me, he will never say a thing, he loves me and if he has any thing to say, he wouldn’t certainly send you to me, he will come him self”Celine said
“You must really have a lot of faith in Nick?”Alicia asked
“Well I will correct a thing you said a while ago, you don’t know Nick! He has done a lot of things in the past, things that if you find out, you will certainly hate him for it, I won’t tell you about it, I know you are curious, so why not just ask Nick him self, let’s see if he is willing to tell you what he is hiding from you”Alicia said
“I will leave now but one thing is clear between us, Nick is mine and I will certainly make him mine”She added
“Done right! I think you can come in now!”Celine said and the door opened to reveal Nick standing there.
“She was about to leave, I suggest you escourt, I need to have a rest, my head is aching from just seeing her”Celine said as she layed on the bed.
Nick took Alicia hand and drew her out of the room.
“Nick I…..”
“It turns out that you really like me,Celine wasn’t lying?”he said
“Since how long have you been standing there? How much of our conversation did you listen to ?”Alicia asked
“A lot to know that what you told me at the cafeteria is all a lie?” He said
“Nick I.. “
“If you had told me the truth a while ago, I would have been less angry and my answer will be this..I don’t love you Alicia, well not in the way you want me to, I love you but just as a sibling will…..”
“Stop it! I don’t want to hear that! Fine! You heard what I said a while ago, I love you Nick and not as a sibling but as a woman , I love you Nick”She said softly moving into his arms
But he gently pulled her away” I don’t love you as a man will love a woman, i love Celine and she will keep on being the love of my life”he said
“Why her? Why her and not me, am More better than her, why won’t you think of me as a woman too, we aren’t real siblings, so stop seeing me as your sister because I stopped seeing you as a brother a long time ago”She said crying.
“Alicia! You don’t tell your heart who to love, am not the guy for you,it’s better you let your heart love some one else cause mine is taken by some one already”he said and turned to leave it for her to back hug him.
“I don’t want that? I don’t want to give my heart to some one else, you are the only one I want, I love you Nick, let your heart belongs to me, Celine has stolen a lot of things from me, don’t let her steal you too, she is not worth it, she is just a spoilt brat who will make you regret loving her and to top it all she is an handi……”
“That’s enough!!!”Nick yelled as he turned pushing her away in the process
“Not one more insult”He yelled at her and she froze
“I love Celine and I will keep on loving her no mater what any one says, you are out wasting your time because I will never love you the way you want”with that said, Nick walked back into the ward.
He had been a fool, had chose to believe Alicia words over hers.
Celine laying on the bed with her back towards the door certainly means some thing.
She didn’t feel like talking and that’s because she is still angry, who wouldn’t be,if it had been him,he would certainly be angry too.
He would just have to try to make it up to her? He thought as he took a deep breath moving towards Celine.

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