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(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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They got to the florist shop in a carriage and got down, getting ready to explore the beautiful town.

Kaylan was thrilled. She didn’t know that the Xander community was so beautiful. “Wow! Oh my goodness. This place looks like paradise!” She said happily, twirling around and jumping happily.

“Come on girls. Let’s check out the fresh plucked flowers.” Akim said, approaching the main entrance of the building.

They got into the shop and were amazed at how wonderful it smelled with the fresh flowers well arranged.

Kaylan explored the shop, picking up fresh flowers with nice fragrance.

After they had spent time at the florist shop, they left for the market.


They got to the jewelry store and were allowed to look around. Kaylan shook her head with amazement as she fed her eyes.

“This is amazing! I never knew The Xander community is beautiful.” She said and Akim giggled.

“Of course it is. More than you think.” Akim replied.

“Obviously!” Kaylan exclaimed.

Akim took out a pretty pink bracelet and raised it up. “You like this?”

Kaylan nodded. “It’s beautiful.”

“Give me your hand.” Akim said with a smile.

Kaylan looked at him and slowly did as she was told. She was overwhelmed to see Akim slipping the bracelet into her wrist. She stared at it, touching it with her finger.

“Yeah. It’s yours now.” Akim said with a cute smile.

Kaylan gasped. “Oh Akim! Thank you!” She said happily and gave him a hug.

Akim stiffened. He slowly wrapped his arms around Kaylan, rubbing her back gently. When she pulled away to show Jaden her new bracelet, he felt as though something important had left him.

He shrugged and kept back his hands beside him.

“It’s lovely.” Jaden mumbled. She glanced at Akim and looked away.

Kaylan stared at her friend, noticing for the first time that she wasn’t looking all so bright. “Huh….Jaden? Are you okay?”

Jaden looked at her and feigned a smile. “I’m fine. Where are we heading to after here?” She asked, trying to mask away her feeling.

She didn’t know what was wrong with her, why she felt annoyed and irritated.

Maybe it was because Kaylan would not stop getting so close to Akim or was it more than that?

She didn’t want to admit it before but she couldn’t lie to herself anymore. She liked Akim…even the first day she saw him.

She thought he was the cutest guy she had ever seen but clearly…he likes Kaylan instead.

Jaden scoffed. Kaylan us married. Why can’t he just stay away from her? She asked herself as they left the store and walked deeper into the market.

They walked with the other people who had come to get one or two things too.

They went round, feeding their eyes with the traders and their goods.

Suddenly, there was a commotion beside a big dressmaker shop. A group of boys gathered under the tent there, arguing.

“Those kids are making so much noise.” Kaylan groused. She was about looking away when her eyes caught a familiar face just inside the crowd. She gasped, moving closer to them.

Akim and Jaden stared at her, wondering where she was going. “Kaylan? Where are you going? I don’t think we should be here. It’s dangerous.” Akim said.

Kaylan didn’t reply. She only increased her pace.

She got to the crowd and pulled a young guy by his hand.

The boy turned and his eyes widened.

Kaylan scoffed and folded her arms. “You? It’s really nice to see you again after you almost ruined me.”,

The boy from the tavern where Kaylan gambled away Lord Xander’s gold smiled. “Nice to see you again my lady! What are you doing here?”

Akim stared at the boy, recognising him as the boy who had come to the palace with his mother to complain about Lord Xander’s gold.

“Kaylan I think we should go.” Jaden whispered into kaylan’s ears. She was getting uncomfortable.

“No.” Kaylan snapped. “I need to know how this boy managed to invoke that good into my bag.” Kaylan said, staring disdainfully at the boy.

“I don’t have anything to say to you. It’s not my fault that you gambled away the gold of someone so evil.” The boy said with a mischievous smile.

Kaylan’s hand itched badly. It itched badly from wanting to slap the boy who just called her husband evil but before she could say something else, a woman rushed towards them, grabbing the boy’s hand angrily.

“Oh my God Arlan! How many times am I gonna tell you to stop coming here with these dangerous boys!” The woman ranted, trying to pull the boy along.

“Mother let go of my hand! I’m not a kid!” The boy retaliated.

Kaylan’s mouth dropped as she turned to look at Akim and Jaden hoping they noticed what was happening.

The woman with the boy right now wasn’t the same woman who had come to return the gold with him!

Kaylan watched them, as the woman continued dragging him away forcefully. “What’s happening?” Kaylan asked, still staring at them.

The boy turned to look at Kaylan with a scowl on his face.

“Now it’s so obvious it was all a trap! That woman who had come to the palace isn’t his mother!” Jaden exclaimed, equally shocked.

“It was all a set up. Who could have done that?” Akim asked.

Kaylan frowned deeply. “I’m going to follow them and know where they live!” Kaylan said and before anyone could stop her, she started walking away.

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