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The Last Confessor Episode 49

The Last Confessor Episode 49

(She’s the last of her kind….)

By: Kebby NG



“Release the palace workers and have them treated!” The king ordered to the guards in charge of the maids that were kept in the dungeon.

Most of the girls had passed out while the others were barely unconscious.
The whipping had really affected them so badly and one didn’t need to be told how painful it must have been.

They all had long marks that definitely would turn to scars that might never remove. They were bleeding.

“Yes my king.” The guards bowed in obeisance while the king walked away.

The king got to his room and sat on his chair. He ran his fingers through his silky hair and went into deep thoughts.

What exactly is happening to him?
Why’s he feeling this way with the confessor. Roseline was right. He is beginning to go soft with her and it was never his intention or even in his agenda that he would go soft towards his enemy sister.

Even if she had saved his life, he is still gonna punish her severely and eventually kill her.

The thought of kill her suddenly left a bitter taste in the king’s mouth; he didn’t feel that vengeful spirit and zeal when he used to think about how her death should be.
Now suddenly, he’s feeling…what he doesn’t even understand.

He took scrolls from the table and started working on them.
He has to do something to get him distracted. He has to make sure to get the confessor out of his psyche.

He suddenly remembered the kiss he shared with the confessor, he scoffed out loud and sighed.

He had kissed the confessor!
What exactly is controlling him?

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He didn’t even know why he had kissed her but he found himself longing to have a taste of her luscious lips.
And he didn’t even know the invisible force that had made him kiss her – for long.

What has come over him?
He hopes that sooner, he’d know how to handle things the way they are supposed to be.


Isabelle sighed tiredly and laid lightly on her bed, with her head on the pillow and lying straight ; staring directly at the ceiling.

Her encounter with the prince suddenly crawled and she felt goosebumps.
The prince had looked so desperate when he told her he wants to have s*k with her.

She wouldn’t lie, she felt a bit scared. She doesn’t want to anger the prince or be in the prince bad book but at the same time, she doesn’t want to endanger her life by sleeping with the prince.

What would happen if the king eventually finds out?
What’s gonna be her fate?

The king for sure wouldn’t spare her, he would surely give her a slow and painful death.

She hopes the prince doesn’t blackmail her to the king and make the king punish her too.

Even if badly she wants the Rada’han to be taken away from around her neck, she still doesn’t want to get in trouble. She’d just bear the consequences of being a sister to her sister; Tabitha.

She has to accept her fate that she’s destined to suffer and die.
She has to learn how to accept that no matter how hard she wants to ignore it and choose not the believe, she’s no longer a confessor – not when her powers have been caged.

She just has to bear.

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Isabelle stood up and stared at herself in the mirror.
She removed the scarf that was tied loosely on her head and sighed.

The big bandaged was still there. She trailed her hand to the bandaged and she bursted into tears.

She didn’t know exactly why she was crying but she felt bad and at the same time, angry with the current situation of her head.

Her hair was scraped off so as to allow the bandage to he fixed and now, she had to wear a scarf over her head.

And even in this condition, she had sided Roseline.
Just in the space of a few days, she had escaped death twice.
What has she done to warrant such?

She wiped net tears and wore back the scarf on her head.

Suddenly she heard a loud knock on her door.
She walked towards the door and opened it. A guard was standing in front of her with the mean face as usual.

“Princess Rayna said you should get ready in five minutes and meet her at the palace gates. Five minutes and don’t be late.” He said icily and before Isabelle could utter a word, he was already gone and so, she just clamped her mouth shut and swallowed whatever words she intended to say, or rather, asked.

“What does the princess want with me?” She grumbled as she pulled her clothes and started ruffling through her wooden wardrobe in search of a better cloth to wear.

“I hope it’s not archery, I don’t have power for that today.” She mumbled to herself again.


Roseline sat on her bed, still nursing her slapped cheek.
Because of the confessor, the king had raised his hand and slapped her hard.

She still felt so angry and bittered about it.


She needs to deal mercilessly with the confessor and put her in her right place. She has to make sure the confessor doesn’t lay with the king.

But how’s she gonna achieve that?
She groaned miserably when she couldn’t think of something better.

She just wants to deal with the confessor, if it means causing her lots of pains.

What if she gets rid of the confessor?
No, she shook her head negatively.

The king might know and have my head cut off.
She doesn’t want to die but become the queen so she can have powers and give orders.

She wants to rule and be in charge.

The truth is that, anytime Roseline sees the confessor, she always has insecurities because of how pretty the confessor looked.

She agreed begrudgingly that the confessor, even without makeup or any expensive jewelries on, she still looked pretty.

She knew if the king continues to have s*k with her, he might start to feel an attraction towards her and all her hard work over the years would be for nothing – it would go down the drain because of the stupid confessor.

She sighed and stared at the bracelet in her hand.
She smirked and walked towards her old wardrobe that she wasn’t using any longer but hid things.

She withdrew a sledgehammer and smirked.
She placed the bracelet on the floor and as she made to hit the bracelet, the door of her room flung opened, leaving her in daze.

She gasped in fright and dropped the sledgehammer.

As she stared at his face, she knew she was done for, she was already in trouble.

Who just barged into Roseline room?

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Much love ❤️ for u all

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