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{She is cold, he is secretive}

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“This is Nick Edmund, your new body guard”He said and that got Celine mouth gap open
The man himself took his glass and Celine found her self starring into a deep blue eyes.
The both of them stood starring at each other and suddenly he gave her a devilish smile making Celine more furious and Angry.
* * *
“I don’t want a guard, I don’t want any one watching me”Celine yelled out still starring at the. Nick guy
“That won’t be possible Celine, you see this man over here will be your guard and that is a final say , you have no option Celine”He said
“But I………”
He showed her the diary and also the contract indicating that he will do some thing bad if she doesn’t listen to him.
“As you can see Nick! This is my step daughter, she is a little stubborn and that is because of the spoilt way she grew up, you will be her guard always and you will watch her, she will begin her school soon and you will be there to guard her, she is going a bit… should I put it …..”
“Stop it okay!!!”Celine yelled out angrily and he laughed out.
“You don’t have to worry, he knows about your predicament,after all he found the diary in your room last night”He said and she stared at the Nick guy.
When did he get to my room and this is my first time seeing him instead of………
Celine stood still when her lost memory came to her.
She staggered a bit and would have fallen if Nick hadn’t grab onto her
She stared at the blue eyes and remembered her encounter with him last night, the hysterical way she had behaved and how he had knocked her off and also the things she had said.
“Are you okay ?”he asked
“You….you……” Before she knew it she fell into a dark abyss…….
Some one sniffing woke her up and she opened her eyes to find her self in her room and Stacey sitted beside her.
“Are you okay Celine ? Are you feeling sick? Do you want me to call the doctor ?”Stacey asked worriedly
“No, am alright” Celine replied as she sat up.
“Are you sure, you fainted a while ago”Stacey fussed
“I said am okay but….tell me some thing instead”Celine said as she lowered her voice
“What do you want to know”Stacey whispered back
“I just want to know if every thing that happen down stairs is real or just a dream, it must be a dream right? My mom and step dad wouldn’t care that much about me and me having a body guard…..that’s just too much, tell me! It’s all just my imagination right?”Celine asked
“Wrong? It’s not your imagination, it’s real, every thing that took place down stairs is all real, have this camomile tea”Nick said as he walked into the room startling Celine.
“What the hell are you doing in my room, get out!”Celine yelled at him
“I just came to give you this”He replied unfazed.
Feeling angry that he can still be calm about this situation got her so riled up, she took the tea from him and threw it on the floor.
“My step father hired you not me and so do me a favour and not show me your darn face, you might probably not know me but a piece of advice, I am crazy as hell when am angry, you don’t want me mad”She yelled out.
Nick stood staring down at her and with out another word he left the room.
“Did you see that! He left with out saying a thing, I wish I can just kick his face”Celine yelled after him
“Seems like you have finally found your match”Stacey said laughingly
“What rubbish are you saying ?”Celine asked
“Well never have I seen you this angry! Did he break into that cold heart of yours”
“Am going to kill you if you don’t shut up!”Celine said as she threw the pillow on her.
Stacey dodge still laughing hard
“I won’t let my step father win! I won’t have a body guard”
“But you already have and there is nothing you can do”Stacey said and gave her a cruel smile.
“Seems like you don’t know me that well then! I will certainly find a way to get rid of him, I will certainly make him leave….that I promise”Celine vowed on her own.
Mean while Nick stood at the kitchen drinking his own camomile tea, trying to calm down his nerves but it didn’t work, he put down the tea angrily and stared up stairs
“So, do me a favour and not me your darn face”
Remembering her words certainly got him angry too. How dare her insult his face.
A lot of people have fallen for this darn face, Nick thought as he put the tea cup in his mouth only to see that it was empty.
He put it down only for some one to take the kettle and pour more into his cup, he looked up to see Celine maid or friend or what ever pouring him the tea.
“She must have got on your nerve right, you also are drinking the tea” she said
“Ever since I saw you! Have been wondering your role is in Celine’s life?”
“Well then let me enlighten you a bit! Am Stacey, Stacey Bradford and am what you will call the house keeper, I see to all the house chores and also am Celine’s best friend, though am no longer her best friend” Stacey replied
“So her attitude got you staying from her?” Nick asked
“No! I wanted to give her time”
“Time on what?”
“For her to adapt, you know it’s not a easy for a perfect healthy woman to find her self being an handicap”
“life was miserable for her, it was hard, She thought that us being with her was out of self pity and she hated it and so she shut the door on me and on every one and have become the woman she is now”Stacey said softly
“Was she any different a year ago?” Nick asked wanting to know more.
Not because he is interested but because there is some thing off about Celine Clifford.
Last night after reading the content in her diary, he wondered if she really did it, well she might have done it to get back at every one and every thing that had caused her so much pain and at the same time he wondered if she is innocent of what she wrote on her diary.
If he really wants to solve the puzzle, he has to get to know her first and just thinking about doing that made him cringe.
“You better be prepared for the worst”Stacey said
“Why do you say that?”
“You are some one who Celine Clifford have disliked on, your meeting, she will certainly make you regret accepting to be her body guard! I can feel that starting now!”Stacey said and just then he heard her yelling out his name
“Hurry and go to her, you don’t want to keep on getting on her bad side “Stacey said and walked off with a smile.
Clenching and unclenching his hand, Nick began to head up stairs only to see her limping down stairs.
“Nico! Where the hell have you been,have been calling you!!”She yelled at him
“I was just ……..”,
“What ever….as you must know,I certainly hate your presence and also you being my guard but I have no choice for now and so I thought if I can’t get you to leave then I should make your life a living hell until you do so your self “She said standing majestically on the top of the stairs while starring down at Nick
Gone was her baggy night wear and in exchange was beautiful dun dress which fitted her perfectly, the dress was all good and pretty but it turns out that the person. Wearing it is a bit too…….
“If you are done accessing me, you can start bringing those flower pot up stairs”She said softly
Nick turned to see ten flower pot by the window.
“Why should it be taken up stairs, it’s perfect down there”
“I water them every day and as the situation is the lift I use is broken, I can’t get down from the stairs every day to do it,so it’s best that it be brought up stairs “She said and then began to head off
“And also don’t break any one of them, those things cost more than a year of your salary”She added bitingly before heading up the stairs
Feeling frustrated as it is, Nick began carrying the heavy flower pot up the stairs and to where Celine had asked him to put it.
He was carrying the last one when Stacey walked past him to Celine room.
“They are here “Stacey said
“Who?”Celine asked starring after Nick who was finding it hard to carry the last flower pot
“The maintenance man, they are here to repair the lift, Remember you called for them and asked them to come today right?”Stacey said
“Yes I do but I didn’t expect them to come this early, it’s a good thing don’t you think Nico” Celine said getting turning Nick name around
“Since the maintenance guys are around, why don’t you take back those flower pot, I won’t need them up here since I will be using the lift and once you are done,meet me at the Garden,I will be waiting”She said as she walked off
So Celine ordering me to lift the flower pot around was just for fun? She knew the maintenance men would arrive soon and yet she….she ……
Nick took a deep breath and thought of Zack, he is only doing it for Zack,for the man who have helped him..
He was about to lift the pot when he heard Celine scream.
“help me! Help me Nico”.

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