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(Heart of ice…)

By: Faith Lucky

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Ayita came out of the house just in time to see her mother, staring dumbly at someone across. She followed her mother’s gaze and saw Xander, staring back at her.

“Mother? What’s happening here?” Ayita asked. Her eyes were on Xander.

Camilla couldn’t talk, she didn’t utter a word. She only continued staring at Xander.

Xander walked forward, his arms folded. “It is you, what a small world.”

Camilla shook her head, tears welling up in her eyes. “What are you doing here, you evil man!”

Axel and the two other guards rushed forward but Xander put up a hand, stopping them from taking any action.

He kept his eyes on the old woman. “You need a seat.”

Kaylan and Jaden came out of the house when they heard the commotion.

They were surprised and confused as well.

Kaylan glanced at Xander. “What’s going on?”

“We have to leave.” Xander replied. He turned and started walking away. His guards followed immediately.

Kaylan stood still, staring at the old woman. She has never been so confused all her life.

“I’m sorry this visit turned out this way but I think you should go. My mother is not well.” Ayita said apologetically as she held Camilla by the arm and led her inside.

Xander stopped walking and turned back to look at Kaylan. “I told you we need to leave. What are you doing, standing there?” He asked coldly.

Kaylan jolted and took Jaden’s hand as they quickly walked towards them.

Xander resumed walking and soon, they were back to the carriage.

Kaylan had so much running through her mind, so much questions that needed answers but she couldn’t say anything, not with Xander’s mood.

He looked so furious, his eyes cold and dangerous.

“My Lord, we can’t journey back to the palace this night. It is about to rain and I can foresee an heavy storm”, Axel said, bowing.

“Ride to a royal inn.” Xander ordered.

“Yes my Lord.” Axel replied. He got into the carriage and conveyed the message to the rider.

They located a royal inn after a short ride.

Xander and Kaylan shared a room while Jaden stayed in another room.

Axel stood outside the rooms with the other guards, keeping watch all through the night.


Kaylan woke up in the middle of the night and found Xander sitting up on the chair in the room.

The room was well decorated with fine furnitures and lights. It was still very dark but Kaylan could see every part of the room.

She sat up on the big bed, robbed her hands on her face and stared at Xander.

He’d forced her to go to sleep but she couldn’t, knowing fully well that something huge was bothering him.

“Xander?” She called.

Xander glanced up and saw her sitting. He was lost in his thoughts and didn’t even notice she was looking at him.

“Princess…go back to sleep. We still have to get back to the palace when it’s dawn.”

Kaylan shook her head and got down from the bed. ” I can’t sleep, you are not sleeping either.” She replied.

Xander stared at her and looked away. He sighed and buried his head between his palm. “It’s her.” He suddenly said after sometime.

Kaylan stared at him and moved closer to him. “You can share whatever is bothering you with me. I’m here by your side and I can’t bear to see you this way.

“What’s going on? I know it’s something really serious.” Kaylan mumbled slowly.

Xander lifted his head, stared straight at her and nodded. “I shall tell you a story, princess. One I’ve never had the courage to tell any soul.”

The room was totally silent. Deadly silent.

Xander stood up from the bed and walked slowly to the window. He stood in front of it, staring out into the dark. “She’s responsible for the curse.”

Kaylan stood up and slowly walked towards him. She stood behind him, looking confused.

“Curse? What curse, Xander? I’ve heard about something similar to this during the dwell you had back then in this town…but I never understood.

“What really is happening? Please…tell me.” Kaylan requested.

Xander folded his arms, still staring into the dark. “Some years ago, a girl died. She was caught stealing from a big farm. It wasn’t her first time, nor the second time.

“She had always been stealing from the farm and getting away with it until one day, she was caught, and was brought before the king for judgement. She was young, vibrant.

“But there was no remorse in her eyes, she was arrogant, unapologetic.

“The king was blinded with his uncontrollable rage and did something he shouldn’t have done. Normally, when a petty thief like her is caught, she’s supposed to be locked up, tortured and turn into a slave but the king killed her. He drew out his sword and slit her throat in one movement”

Kaylan’s jaw dropped as Xander said the last part of his story. “So… who’s the king? Who’s he?” She asked, staring at Xander and slowly, he turned away from the window to face her.

“That king…is me, princess.” Xander replied.

Kaylan gasped and stepped back. She stared down at Xander’s feet, up to his face and shook her head. “You killed a girl…and her mother is that woman who recognised you back there in her house?” Kaylan asked.

Xander nodded slowly. ” She’s the woman who placed the curse on me for killing her daughter.”

Kaylan slowly lowered herself on the large chair in the room. After a long while of silence, she sighed and stared up at him. “The curse is the reason for your previous wives death.”

“They died while carrying my children. They don’t even get the chance to show the babies to the world. They die while trying to give birth… My wives.” Xander mumbled calmly and looked at Kaylan.

“You must have thought I hated you since the very first time. No. On the contrary, I loved you from the first sight because you were different from all the women I’ve ever met in my life.

“I was only to trying to avoid losing you like I lost my other wives, I didn’t want to lose you.” Xander added.

Kaylan stood up and stared into his face. Right now, Xander looked like an helpless soul that needed help. The look on his face brought tears to her eyes.

She shook her head, wiped off the annoying tears as she said to herself.

*Kaylan, this is not the time to cry nor show him your tears, show him your support and bravery instead.

This is the time to put heads together and deal with this mess.*

“We shall find a way, Xander. This is gonna be over.” She said out loud into his face.

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