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(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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Queen Hapitha sat behind her desk in her chambers, writing on the long brown scroll. She scribbled on it effortlessly as she wrote the letter for her daughter, Kaylan. She could not describe in words how worried she had been ever since she left.

*My precious daughter, how are you doing? I hope you been doing great and hope the Xander community is treating you well.
*I’ve been worried sick about you my dear. I’ve tried convincing your father about you coming back home but he is not listening to me*
The queen continued writing until the whole script got filled up.

After pouring her heart into the scroll, she dropped the ink in her hand and folded up the scroll then kept it at a corner on the table. She would send the letter once she was sure the king was too busy to notice it.

She stared at the window and stood up, noticing it was almost midday. She wondered what Kaylan was doing at the moment as she walked to the window and parted the long heavy curtains.

She stared down and saw the daughters of her co-wife, having their respective freedom to the fullest.
She shook her head and sighed. Why does Kaylan have to be the only unlucky princess? Looking so sad and disappointed, she left the window side.


“You can’t go out just yet, Kaylan! What is wrong with you?” Jaden asked as she stared at her friend who was already dressing up. She couldn’t believe how stubborn she could be at times.


Kaylan rolled her eyes as she put on her lovely purple gown.
“And why can’t I go out? I’m bored. I need to go out and get some air”.

“Take a look at your leg Kaylan. You might hurt your leg.” Jaden insisted and Kaylan looked at her.

“Why are you always countering whatever I want to do? It’s becoming a habit. You have to stop.” Kaylan stated angrily and marched to her table.

“I’m sorry. I am just worried about you. Sorry if I made you feel that way.” Jaden mumbled and turned away.
It awakened Kaylan’s guilt.

She walked towards her. “I’m sorry for saying that but you are my friend and you have to support me in anything.”

“Including the bad ones?”

“Let’s just go. Do not be a kill joy.” Kayla said, dragging her out of the room.


The ocean was deep blue as usual as the bright sun shone over it, giving the water a mixed colour.

The wind blew softly as waves after waves slammed against the white soft sand.

Lord Xander, on his horse stood at the bank, staring at the waves. Axel stood miles away watching him. He was the only guard who followed him to the village beach as the Lord had requested.

He wanted a peaceful lone time for himself and had requested the other guards to stay back.

Xander got down from his black horse as Axel rushed forward to hold the ropes for him.


With his hands behind him, he walked closer to the waves. He had his mind on many things. Things that would always remain a burden to him.

He stared around the place, noticing that people were beginning to pile up. It was still early in the morning and didn’t expect to see anyone at the river.

Few people that came across him quickly bowed and moved as far away as possible as they wouldn’t want to incur his wrath.

Lord Xander continued standing, staring at the waves that kissed his new dark boots.


“I’m really so cold, Kaylan. Why go to the river of all places?” Jaden mumbled as they headed towards the road that led to the river.

“I’ve not been there before and I really need to see how it looks like. I’m sure its not as big as our community’s own. I’m sure of that. Let’s go check it out. Come on!!” Kaylan said as they continued walking.

Although she was slightly limping, that didn’t stop her from visiting the ocean.


“My Lord… shouldn’t we be going back already? You have a meeting scheduled at noon.” Axel spoke softly from behind but as usual, he got no reply from Lord Xander.

He only moved away from the spot and moved forward. He was still staring at the waves when he heard a familiar voice, giggling from a distance.

He raised his head to have a look and saw Kaylan running towards the water with Jaden. His hands tightened behind him as he stared on.


Axel saw them too and was about moving forward when Xander raised his palm, signaling him to stop.

Axel bowed and stepped back while Lord Xander continued staring.


Kaylan, on the other hand, didn’t know what was happening as she ran into the water with Jaden. They chuckled with the waves hitting their legs, swirling around them softly.

“The water is so nice. Don’t you think?” Jaden asked with a smile.

“Yeah but not as nice as ours.” Kaylan replied with a pout and Jaden chuckled again. Just then, she lifted her eyes and gasped loudly at who she saw.

Lord Xander!

Jaden froze while Kaylan continued chatting, oblivious of what was happening.

She noticed how silent Jaden had gone and stared at her. “Are you alright?”

Jaden’s fingers were shaking. She knew she couldn’t print. She dare not.

“He’s…here.” she stammered.


“Lord….. Lord Xander!” Jaden whispered and Karen’s eyes widened.

She waa so surprised to see Xander as soon as she turned. What is he doing here? She couldn’t believe he could come to the river.

“What do we do now? I think we should go greet him.” Jaden mumbled. Her lips were barely moving, but Kaylan heard every bit of what she said.

And before Kaylan could decide, she found him walking towards them.

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